Welcome Back

Alright, the ZW Blog has been back for almost a month and so far so good.

I was so torn about coming back. As we know this place is organic, so it didn’t die just because I stopped posting. The question is, where has it grown to over this past year? I’m not sure. I’m not even sure yet which direction we will go. But for better or worse we are seat-belted in once again.

So far it has been nice though. Three nuggets for the noggin in a row. Nothing to heavy and yet still things in there to take away from.

Yes so far so good!

I would like to end this post with a song some one sent me a month or so ago. If you read this, thank you. I play it every day.

Kate Carter Part 2

Alright, that’s enough of the Kate/Dorothy Messages for now. But there are 333 snips (really there are, I don’t make this 3 thing up, three is a magic number), so you never know when one might pop up.

It may just be some of her rants and ramblings, like this:

k8 dph222

Or maybe it will be about her political “friends” like this:

k8 dph310

Or her celebrity “friends”:

k8 dph178

Or her mom:

k8 dph81

Or maybe it will be about Dorothy’s lost loves, like this one:

k8 dph286

Some will tell stories like these:

k8 dph34

k8 dph35

k8 dph36

k8 dph37

k8 dph207

k8 dph217

Some just go on about her favorite subject:

k8 dph284

k8 dph285

(I should have had a warning about having barf bags near by while reading.) (LOL!)

Of course there is lots of stuff on my favorite subject:

k8 dph277

k8 dph182

k8 dph185

I have tears in my eyes right now. Some good stuff there in that Dogshit! Funny, funny stuff, though also very, very sad.

Oh well, whatcha gonna do?

I’ll leave you with my favorite part of the whole Kate/Dorothy conversation, it’s a song dedication from Dorothy to Zero. And it is awesome! It was nice to get a song dedication from her, since I dedicated so many to Dorothy over the last couple years, you’re gonna love this:

k8 dph298

k8 dph299

Such vile language,Dorothy.  LMFAO! Man, I love this sooooooooo much!

But guess what Dorothy, you are gonna take it… because I’m that dead horse beater like no other.

And every time I decide to come back to this wicked dead horse and give it a beating…

You’re gonna take it.

Who Is Zero? (According To Dorothy)

k8 dph59

That’s a good place to start this post. As I said, the online conversation between Kate and Dorothy took place between November and February. There wasn’t much said during the months of November and December, in fact only about the first 50 snips come from those 2 months. Most of the conversation happened in January. And this snip comes from early January, Snip #59. I want to point out that… yes, my sister is a lesbian (who told ya that Dorothy?) but no, her name is not Rachel. I think anyone paying attention, knows who Rachel is by now and not to provoke her…LOL!

Kate gave Dorothy her Email several times, but never got anything from Dorothy. That was alright, Dorothy made it clear what her “Powerpoint” was like.

I’m gonna keep these in order, the only reason they seem to jump around is because that’s how Dorothy’s mind works. These take place during the Facebook conversation throughout the month of January and we’ll start with the very next thing Dorothy wrote, Snip #60:

k8 dph60 Snip #60

She constantly says zero is connected to her first husband… I’m not. But I was glad to see how she does connect me to all of this finally… a secret business owned by me and Mr. Hill. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Let’s see some more:

k8 dph75Snip #75

k8 dph126Snip #126

k8 dph127Snip #127

k8 dph128Snip #128

Yea, those could be me… it would make Dorothy’s accusations or assumptions or whatever you want to call her beliefs that I’m somehow connected to LE believable. Puts me on the east coast though… totally contradicts other stuff she said earlier about zero being in Henderson/Las Vegas area. Plus, calling Jen mom, I don’t think so. More please:

k8 dph135Snip #135

k8 dph136Snip #136

Alright, back to me being in Nevada (there is other conversation going on in between some of these, but you can see by me numbering them, I’m keeping it in chronological order, it’s Dorothy that jumps around a bit) and yes, I’m a “coward with no balls”… that’s why I’m the only one left standing, right? “Claims to have a son”… actually, I claim and do have 5 sons as well as 2 daughters and a granddaughter. And as far as the “sock puppet name” remark…  zero is what I go by online and in real life. I’m not hiding behind it, many of you know my real name, but zero is who I am, it is not a sock-puppet. Kind of ironic, no? Dorothy telling a sock puppet that I hide behind a sock puppet. Damn that makes me laugh.  But who is she talking about in Snip #136? “Singer who is a strangler, alcoholic and a drug addict”? Let’s see if we can find any clues to help us out:

k8 dph137Snip #137

Damn if she don’t hang on my every word. Yes I wrote about how I picked up my son in Cali. But let’s cut through all the Dorothy Dogshit (it’s not good enough to be bullshit), I had custody of all four of my children from my first marriage, they are all over the age of 18 now and live other places… nice try Dot Girl. The fact that I did have custody of all four of my children from my first marriage says a lot about the kind of man I am, and I will not let any nut ball or dip shit take that away from me, so shove that shit right back up your dogs ass, Dorothy.

As for me being divorced FOUR times, she must be twisting in the story of that strangling singer (who is that anyways, Vince Neil maybe, oh that would be awesome if Dorothy thought I was Vince Neil), but I’ve only been divorced once… I was with my first wife for 10 years and have been with Sassy (my second and last wife) for 20 years. 30 Freaking Years Dorothy, yes I, started young, but really how old do you think I am. Let’s read on, it’s starting to get good:

k8 dph148Snip #148

LMAO… I obviously have no respect… just for the record though, Dorothy gave me the number I called and she has it posted all over the place… it’s a cell phone not a work number. But twist that tale Dottie (anyone ever call you that, Dottie? Or am I the only one?):

k8 dph150Snip #150

k8 dph151Snip #151

k8 dph152Snip #152

k8 dph153Snip# 153

Looks like Dorothy’s rereading Lost Girls got me black, with mental issues, and in Long Island once again. And now I “may be the Killer”. What does OBSESSES mean again?

k8 dph154Snip #154

Wait… did Dorothy just let slip out that she called me back? Up till now she had maintained I called and got her assistant, her assistant hung up on me and that was it… but now we have some reality creeping into her delusions… and yes I was caught a little off guard by the call back… I’ve said that, but I believe she was caught more off guard when she realized who she had called. And no, I did not use any voice changing technology. Damn, hope you all have your popcorn:

k8 dph155Snip #155

k8 dph156Snip #156

Yea, don’t tell him anything Kate…LMFAO… now who could I be next?

k8 dph157Snip #157

k8 dph158Snip #158

That one has got to be me… damn hung over psychopath, I should turn myself in, lol… it only get’s better from here:

k8 dph169Snip #169

Chase those Facebook “Friend” links, Dot Girl. HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa! It’s so much fun to watch you chase after nothing all the time… oh, and to answer your question… they are colored contacts. Quite a few people who work in haunts wear them as well as other colors, even blue wolf ones, but the ones you are talking about are white. Like I said before, looking at the people who are “Friends” with The Stranger will mess with ya if you think like Dorothy and her team.

k8 dph173Snip #173

k8 dph174Snip #174

Who is Jean?

k8 dph175Snip #175

There was the first call I made to your cell, where I got no answer and left no message, then the call you made back to me, and then the 2 calls I made back to you where I left messages each time, did you not listen to them Dorothy? Oh, I bet you listen to them a lot. But that’s alright, call me a liar, that don’t bother me, only liars hate to be called liars. (heh, heh) “He was flustered, I was strong”, that sounds like admittance she spoke with me on the phone… see when you are honest, stories stay the same, but liars… their past words come back to haunt them.

k8 dph176Snip #176

The only person? Well there ya go… Hill must have told me at one of our business meetings… or maybe I am Hill… after all no one else calls you Dot Girl, right Dot Girl?

k8 dph183bSnip #183

k8 dph184Snip #184

Enough with Mike the tattoo guy already, lol. I love how Dorothy called him Mike the Freak. Saying that him and his girlfriend “perfectly” matched people staying at the Brewers house is classic Dorothy Dogshit… but who knows how many mentally disturbed buddies of hers have been told crap like this. So let’s clear this Dorothy Dogshit up once and for all (although, I thought I cleared this up a few times already). The picture Dorothy and Nancy pass around of the guy with the tattoo next to his eye and big ol’ septic nose ring is Mike… he does tattoos. He use to live in Vegas for a couple of years and gave me a couple of tattoos. The picture I posted on the Zero’s World Facebook that Dorothy says isn’t me because I’m not that “stupid”, surprise, that really is me, so I guess I am that stupid. And to make it crystal clear we are not the same person, today I went searching for and found a picture of “Mike The Freak” giving yours truly, a tattoo:


There ya go Dorothy, drool over it. What’s next?

k8 dph189Snip #189

LOL, here she tries to lie about that whole civics association thing, I already covered that before. We all know what really happened. Let’s just look at some of these without any more comment… I mean do I really have to comment on these?

k8 dph190Snip #190

k8 dph191Snip #191

k8 dph192snip #192

OK, wait, I do have to comment here. Laughing My Ass Off at the RAP videos part… I did when I first read it, I am again right now, but when have I talked bad about police… is this to fit me into her theory that my dad is a cop. I’ve never said anything bad about the police, in fact I purposely don’t do that. They read here from what I’ve been told. Also, I have never denied being black, I say all the time “Don’t call me white”. But truth is I’m a mutt, I’m sure I mentioned that before. No race to call my own, nor do I want one. What’s next Dot Girl?

k8 dph199Snip #199

k8 dph200Snip #200

How cool, Dorothy’s mom helped profile me… Dorothy always get’s the BEST help (heh, heh). As for the Wolff call, I called the bank he worked at, a lady answered, who put me through to someone who told me he was in a meeting, once I told her who I was and why I was calling she thought it was best I talked to him and put me through. Again, this is what happened, but I wouldn’t expect you to understand Dorothy, you can’t get our phone call right, how can you understand one you weren’t part of?

Snip #200 and still so much to go… shall we continue…

k8 dph206Snip #206

This is from the 25th of January. Mark it on you calendar, because that’s when it became “TOO LATE”.

k8 dph236Snip #236

I love this one. Now Dorothy, wouldn’t I have a nicer car if I was dealing illegal drugs? (You have to go back a ways to get that, but trust me, that’s funny!)

k8 dph241Snip #241

k8 dph242Snip #242

Again with the “made up lies” that I tell. I think everyone reading knows who made up lies about stalking… as for the “older white guy” that Dorothy says may be Nancy’s ex Mike and another person she claims zero is definitely working with, he is someone she says stalked her house on Christmas Day… we’ll have to cover that another time, because this is getting wicked long and as I said, we still got a ways to go:

k8 dph247Snip #247

I never said anything about food stamps that I can remember… but some more funny stuff here. Plus some background and insight into just how close Jen and Dorothy really got.

k8 dph249Snip #249

I also  don’t remember talking about an insurance check but hey her Fetectives now know I’m either on the inside or the outside.

k8 dph250Snip #250

That’s what I said… Fetectives.

k8 dph251Snip #251

Ohhh… Detectives! I get it now. Wait… “scared”? Is she serious? I did no such thing as pull any “career related links”…  her name was pulled from the links  because she is no longer wanted associated with them…LOL! But let’s post some “career related links” where Dorothy’s name is still connected:







Or how about some “career related links” that aren’t Dorothy’s but just as interesting:




Or how bout this non “career related post”:

Fuck you Dorothy and your “zero must be scared”.

I’m just playing…

now where were we?

k8 dph254Snip #254

Finally, they found me… like I was Jesus… or is it Waldo? Hard core metal band related to porn? That sounds awesome!

k8 dph255Snip #255

k8 dph256Snip #256

LMAO cult EMO groups! Such a dope, those poor kids are doomed. Dorothy I don’t hate you and yes you connect dots… every dot there is, get’s connected by you, that’s why I call you Dot Girl. But I love this idea of me in a Emo Band, or did you mean Goth? Oh well as long as it’s dark and moody!

k8 dph257Snip #257

k8 dph258Snip #258

k8 dph259Snip #259

k8 dph260Snip #260

k8 dph261Snip #261

k8 dph262Snip #262

k8 dph263Snip #263

She goes on about this Chris guy for a while, but I really have to get to the end… so let’s just skip ahead to the next person I must be:

k8 dph303Snip #303

That’s got to be me. Reading away…  file after file.

k8 dph304Snip #304


k8 dph305Snip #305

Yep, that’s me… go on:

k8 dph306Snip #306

Wait… Fox News!?! Hell no that ain’t me!

k8 dph307Snip #307

Take him down Dorothy!

k8 dph308Snip #308

Yes, now you are cooking Dorothy, West is “W”…The Drifter… though I liked your idea that Bill W. was the “Confessions…” author.

k8 dph309Snip #309

I wonder what her investigators dug up on that “POS” West. I’d like to point out before we move on to my next transformation, that not liking West doesn’t make you a racist, like she said, he’s a “frequent commentator” on Fox News, I’m sure lots of people hate him.

k8 dph312Snip #312

I do?

k8 dph313Snip #313

I do?

k8 dph314Snip #314

She will?

I’m just fucking with you, I have no idea who Dorothy is talking about here. But let’s read on:

k8 dph315Snip #315

How intriguing… what is Cult 45? This is where we all find out what the hell Dorothy was talking about when she sent me this private message:

zw dph pm drunken sf

“dumpster view”? When Dorothy wrote that PM to me I almost died. Under normal circumstances, I’d have no idea what she was talking about, but because of her and Kate’s conversation I knew exactly what she meant and it’s a great place to end this whole thing:

k8 dph316Snip #316

k8 dph317Snip #317

K8 dph318Snip #318

k8 dph319Snip #319

k8 dph320Snip #320

k8 dph321Snip #321

I am? (heh heh)

k8 dph322Snip #322

k8 dph323Snip #323

k8 dph324Snip #324

k8 dph325Snip #325

So there you go, Dorothy and her team cracked the case, Zero is the bad guy, the killer, the connection to all that is evil in the world… and who is Zero?

Zero is Afro Man…

Only question I have is, what is Dorothy smoking? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

My Phone Call With Dorothy Price Hill: Dorothy’s Version

As I said, it was my phone call to Dorothy that really got her and Kate talking. And if you haven’t read about that call yet, you really should:


That is exactly how the call went. I called Dorothy, she did not answer and I did not leave a message. A short time later Dorothy dialed the number back and our first real introduction to each other took place. She started to apologise to me, I kind of lost it a little and told called her a liar and asked her why she lied about so many people so easily? She freaked out and hung up on me… I called her back twice, both times leaving her messages.

That’s what happened… what I wrote before is the whole thing, nothing left out, nothing added. And as I said, I felt I dropped the ball by going at Dorothy so quickly and not letting her “fake” apology lead to some “fake” conversation… yea, that’s when I took the idea of Kate to the next level… shall we:

k8 dph91

Right away, Dorothy lies. I know a little bit about compulsive liars. They tend to lie even when they don’t have to. I never spoke to an assistant, as I said, no one even answered the phone when I called, Dorothy called me back and that’s when our short and not so sweet phone conversation began… and she said it was her 3 times… so no, there was no assistant, I doubt very much that Dorothy even has an assistant. Let’s see some more:

k8 dph92

Of all the people I have ever met in my entire life, Dorothy takes the cake. I do not know if I have ever met anyone like her… and that is not a compliment. We are just getting started here, but you can already see how her mind starts twisting truth with stories she is making up in her head. The last thing Dorothy said before she hung up on me was “I can’t talk to you about any of this because it is under federal investigation”. She adds that part of the conversation to her made up assistant story. It get’s better:

k8 dph93

So here we go… pay attention, because this lie will be exposed by Dorothy herself in the next few comments:

k8 dph94

k8 dph95

I love how Dorothy tries to explain her apology to me here. Her assistant was apologising cause she thought it was Dorothy’s “friend” in Vegas. Mixing what really happened with what her head was creating about it.

So Dorothy asked her “assistant” to write down what I said, but the poor fake person from Dorothy’s imagination could not remember, because she was on the other line when I called. Yet didn’t Dorothy say the call was recorded? Yep, I went back up and read to make sure, and yes she said (well wrote) “The call was recorded”. I really wanted to call her out on that, as I did every time she contradicted herself, but due to my short phone call, I was not going to let this end too soon. But I really just wanted to ask Dorothy why she needed her assistant to write it down if the call was recorded… just listen for yourself Dot Girl.

Before we wrap up what Dorothy had to say about our phone call I have to comment on these strange lies Dorothy quickly makes up for no reason at all, I mean the real story of our phone call was a bust… it was quick and pointless… in fact it would have gone nowhere further if I didn’t have these gems she told Kate about the call, I think the whole thing must have really caught Dorothy off guard.

She makes up this story of some friend in Vegas and in doing so she complicates her story too much for herself to stay on track. Her assistant, remember, supposedly told her she had a call from Vegas and then a few minutes later Dorothy writes that her assistant asked her where I lived. Um… yea, it’s a small error, but it shows how easily Dorothy confuses herself with her own delusions.

So in her story, I call, get the assistant, who thinks I am Mr. Nero from Vegas, (LOL, again with the Mr.) Dorothy calls her friend in Vegas who is at lunch, so she tells her assistant to blurt out “federal investigation” and hang up. That’s what I got out of Dorothy’s much holed  and contradicting side of the “phone conversation”.

The crap about me having an accent, having a “whiney voice”, sounding like a “hurt lamb”, that’s all good stuff there. I do sound a little “whiney” I guess… plus I was sick with the flu. Still I’ll give her that, I can come across whiney, but can’t Dorothy just say that’s what she thought of my voice? Why make up a fake assistant and a fake friend in Vegas… I was on the call, I know it what was really said and what was not. Oh yea, Dorothy didn’t know she was talking to me, she thought it was some lady named Kate… so Dorothy was doing what she does…

Dorothy goes on about other things after that, the usual stuff on her ex husbands, stuff on Nancy and Mike, things on Hackett, but mostly stuff about a cop named McCready… she ends her rant on him before deciding to bring the phone call back up, the last snip where she calls me a “hurt lamb” was snip #95, the next 2 I’m about to post is snip #123 and #124 so you can see, Dorothy went off for a minute before deciding to talk about the call some more:

k8 dph123

k8 dph124

A bunch of ramblings and then BAM, “zero called me”! Did she forget we had a long talk about the phone call earlier? And what’s this… she recognized zero’s intonation? I thought it was her assistant that talked to me… maybe Dorothy listened to the recording of the call (her and Cristin love to do that, but come on, it’s highly, illegal) either way, she figured something out. What could that be?

k8 dph125

Damn, that’s harsh. “Could not put a sentence together” “A 10-year-old who can’t speak”, I’d take offence, but the bigger offence here is that she think’s that makes me African-American!

Dorothy constantly says her ex husband is racist… but I catch Dorothy saying racist and anti-gay statements all the time. She seems to hate men, homosexuals (especially transgendered), and minorities. In fact she comes across as a very “everyone is beneath me” kind of person. But that’s enough about what I think about Dorothy, we need to discus what Dorothy thinks about me… trust me, the African-American remark is just the tip of the iceberg on the stuff Dorothy had to say about the who, what, and why of Zero.

Your gonna love it…




Shadow People Part One

SPOILER ALERT!!!  This post is about the movie/documentary called “Shadow People“. Though I will not be discussing the movie itself in too much detail, there are still parts of this post that may ruin the experience of watching the movie… just a little. So go ahead and skip this post if you are planning on seeing the movie. Then just come back and let me ruin the experience properly, lol.

Alright, are we safe now? Good. Let’s begin… this movie is really a mockumentary, and that’s not just putting the words movie and documentary together, it means that the movie is mostly faked in a way to make it seem like it’s based on a real event. I like these types of movies, but I’m able to see through them, what about those who don’t? I’ve often wondered (and mentioned here at least once) if these types of movies are having effects other than starting internet “thread” arguments.

Here’s what Wiki has to say about the movie:


I find it a little strange that wiki isn’t a little more detailed on the fact that most of the movie is not based on any type of true story, though it comes off like it is.

It talks about the fake You Tube Videos, but not that the movie’s whole story line is made up and its main character, Charlie Crowe, is not a real person or was not a real person, since many people believe he is now dead, from SUNDS, thanks to the fake “in memory of” at the end of the film.

Yes, the movie goes so far to make its viewer believe the movie is a true story as to make up a later death of it fictionalized lead character.

In fact it’s hard to find anyplace that explains Charlie Crowe is not a real person. The movie itself plays fake old video of Charlie Crowe, making you think they are actual footage of a real person, but that too is just an actor like in the You Tube videos. That’s right they have 2 actors playing Charlie Crowe, Dallas Roberts who is listed as playing Crowe and an unnamed actor in the fake old clips, pretending to be the real Charlie Crowe… which I’m telling you… there is none. Well there is real Charlie Crowes, just not this one made up for the movie.

It’s a great way to use the internet for marketing this type of movie, and quite a few mockumentary movies are doing this. In fact some are blurring the lines between real stories and hollywood scripts so well, it’s almost impossible to tell anymore if what you are watching is a real documentary or a mock one.

Even in this interview, the actor playing Charlie Crowe, Dallas Roberts, get’s in on the fake back story:


Is Fangoria in on the joke too? Probably. Let’s take a look at what is said:

sp interview1

The real answer there would have been, all of it, since the footage is not real and was filmed for the movie.

sp interview2

Well, that was truthful I guess, lol. Everything was so descriptive in the script, because that’s where the whole Charlie Crowe story comes from.

sp interview3

And that’s where it just crosses the line, using another real person, Sam Phillips, and a movie about real people, “Walk The Line” to make the reader truly buy into the lie that Charlie Crowe was real.

Are you confused yet?

Let me sum it up… Shadow People is a complete facade, a sham, a phony, a fake.

I think it’s a good movie though… I say I think, because I really only caught the last 20 minutes of it. But it got my mind racing immediately. Right away I was like, is this real, or another great “Catfish” movie.

I hit the internet and Google searched for anything on Charlie Crowe… go ahead try… it’s not there, because he’s not real. The only things on him come from the movie. The whole story of a radio DJ being pulled into the mysteries surrounding sleep paralysis and the stories of Shadow People never happened. There was no controversy and no suicide heard on air (Ok a little movie discussion, but not much). About the only thing real in the movie, is that there is a documentary called Your Worst Nightmare that does deal with sleep paralysis, but even that film can be questioned to whether it’s a legitimate documentary.

In fact there are many questions about sleep paralysis, and what some call “Shadow People.”

But bottom line, nothing in Shadow People is real… so therefore it could cloud people’s judgement if they are looking at the movie as a true story. Especially if they are dealing with something like sleep paralysis. Believing the Charlie Crowe in the movie is real and  the story portrayed in the movie is also real could cause some confusion I’m sure. And you will find stuff on Charlie Crowe, like this:


That one even says he was a disc jockey beginning in 1971, good year. Wrong spelling of the last name though, so not our Charlie… how ’bout this one:


That one’s a football player. Nothing on the Charlie Crowe from the film though. But if you search, the truth is out there:


“The film is quite clever, but for the record Charlie Crowe is “also” a fictional character (though the phenomena of “Shadow People” is not).”


“The character Charlie “Crowe” Camfield, seen in the 2012 movie “Shadow People”, is a fictional character. The person who is seen in the movie portraying the “Real” Charlie “Crowe” Camfield is in fact an un-named professional actor. The fact that this is a fictional character is the reason you were unable to find his cause of death in your search. The movie “Shadow People” is brilliant in it’s portrayal of it’s half Horror Film, half Documentary style, and leaves the viewer not sure if it’s all true, partly true, or all fiction. Only a long, involved search of many resources gives you the true answer, which is that the movie deals with a very real phenomenon-SUNDS-and mentions a very real “outbreak” of SUNDS in mostly Vietnamese immigrants, but other than that it is a fictional movie. A look at the “actual” Camden College Sleep Study GR16, 1971 video on YouTube shows that the number of view does not match, highly suggesting it was put there as a highly effective marketing ploy for the movie.”

Sleep Paralysis and SUNDS… real subjects in an otherwise not very real movie. I only know a little about SUNDS, but I know quite a bit about sleep paralysis… dealt with it first hand. Let’s leave that for the next post where we can bring back those who were afraid I might ruin the movie for them, which this post kind of does ruin the movie if you just want to believe it’s all real instead of a hollywood script (anyone else out there see flipped parallels?).

I’ll leave you with the Camden College Sleep Study GR16 from 1971 (there’s that year again), you be the judge on its authenticity:

To Be Continued…

Dorothy Detox

I had to read the Dorothy-Kate conversation many times… from the first time to when I copied them… to going through them and making a list of what was in each snip (I did that Saturday… and it took all day)… to when I go over them as I put them in a post.

It’s hard on the body, mind, and soul. Seriously. I’m in need of a short detox… but it’s gonna take something big to cleanse the palate this time around… let’s see… yes… this will do…

Has any one been following the Randy Quaid circus?

I had heard and read a little here and there… but wow bob wow, take a look at this:


Now this is something to blog about. WTF?

Let’s take a closer look, try to put it all into perspective:

Is Randy crazy? Or just pissed off? Or is he seriously afraid of  Hollywood “Star Whackers”? I could make the joke about dropping the H… but I don’t know, maybe there is an Illuminati. Maybe vaccinations are bad, maybe Sandy Hook was faked, maybe dark forces are about to desrtoy us all.

Am I crazy for thinking the whole world has gone mad?

Alright… next…

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

Did you enjoy the show?

Well it continues on right here!

So yes, I played pretend with Dorothy, I pretended to be someone in the Nut Gallery and she pretended to make sense.

It all started back in November when someone wrote me saying, “It’s to bad we don’t have a spy to see exactly what Dorothy is saying to her wacko gang of blind believers”. Alright I may be paraphrasing here, but the point was made. And I decided to go for it. Kate Carter was enlisted as a ZW Spy!

And so it began:

k8 dph1

I know, very deceiving… but that’s how a spy must work. And in the end, it did work.

Want to know if Dorothy is still dropping names of those she once worked with? Want to know if she is still dropping names of people she feels wronged by? Want to know if the crap she is saying would be believed by any rational human being? Well I have those answers now. It’s all in over 300 snap shots of Facebook private messages between Katie and Dorothy. Lots of it is stuff you’ve heard before, some of it is not. All of it is crap. By the way, I did believe someone was trying to hurt Nancy… Dorothy!

I will be posting some of it here over the next week. But not all of it. Some of it attacks people very personally and I don’t want to post all of that publicly. Though some of what I post will not be easy for some of you.

There is another reason why I will be holding some of the conversation back… which brings us to our first clip:

k8 dph132

Seems Dorothy and her family don’t like having done to them what we all know she has done to others. How Christian of them. Well just in case Dorothy’s mother or anyone else in that family really thinks I am the one who is to blame for all their personal stuff being put out there instead of who we all know is responsible for airing all their dirty laundry, both real and made up… just in case they have an attorney willing to jump into the Nut Gallery, I don’t want to broadcast all I have as a defense.

That first clip I just posted, which came in the middle of January leads right into a group of clips I have that I’m calling, “I’m going to the FBI tomorrow”. Seems Dorothy really loves to use that line:

k8 dph27

That’s the first time she mentions it… late December.

k8 dph73

That’s from early January.

k8 dph138

That’s from the middle of January. And from there, it seems like every couple of days, Dorothy was going to the FBI about me:

k8 dph161a

k8 dph255

k8 dph244

k8 dph217

Which was funny because sometimes, in between, she talked as if she already went to the FBI:

k8 dph206

If Kate had been a real person, there would have been many places where she would have called Dorothy on her bullshit. But Kate is faker than the fakest of you out there… a spy whose job was to listen.

Still, what does that say about those who listen to Dorothy and her ridiculous stories? What is wrong with these people who not only  don’t see through the crap but also encourage her?!?

k8 dph243

k8 dph180

k8 dph295

Anyone still encouraging Dorothy needs to pay attention to this next part. Some of the people who worked with Dorothy at some point or made the mistake of being close to her are now wrapped up in her endless, mindless, internet chatter:

K8 dph280

k8 dph281

k8 dph272

k8 dph78

k8 dph85

k8 dph292

k8 dph279

k8 dph171

k8 dph172

There is tons of stuff like that. I have shared stuff like this with both Mr. Wolff and Jennifer in the past because they both told me they planned on suing Dorothy. So far, it hasn’t stopped her. But if either of you want to have your lawyer contact me… you are the ones that she really says the most damaging stuff about and I’d love to share it all with your attorneys.

I want to really stress a point, she is not just posting this crap in public, she sends it to whoever will listen. She had no idea who Kate was, in fact on January 29th, just a few days ago and three months into our correspondence she asked Kate this:

k8 dph246

She doesn’t even know why Kate is involved, though I did explain to her at the beginning as you saw. This I believe is because she sends the same kinds of shit out to everyone not knowing or caring who they are.

In one message she calls me Donna:

k8 dph147

She had a lot to say about our phone call, all lies of course, but I’m saving that for another post. Let’s look at another part where I wasn’t sure she realized who she was messaging:

k8 dph193

WTF? She was talking to Kate, right? Or does she send these out in some kind of “chain” mails? Here’s one that shows exactly what I mean:

k8 dph65b

She is sending all this stuff out to who knows who. And if they aren’t seeing through it like any rational person would, well then they are obviously not rational people… and that means this is at a whole new kind of scary.

There’s more… lots more.

And you will get to see most of it…

For 3 obvious reasons:

One, to get at Dorothy… I mean that’s a given… she deserves some big time payback!

Two, to hopefully show some of you in the Nut Gallery listening to this insane babel, how messed up Dorothy really is and how people are being affected by it.

And the third and most important reason, to help all those who are affected by Dorothy’s hurtful lies and slander. Be it to show you what she is passing around to people she doesn’t even know or to give to your attorneys if anyone ever does decide enough is enough.

Because although I am making light of all this with a super bowl halftime show…

What Dorothy is doing is dangerous and criminal and does need to be stopped.

Until then, I have lots of sharing to do!


My Phone Call With Dorothy Price Hill

Well this day has been a long time coming… but before I get to the call, I have to wonder out loud about Jen. I mean she must be fuming… after all, I’ve now talked to everyone on the phone but her… don’t take it personal Jen, I’m not a phone person… there’s nothing more to it then that. And I just don’t think our speaking on the phone is gonna help anyone at this point.

I know what most of you must be thinking… how on earth did you end up on the phone with The Dot Girl… well I’ll tell ya the whole story, but bottom line… this flu really kicked my ass.

So I said, that year two would have worlds colliding… and we ain’t even through the first month and bam we are in serious collision mode. In fact the other day I received an email from someone who said they went to school with Flukeboy Joey… said Joey was a bully who liked to pick on kids younger than him. Wow! Not surprising though, right? If the person who wrote me is reading, thanks for the email, I plan on emailing you back soon, I’ve just been a little under the weather lately.

Let’s see… neighbor of Dorothy  wrote in… a neighbor of Nancy’s got in touch with me as well as did an old friend of hers… Cristin’s good friend contacted me… and now a school mate of  junior fish boy! I wonder how many people have run to you guys with stories about me… oh that’s right, none… EZ’s failed Facebook page shows that. Why do so many around you nutballs all say the same things about you? Rhetorical question of course.

Yes, quite a bit of people finding their way to the ZW… and it’s making for quite the discussions off-blog… those of you involved in them know just how interesting some of these discussions are.

Point is things are coming together…

there’s some heavy understandings there…

things colliding… things coming together… sometimes chaos and anarchy breeds a peaceful new understanding of things…

So with the chaotic happenings of this morning a new day will come…

Well except we are talking about Dorothy Price Hill, right?

http://www.manhassetcivic.org/nca/    (NOTE: I know this has now changed… within one day of this post the President and Vice President was removed, but at the time of this post the president was listed as Dorothy Price Hill with her phone number, the vice president was an Eric, they can pretend it wasn’t there… but we all saw it)

I was sent this today, I have heard mention of Dorothy and the NCA before, so it wasn’t anything special, just one more thing involving Dorothy that just doesn’t seem to fit with the Dorothy we have all come to know and not love so much. And I don’t know, I haven’t been sleeping very well as I said… this flu kicked in with fevers and body aches like I haven’t felt in a long time (another sign of my youth making its final exit I fear)… I don’t know, but just looking at that page made me want to scream. I have had Dorothy’s phone number for a while, she asked me a long time ago to call her, but I was not about to jump on that crazy train… that changed today.

I grabbed my phone and dialed the number… it went to voice mail and I declined to leave one… that time.

You can see a vice president is listed there… Eric… well I called him to… another voice mail… this time I left a message.

It wasn’t very good… kind of ranty… again… I’m not 100% right now… just not on my A game… some sympathy please, lol.

But seriously I went off a little on the things Dorothy said about me and others on the internet… I came together at the end though asking Eric to help me understand this part of Dorothy that just seemed so foreign to those of us on the end of her lies and cyber attacks. I left him my email if he didn’t want to call me back.

That might have been that… but then a short while later my phone rang. And again, just to show you I really shouldn’t have done this today, I was in the rest room gagging up mucus and blowing pounds of snot out of my nose when my wife came running in with my phone.

I answered it. “hello?”

The reply back was, “Someone called this phone?”

Is this Dorothy, I wondered to my self, I had not looked at the number before I answered it, due to the throwing up (I know, ironic huh, throwing up before talking to Dorothy, trust me it was not lost on me).

“Who is this?” I asked, and did not hear her reply, I was trying to look at the number now, plus my head was kind of ringing, my ears were also plugged (still are right now). “Who?” I asked again… this time I heard her, but asked “who” one more time, just to make it a nice number.

“Dorothy Hill”, she said for the third time.

“This is zero,” I said, to which I received the same reply that I had given her… “who?”

I said it again, but my voice was garbled the second time due to that mucus I mentioned earlier, so she asked again, “Who?”

I kid you not, this is exactly how it went, we both said our names 3 times… and when I said zero for the third time, after clearing my throat and my head a little, Dorothy realized who she was talking to and I have to admit I was surprised she didn’t hang up right a way. She might not have hung up on me at all, but as I said I wasn’t on my A game.

I could tell she was a little shocked to be talking to me, and what else did I read in her reaction… was she flustered? I hate to say it, but it was there. Looks like you were right again Linda, I thought she hated me, but I read something else in the brief call.

She said she was at work and I replied that I didn’t want to bother her at work but I  thought it was time for the games to end and for us to talk this out… she replied, and this is where I detected that little school girl crush like admiration… She said, “Alright, and I’m sorry about before”.

That little sentence said so much… and it just brought me to a place of, “oh hell no!” Let me explain.

I’ve been told by Cristin and I’m sure some of you might have seen places where Cristin wrote that Dorothy sounds different on the phone… she comes across a different way than in her posts. I guess I wasn’t ready for just how different she would sound. First off, her voice is very pleasant, dare I say school girl like? Plus she didn’t sound crazy or delusional, and I guess that is what I had expected. But all this made it worse to me… and was she really about to apologise to me? I snapped… I wish I hadn’t but I did. I couldn’t help it, “I’m sorry about before” it was all right there, she’s not crazy, she knows exactly what she’s doing… I saw it all in my aching head from those few words and where they were leading… but instead of letting her continue I cut her right off… those words had pushed me right over the edge.

“You called me a pedophile”, I barked at her, “said my mom abused me, told lies about me to others all along knowing I’m a real person a father and not connected to any of your exs or serial killers.” She then cut me off asking me a simple question, one that said it all…

“Why do you care?”

Why do I care? Damn that’s a good question, one I often ask myself that question, “Why do you care?” It’s one we will have to tackle another time… but in my flu stupor I gave a simple enough one that must have done the trick.

“Because you lie about people Dorothy”, I said. To that I got the reply, “This is a federal investigation, I can’t talk to you about it” and hung up the phone.

Damn, I had blown it… I could have stuck with the Nice Guy Eddie act (though on me it’s no act, I swear, I’m a nice guy, lol) heard her apology and maybe get some answers to why she does what she does… but I chased her away with accurate accusations of being a liar… nobody likes to hear that.

Though at the time I was more like, “did that bitch just hang up on me?” So I called her back… voice mail of course and I left a message.

“If this is under federal investigation have the FBI call me so I can clear up any lies about me… or better yet, maybe I should call the FBI myself…”

I said a few more things along the lines of you have my number now so have the proper authorities get in touch with me, I’m happy to help in any investigation… “bye”

For some reason, the simple “bye” at the end made my wife laugh while she was listening… it was funny I guess. But now I was seeing the bigger picture, the shock of Dorothy sounding like a rational human being and therefore really f@cked up in the things she does had worn off, my head was still swimming with flu but I realized I gave up an opportunity today that I might not get again.

And so I called one last time and left one last voice mail (I know, I know, who’s the real school girl here?).

I simply said that if she wanted to call me back and explaine to me what it is she was trying to do or how I was missing something in all this I’d be willing to listen to her side of it.

But I knew it was too late for that. I had heard all I was gonna hear from Dorothy, she was sorry about before and wonders why I care.

As I said, I wonder myself sometimes.

Flu Season

So while I was shaking off all the liars and dirty, dirty cheats I caught a nasty little bug.

Had to pick my son up in California last Wednesday, but as I got ready to hit the road, my stomach felt a little upset. Later when I stopped for lunch, my Subway sandwich had a strange taste to it. After picking my son up and heading back for Vegas we stopped at In and Out and my Double Double had the same strange taste my sub did. I knew then I was about to get sick. My taste buds are always the first to go.

It’s been years since I was this sick. I swear Sunday I just wanted someone to put my pillow over my face and say goodnight.

Last night was the first sleep I had since Friday, and it wasn’t the best of sleep.

Flu season in a big household like mine is very dangerous… when you are the first to get it, it may still be making its way though everyone by the time you have finally gotten rid of it, and therefore it’s happy to jump right back in ya!

Yesterday it made its way though the whole house in record speed… so I’m hoping we will all  kick it and it will stay gone… cause like I said, I haven’t been this sick in years. My head feels like someones been stomping on it for days, and my chest is on fire… and there is nothing left in my stomach, which makes throwing up a very difficult and painful thing.

Sorry for the TMI, just wanted to share my misery with everyone, lol. But also wish everyone out there a safe passage way through the flu season, it’s no joke. Well almost everyone…

(Blows great big wet kiss to Dorothy)

Shake It Off


Any new Cicada stuff out there? I haven’t even looked. But it’s that time of year.

I saw Anonymous is getting involved with the fight against terrorism:


And The Illuminati is taking over everything:


I bring up these 3 groups, because with all that’s going on in the world, it would be nice if we had some heroes… even some anti-ones.

But we are so involved in the back-n-forth. Victories are just the lead in to the next fight. Everyone’s pointing the finger at their oppressor and shouting demon! Actually we moved on from that… we now are pointing fingers at our accusers and shouting demon!

Even I, as I teach by example, have gotten too caught up.

Time to shake it off…