The Truth Is Out There… Again

X-Files is Back!!!

3 episodes have aired already and man they were good. Don’t worry, no spoilers just in case you haven’t gotten a chance to check them out.

But if you were a fan of the show and like me have seen each episode a few times (I was gonna try to re watch them all before the new ones, but that thing had like 9 seasons, and there was just no time for that, I can’t keep up with everything as it is, plus Twin Peaks is coming back and I have to re watch all of those with a few people and get ready for the new ones. It had less than 2 whole seasons, so it’s more doable) then you really need to check to watch the new ones.

The first episode was just what you want in a new X-Files… it was a perfect reunion… the end was awesome!

The second episode was part 2 to the first and got all the questions going… kind of confusing episode, may have to watch it again, but it is setting it all back up and another great ending! both of these hit the heart of the fan hard. (Damn I’m such a fan-boy, I hate it…lol).

The third episode is what they call a “Monster Of The Week” episode. If you don’t know what that is… well, then why are you reading this? Lol, alright I’ll explain.

Monster Of The Week or MOTW is used to describe shows that has a new monster each week… X-Files was heavily influenced by a show of such called Kolchak: The Night Stalker, a great MOTW show:

Now X-Files had basically 2 types of shows: the ongoing story line of aliens and Mulder’s missing sister and MOTW shows (there is a 3rd category of shows that may not quite fit into one of those other 2 categories, but most were in these 2 groups). Another one of my favorite shows Buffy The Vampire Slayer followed the exact same guidelines… ongoing story of vampires with MOTW episodes in between. Buffy was good at it, maybe the best. But X-Files was right up there and really which one you consider better is probably just due to personal taste, because both shows were good at what they did.

X Files MOTW episodes were usually pretty creepy and sometime very scary. But some were quite funny as well. There was the one about cockroaches where it looked like a cockroach ran across your tv screen… classic. Or “Humbug”with Jim Rose and The Enigma from Jim Rose Circus. Fiji mermaid… good stuff. Or my all time favorite X Files MOTW episode “X-Cops”. The episode was filmed like Mulder and Scully were on an episode of Cops. The beginning was so much like cops that many people who turned it on, first thought they were watching cops and freaked out when the cop car gets tossed around. They were quickly relieved when the music to X-Files came on and realized it was not an actual reality cop show gone crazy.

That episode was so funny, it was about a killer who would be what ever your mind most feared, some one actually saw the monster as Freddy Krueger, very fitting to the episode and as I said, hilarious! The highlight of this episode (other than the gay couple) was the running gag of Scully not wanting to be on film. What a great episode.

Well the third episode is right up there with some of the best and funniest MOTW shows. it even makes fun of it being a MOTW show. Mulder is constantly taking about monsters, poking at itself.

I wish I could write about it, but I said no spoilers. It is a must see for any fan. It’s a little sappy at times, but the main idea of trying to see if Mulder still wants to believe makes the sappiness fit. If he can believe in monsters again, real ones, then maybe Mulder can truly believe again.

That’s not a spoiler, right? Damn.

Well, I’ll stop there.

X-files is back… and I believe!