The Last Snowflakes!

I’m sure that the title is gonna have some people expecting a different kind of post.

Snow is once again falling on the blog, and all my long time readers know how much I love that!

I guess snow will still fall every year here even if there are no new posts after this year. So I guess the post title is misleading in a few ways… oh well…

It’s snowing on the blog!

Who’s ready for some snowball fights?

Thanksgiving Leftovers

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I spent it with food and family as usual. But this is the part I really like… the leftovers. As much as I enjoy Thanksgiving, most of the day my brain is thinking about the turkey sandwich I’m gonna have later. Well here I am with my turkey sandwich in hand (mmm… it’s so freaking good) and thinking about how this was the the last Thanksgiving on the blog and the last time I  enjoy a turkey sandwich writing a post. But I’m thankful for all the years we did have here and all of those I met along the way. I hope some of you are thankful for the same. And for those of you who aren’t you can at least be thankful the blog ends in a month. Yes, I’m sure some are quite thankful for that. To be honest, I’m a little thankful myself.

But I do feel bad that so many posts never made it to the blog. many of them just ideas floating in my head waiting for the chance to get out. Some actually did get out to some sort of unfinished post, left, forgotten in the draft section of this blog:

















19… oh discordia!

Oh well, can’t finish any of them now, there just isn’t enough time. again, some of you might be thankful for that.

But for those of you that like reading here, because you actually READ here, I know the end of this blog may not be something to be thankful for… yea, now that it’s here, I’m a little bummed too (yes, I’m thankful it’s coming to an end for so many reasons, but trust me, I’m gonna miss it!). But for those of you that are even gonna miss my rambling in the parenthesis… there is one thing to be thankful about it coming to an end…



I saved the best for last!


Happy Thanksgiving!



Trick Or Treat (Our Last Halloween)

I know, I’ve been gone for a while and a lot has been going on. Most of which I will get to in the next few posts. Right now I just wanted to pop in to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!

Most of you know that Halloween is my favorite Holiday. It’s been that way since I was a kid.  There are 3 points in my life that connected and made my love for this day grow to what it is now. Which some of you out there have criticized about.  I get it if you don’t get it, but here’s a little more insight at why there was only one Halloween I didn’t dress up and why this time of year is my favorite.

The first point would be 1979 to 1980. This year is probably one of the biggest and most life changing year of my childhood. I lived that year in New York. My dad had taken a job in Rochester, and we moved across the country. We actually drove from California to New York. The trip was a lot of fun, and there are many relatives that we stopped to see along the way that would be the last time I ever saw them. So this is a found memory up there in my noggin. When we got to New York, the house we were going to live in wasn’t ready yet and we stayed at a Holiday Inn. Also great memories. Spent most of the time there at the inside pool which had a big window where you could see the snow out side as you swam. Yes, all good times, but good times aren’t meant to last, The first decade of my life was coming to an end, that second one (the one where our childhood dies) was waiting, and it would be much different. And I would get my first taste of the changes that Halloween.

The house still wasn’t ready, but we couldn’t live in Holiday Inn for ever. So we had moved into a studio apartment in what I remember was not a very good neighborhood. Well, that’s what I was told. I don’t think I ever left that apartment to see much of the neighborhood. In fact when Halloween came around we did not even go trick or treating. This was devastating to the little 8 year old me. Thinking about that apartment now, it was like a weird prison where the only good things I can remember about it were my dad’s grill cheese and tomato soup and watching SOAP with my mom on our little TV. But what I will always remember most about the time I did in that apartment, is no trick or treating.

Some might say this stunted my growth a little bit and it is why I have never not dressed up on Halloween since then. Maybe you are even right. But this isn’t the point where Halloween became my favorite. That would be the following year. By then my family had moved back to California, Well not all of us. My parents were getting a divorce and my dad still lived in New York. Yes a lot to unpack there, but not at this time, that’s a Christmas story.

Anyways, October, 1980, back in California and my mom out of the blue took my sister and me to Knott’s Berry Farm. What a great day that was. It closed early because they did this thing at night called a haunt. Didn’t know what it was but it meant some of the rides had Halloween props and the whole park was done up for Halloween. Man, we had such a great time that day. And then as we were leaving the park, some of the haunt’s actors were arriving. They had costumes and I was just mesmerized by them. A couple of them that were dressed as witches gave out a cackle  as they passed us, scaring my sister a little. But I was in awe. This meant something. It was a feeling of destiny of some sort. A longing. It was magical.

So that’s point one in my life where this whole thing got set in motion. The next would come the following year. My first year trick or treating with out an adult.

1981, I was in 5th grade and that second decade of life was now in full swing. A lot had changed from 8 to 10. Not only in me, but in the whole world around me. In the mist of all these changes was one of the greatest Halloween’s ever. Definitely the best night of trick or treating ever!

Some of you long time readers might remember Jeremy. I mentioned him in a post. He was my best friend at the time. That Halloween we had planned on trick or treating together. My mom had to work that night, so my sister and I were gonna go trick or treating with Jeremy’s family. At the time I had just started watching Marx Brother movies. I loved the Marx Brothers, still do. So at the time i came up with the idea that Jeremy, my sister, and I should go as The Marx Brothers. My favorite was Harpo, so I chose Harpo. Jeremy would be Groucho, and my sister would be Chico. I remember my mom helping us find all we needed for our costumes. I had this big blond curly wig and of course a horn, which I honked all night long.

This great night almost ended before it began, because at the last minute, Jeremy’s mom decided to take Jeremy to trick or treat at his grandma’s. We were losing our Groucho. But even worse, we would probably have to go trick or treating with my grandma, which was just gonna change everything. Most of my friends would be going by themselves, but I knew that wasn’t gonna happen for us… or was it?

It was simple really. The plan had been for my sister and I to walk over to Jeremy’s house. Why did it have to change. My mom went to work, we told my grandma we were going to meet Jeremy, and my sister and I set out on one of the greatest adventures ever!

Without our Groucho, most people didn’t know who my sister and I were supposed to be. Some thought we were used car sales men. One girl from my class said, “I should have known you’d dress up as a girl”. What? Fair comment, yes, but I was Harpo Marx! I just kept honking my horn at people. I would also hold out my hand to shake hands and instead they would get my leg…. some figured it out.

We would some times join friends and other times it was just me and my sister quickly filling our large pillow cases. It was such a glorious night. Every house was decorated. Several with garages set up like haunted houses. We went out of our group of neighborhoods, venturing way further than our mom would have been comfortable with. But we didn’t care. We were having the time of our lives.

Sometime after midnight (which was just so freaking awesome to be roaming the streets alone hopped up on sugar) when there wasn’t much of anyone else out, we headed home. The pillow cases were overfull and almost difficult to carry, almost. I remember hitting a few more houses along the way and seeing a group of kids I went to school with we had hooked up with earlier in the night. They too looked as if they had the time of their lives. That moment will always be etched in my memory. It was pure joy.

My mom and grandma never found out. In fact we stopped at my grandma’s house to trick or treat early on that night, making up some excuse for having broke away from Jeremy and his mom, and a picture was taken of me and my sister, without our Groucho:

marx bros halloween

It was one of the best nights ever, and Halloween would be my favorite holiday from then on.

Point 3 would come 5 years later.

1986, I was 15 and a freshman in high school. In 3rd period, which was my favorite class, Drama, some people came by to see if any of us were interested in working in a haunt they were building for that Halloween season. By then I knew what a haunt was and jumped at the chance.

It was my first job. I was paid to dress up and scare people. And I was good at it. Every night the owners would pick the scariest, I won most of the times. And this was against much older, experienced actors. I made it my goal to scare everyone who came through. That included friends from school, family, and just about everyone I knew.

I had so much fun and at the end I got a paycheck. That was it. I knew this would be a big part of my life.

Here we are, many, many years later, and it is still a big part of my life. For the past 11 years I have worked at one of the top haunts in the world. My family joins me every year in the magic, and I get to keep a good part of my life going. Memories that join together to become something more than just memories. I dare say purpose… but I will settle for what ever it is, because I love it.

Which reminds me, I gotta get going. There is still 1 more night left of Dome and I gotta get my scare on.




The Truth About The CCC Part 3

If you read part 2 of this CCC trilogy, you know you were supposed to forget all about part 1. So you probably forgot about DPH and MM7 looking into UG and CCC and coming out with tales of Hackett and Dorothy’s ex husband. Tales of how Hackett and Dorothy’s ex were part of The CCC as well as playing some copy cat murder game against each other over some jealousy thing. You also probably forgot about all the screen names claiming to be part of The CCC coming to my blog and giving me no choice but to look deeper into UG and The CCC. And that’s good that you don’t remember any of that. It’s not needed to see the truth about The CCC. You can read part 2 and go away with what is FACT and can be proven by their own posts and comments on Utopia Guide.

So if you are happy with that, I suggest you skip the rest of this post.

You see the more you look into The CCC and UG, the more you start to question this “harmless” group of “hobbyist”. If you have decided to continue reading, you might want to remember the 1st post again. I know, I told you to forget it and you needed to forget it for part 2, but part 1 and 2 are both needed for part 3. All 3 parts will show how the mythology of The CCC grew and spread.

And just for the record, I’m not saying anyone from The CCC is LISK or that any of them are guilty of criminal activity, well other that the obvious. Again, these are things others who have looked at UG and The CCC have said and passed around. I was not the first to look into this and I’m sure I wont be the last. What I came up with is in part 2. The solid stuff that really don’t show much, other than the Morrie guy is stuck in the middle somewhere. Still there is so much out there that (like everything else) don’t add up. Here we go.

Wait false start, first I have to mention Shady Al’s.

magic ccc lingere bar

Since I am not an LI Native (heh heh) please bear with me. When I first read that The CCC hung out in a bar called “Shady” I lost it. Any long time readers will totally get this. It’s an Eminem thing. And most may wonder why I even mention it. Trust me, it’s not just for a silly Eminem joke. Though, I can’t help it, I find it funny. But this blog always looks at things with multiple eyes (because it is read with multiple eyes), and some of you know who started posting Eminem lyrics before I came along (and it wasn’t Fluke like some might believe). I’ve mentioned it before and will again, there will be a last Eminem post before we are done, for those who still don’t get why this sometimes seems like an Eminem tribute blog.

Oh, I strayed quite a bit, or did I. Let’s wait and see.

Other than the fact this Morrie guy was involved in threatening comments about Amber right before she went missing, there is no connection between those in The CCC and the Gilgo Beach Murders. And yet there are those out there who claim if we knew who some of The CCC members were, there might be more of a connection than Morrie’s baseball bat threats. In part 1 I already talked about MM7 and DPH saying Hackett was Magic from The CCC. I also showed in part 1, that that was highly unlikely, since Magic was said to have died in 2010. MM7 and DPH had also said Brewer was part of The CCC:

mm7 brewer is lw

The thought of Brewer being part of The CCC is definitely intriguing. But going by the things “lightweight” has said about himself, I’m not too sure he is Brewer:

wolf lightweight on families

Married with 3 kids in 2008. Yea, that’s not Brewer. There was also talk of Flukeyou being in the CCC with Brewer. That may come from comments like these:

lightweight to wolf rusian girl

But just because one of the CCC members has a thing for Russian girls does not make it Fluke. In fact the same reasons lightweight isn’t Brewer is the same reason it can’t be Fluke. And as I said in part 1, I looked into Wolf5958 (simple google search you all can do) and he ain’t Flukeyou either.

So there seems to be no real proof Brewer or Fluke were part of The CCC… but there is more talk about such proof, well at least when it comes to Brewer:

ws jb ccc

There are other posts like this on Websleuths where it is claimed that Brewer told people he was part of The CCC. But again, no actual proof that I can see. Still the thought that Brewer may be part of The CCC is intriguing. I said that. But is it true?

See how this could quickly became another tale (tail) being chased around in circles. Let me add to it.

magic dead 1 15 2010

Yes, back to Magic. There is something about this (other than the screen name “deadguy”) that bothers me. “I got the news from SCPD”. What is that all about? Why would SCPD inform someone on UG about the death of another person on UG? Is “deadguy” friends with the cop who told him about Magic? Is the cop a member on UG? I don’t mean to confuse it any further… but it just bothers me.

Maybe this post isn’t a good idea. Maybe I should stop why I’m ahead. But you all read the comment on part 1 from Emily:

emily on ccc

This has to be addressed. First off I don’t buy it. I believe the person who left this comment wants me to believe they are this person:

real emily

And as I said, I don’t buy it, for one second. My LISK blog received bogus comments like this back when I first brought up The CCC, but we will get to all that. There’s a lot we can dissect in the comment on UG by the real Emily. But what I really take away from it, was that she is saying MM7 contacted her about all this, claiming she was an “investigative reporter”. And Emily didn’t like it. Damn, she probably won’t like being part of another WordPress blog, I’m sorry Emily, but don’t blame me, blame the “Emily” who left the comment on Part 1. Assuming it wasn’t you, and as I said, I don’t believe it was. I will get to who I think it is. Patience.

So this “Emily” (the one who commented on part 1) really wants to express that “she” knows most of the guys at UG and they are “NICE” men. We may have a difference of opinion of what is “NICE”. I have read plenty at UG and “NICE” isn’t the word I would use. But let’s just look at what was being said there about the LISK case:

UG on lisk.JPG

” it’s getting interesting”, “I hope everyone has their nose clean”. If they were such “NICE” men, they wouldn’t need to worry about “clean” noses, no?

ug magic not dead

When someone brings up coming forward with information lightweight brings up Seeker. The lol tells us it’s a joke, but since I have done some reading there, it’s not very funny. They also brought up Magic. Another joke, I suppose. I definitely don’t think this means Magic isn’t really dead, but I bet those who wanted to believe Magic was Hackett read this that way. The truth is, some of those at UG loved to poke at Magic. There was some real hatred towards Magic from some of them. Mainly from Lightweight and Teps. They would play these story games on UG where each person would continue the story being told with each new comment, and lightweight just couldn’t help bringing Magic into each one:

lightweight magic dis1

lightweight magic dis2

lightweight magic dis3

lightweight magic dis4

lightweight magic dis5

lightweight magic dis6

That may be hard for some of you to understand what you are reading there. First off you have to read from bottom to top. Anyone who has read at UG knows how confusing that can get. Second, it’s not whole stories, just parts of different ones where lightweight felt the need to bring Magic into it. As you can see by the small portions, you probably don’t want to read their little story games anyways.

How many of you find UG’s story games similar to the types of games played at the “Drunken Stepfather” site. Yea, me too. But I’m not trying to say UG is connected to DS or Lake City Quiet Pills. Don’t go blaming me for mixing the 2 mythologies. I’m just saying, like minds, maybe?

Alright, what I will say about all this is the dislike of Magic does circle around Morrie. Yes, it all comes back to Morrie:

ws ig on ccc1

There that sums quite a bit up, don’t it? I was still not reading at Websleuths when I first looked into The CCC and UG, I could have saved myself a lot of time and trouble if I had been.

So did Morrie harass Magic? Was Magic some kind of narc? The myhology only growing.

If you want, you can go and read for yourself what UG was talking about when bodies started being discovered off Oak Beach:

As I said before, it’s strange that they don’t mind anyone being able to read all the stuff they post on UG. And it’s eerie reading there. So if you didn’t click and read, I understand. To just point one thing out I will post a couple more comments from that thread:

ug on lisk2

ug on lisk1

“NICE” guys or not, I don’t see The CCC helping, even if they did know one of their members could be involved. Like with all the other corruption in Long Island, no one wants their own “Dirt” looked into.

I really should stop now. But that comment:

emily on ccc

Is this the same Emily who was on UG? They sure do want me to think so. Maybe it is. But if it’s not, there can really only be one person behind it:

cynthia on ccc

Don’t they sound a little alike? I know who wrote that. That’s NERD. He admitted writing it, just as he admitted to being PS149 and Seaslug44. I find the 2 comments so similar that even if the new one is from Emily, I would have to wonder if NERD knew her in some way. Which would be a whole other kind of thing. And this is already very murky.

So, for me, I’m gonna assume that NERD wrote that (I know all about assuming, we’ve talked about this before, and I’m more than happy to make an ass of myself to show the ass in others, you know this).  To understand this you only need to know how NERD likes to involve himself in UG stuff. Back when screen names from UG were popping up on MM7’s and my blog NERD was part of the games:

teps ccc lisk blog

lightweight and teps

I don’t know if those are the Teps and Lightweight from UG. Because when it comes to NERD, you just can’t know. He uses many different IPs. (though still was partial a few for a while) and NERD loves to have ongoing conversations with himself with different screen names. Even if those are the real CCC guys, I am pretty sure these ones are NERD:



Even if these are other Websleuthers or UG members, or friends of NERD, it don’t matter, I know for a fact these are NERD’s:

nerd as genius at mm7

nerd as amd on UG

nerd pom

And yes, as I said, this one is NERD as well:

cynthia on ccc

Where to even start… well, NERD chose Genius as one of the UG members to pose as. Unless NERD is Genius. I doubt it. But Genius is on UG, one of the nastier members in my opinion. I wonder why NERD picked that screen name to bring to life in the comments of my blog.

Damn. this is getting long, but I know some of you will appreciate all this. Some of you are already lost, I’m sure. I do apologise for that. I also bet at least one person does not appreciate any of this. I do not apologise for that, you had your chance to clear things up.

So Nerd, aka PS149, aka Seaslug44 had a lot to do with The CCC and UG being brought up. He definitely was part of all the hoopla that got me to go read at UG. But back then I could only guess NERD was PS149, and I had no idea he was Seaslug44, so I would have no idea why NERD knew so much about UG and The CCC. I still don’t, well other than mythology and NERD’s not so believing attempt to explain it all to me. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself. You know how I do that.

Those from Websleuths probably already know where I am going, because it was discussed there when Seaslug44 became one of the many Websleuth members who cross over to POI for other Websleuth members. Because this was found:

sealug44 ug profile

Yep, Seaslug44 was a member at UG, since 2005 I should add. Now this has been explained in many diferent ways by Seaslug44, most he admits were lies. Let’s start with the ones he told other Websleuthers about how he made that account to help find someone, or something like that. Here I’ll let him explain it:

nerd on ss44 on ug to ws

So NERD, or should I say SS44 was called out for having an account on UG, and instead of saying it isn’t him (which he claims it really wasn’t), he makes up some elaborate story to explain why he might have made an account up. All this to cover up a more elaborate story about a crazy ex-wife. But this is where I stared to wonder how honest NERD was being with me. We had talked about a lot of things, and I could understand and believe most of what he was saying. This wasn’t adding up to me.

As I said, the Seaslug44 account was made in 2005, which when I brought up, he acted surprised:

nerd on wife ug

He didn’t realize when the “fake” account was made? He wanted me to believe that he got accused of being a serial killer because someone had made a fake account on a “hobbyiest” site that he did all sorts of searching into, but he never noted when the “fake” account was made? Yea, that don’t seem right. Plus he wants me to believe that his wife was mad at him back in 2005 and made this “Fake” account to screw with him. But he didn’t  even know about it until the thing was brought up on Websleuths. Which by the way he decided to make up a lie about because his wife (who he was still with at that point) could be on Websleuths messing with him. If it’s true, I’m sorry, but I just can’t buy all that. Why would his wife use UG to get at him? Why would she know about such a site. And if she or anyone else made the account in 2005 to mess with him, why did he not even know about it till after it was brought up on Websleuths many years later? NERD’s explanations started getting harder to accept. And then of course I wrote the post about NERD being PS149 and Seasslug44 and I didn’t hear from him anymore. I understood, so I didn’t pester him with more questions, even though his answers on the CCC  and UG stuff just didn’t make sense to me.

Then as I started thinking about making the CCC posts, UG went down. I’m still not sure why it was down, but it was down for quite a while. I had to get some other posts out, but The CCC posts were building in my head. And right before I started putting it all down, UG came back up. Which I thought was great because now there would be references for what I was writing about if anyone wanted to search it out themselves. Which is always best… don’t take my word for anything, go see it all for yourself and make your own decisions. But as I said before, when UG came back it changed just a little. Some comments about The CCC seemed to be gone and the Seaslug44 account, that had changed too:

seaslug44 UG pic

I don’t know who that is, but it ain’t NERD.

Strange, there hadn’t been any comments or interaction from that account on UG since this:

seaslug44 ug

Nothing else since 2005. And the picture and info had always been blank:

sealug44 ug profile

But now, years later, and not long after I speak with NERD, aka PS149, aka, Seaslug44 the UG goes down and returns with an updated SS44 account:

new seaslug ug pic

Weird, right? I’m not saying this means anything. I don’t know if someone asked Slinky Bender to change or remove stuff, or maybe it’s just all unrelated coincidences. All I do know is I decided to see what NERD thought about it:

nerd block1

nerd block 2

And with that I was blocked. Fine. Just remember you came to the blog with your games NERD, all I did was figure them out. Go ahead and think I’m the bad guy. You are in good company. You don’t have to explain anything to anyone, but these questions are there.

Oh, and if you are behind the new “Emily” comment, NERD, WTF? Do you really think a third go at all this is a good idea? Just come clean and apologize for once again coming to my blog and thinking I’m still playing, when I said long ago, I’m done playing.

Wow, I really did go too far here. We really should have just stuck with part 2. A little late now though.

When it comes to The CCC there might not be much more than mythology. But that mythology is very thick.

whereitat ccc like brothers


Shit Meet Fan

Sorry for the title, but that’s how this time of year usually feels for me, and it’s everywhere at the moment.

I know you were all expecting part 3 to the CCC posts, and it’s still coming, but I have to take a moment to acknowledge everything going on right now.

Any long time readers know that September and October are pretty much dead times on the blog. If you go back and look, I don’t post much during these times. This, most of you know, is because I work at one of the top haunts in America… but no shameless plugs. If you do go back and look at those times of year, you’ll also see people seem to come out of nowhere at these times. So it’s no surprise someone who has done this before, chose right now to poke his head back in and say hello:

return of som 2

That’s Son of Man, Aka Sebastien Rathier. Remember him? If not, you can go back and read the posts about him, because I ain’t going to waste time getting back into SOM and all his delusions. What’s important is that SOM thinks it’s cute to post stuff on my haunt character’s social media. Which is where that comment above was left. Some of you might remember, he did this before. And while I find it amusing when one of the nuts tries to bring that part of my life into all this. It’s also irritating.

Back when Jen G. found out personal stuff about me, she floated the idea that I might be trying to use my LISK blog to self promote. Which was ridicules. Then once I started this blog, “Zero’s World” other’s followed suit and started looking into my personal life, bringing up my wife and kids, my brother and my “scary” haunt character, so I said fuck it… if everyone is so interested in my personal life I would make this blog more personal. Not self promoting, but I tried to show me in real life from time to time, not just the asshole everyone loves to hate here in internet land. But anything I put out there was used against me time and time again. Which I knew could happen… so… say la vie.

Still, as I said it’s irritating. Back when no one knew who I was, people cried out, you could be anyone, Mike, Hackett, Wolff… any of the big bad guys that people were making up at the time. So I let personal stuff out there to show, I was just who I say I am, and that it really holds no connections or hidden agendas. Then I’m self promoting. Yet it’s most of you out there promoting me. You dug deep to find what ever you could and what did ya find? I have a wife and kids. I told ya that. I work at a haunt, yep, mentioned that as well. These are not things I’m trying to promote here though, nor are they things any of you internet nuts should be using to “get even” with me.  It’s irritating, but it ain’t gonna razzle me (I like that word, RAZZLE!).

So SOM, listen up. Go back into hiding. Remember we talked about those pesky fleas. Don’t be a flea right now. I ain’t got time to scratch at an itch that is slightly irritating at best. Go fight the good fight against nuclear energy.

This goes for everyone. I promise I will take the time, one last time,  for anyone who still wants to play games at some point (November). But can’t we stay above it for just a moment? After all the shit is hitting the fan all over:

fake news

fake news under pic

This article hit 3 days ago and got all our attention. Right away, many of us questioned if it was real. So far, the article is still there to be read:

But just in case it does go away, here is what it says:

fake news 2

fake news 3

fake news 4


But there are many reasons to question this article. First no one has seemed to see this story mentioned anywhere else. Well one person did say they saw it on the news, but she doesn’t like it when I mention her here. So I wont.

There is also the Tweet:

fake LE tweet

No one knows if this is a real tweet. I can’t find proof it existed.

It isn’t there. Maybe it was taken down, but why?

Then there it the article’s author David Lee… is this guy even real? I sure can’t find another article by him. The picture may be a stock photo of some kind… but I did find the same picture being used here:

dave lee

dave lee william

Now is this just some other random person using this fake picture or is this who wrote the article? Somewhere it don’t add up. Why isn’t LE stepping up to confirm or deny this article? Yes, something here does not add up.

But this was only the beginning right?

Because then we all read this:

Bittrolff connected

And if the discussions of Bittrolff being guilty or set up weren’t already in full force… this would have done it. But the discussion was already a heated subject, so this only fans the flames.

LI carpenter could be Gilgo Beach serial killer, tied to Craigslist murders: prosecutor

Yes, this is interesting. Why now? I wonder myself. But I think you all know how I feel about Bittrolff. So I will patiently wait to see where this goes as usual.

Besides, the biggest shock came while we were all still trying to get our heads around all this:

lh arrested

Is this the beginning of the end?

lh assult

And how about those other times?


The timing on this is unbelievable. As most of you know I have been staying away from too many posts on the newly infamous Lindsay Henry. But some of you also know that after I was finished with my CCC trilogy, I was finally gonna set my sights on the councilman from Babylon. Bring everything that has been floating around out there together into a neat little bow.

And then this happens.

Man Lindsay, you just added to that post. As well as the amount of people who will probably read it.

Maybe all this shaking up will finally lead somewhere. I know a lot of you have no faith in the local LE, and I don’t blame you. But maybe, just maybe, things are starting to crack.

I hope so.

No mater what happens, as I said before, this blog is gonna move right along towards graduation day… so let’s keep moving…

Where was I?

Oh yea, The CCC…

Well, let’s get back to it…

The Truth About The CCC Part 2

Before we get into this post (it’s bound to be quite lengthy) go ahead and forget part 1. The first part kind of lingers in the myth and hearsay. I wanted you (the reader) to feel as I did when all of this info about The CCC came pouring into my LISK blog. It was during my first year blogging about all this, 2013, and I really didn’t know what to make of all it. Was any one from Oak Beach part of The CCC? Were all the screen names popping up in the blog comments really from UG? Did The CCC actually post comments? Was there a serial killer or killers among their group? Was this something totally conjured up in Dorothy’s head and then pushed into reality with the help of those around her (you know who you are)? I wanted to think that and run far away from The CCC and UG. As I have said in the past, it creeps me out to read at that place, I know some of you feel exactly the same way. I don’t like spying in on the conversations there. I could never understand why the site was open to be read by the public the way it was. Why would they want all that seen by literally anyone? Reading there gave me the heebie-jeebies. But as I said, DPH and MM7 were not the only ones talking about The CCC… and to find out why I would have to do more reading at UG.

And I did. Way too much. But I got the story behind The CCC. As I’m sure many before me already had done, since as I mentioned, lots of things about The CCC are scattered out there. Other people read all about The CCC on UG. So why is their story still so confusing? Why do so many people seem to know things about The CCC but don’t know what they know? I guess it was because so many out there were being mislead about the things they found or they were the ones trying to mislead people. So let’s get through all the hoopla and find something worth hanging our hat on, shall we? To do that we need to forget that other post. Forget MM7 and DPH trying to convince people Magic was Hackett. Forget all the screen names that jumped from UG to mine and MM7’s blogs. Forget all of it, and let’s start fresh.

So what does CCC stand for anyway? I think most of us would agree that it stands for Carney Construction Company or Carney Construction Crew. That’s what most of us have heard, right? And I think we also all can agree, crew or company is not a big difference. But what about Carney Construction? Where did that come from? Let’s go back to the beginning to see.

Warning! The discussions on UG are gratuitous and offensive at best. You’ve been warned:

magic lightweight get together.JPG

I know… ewww! But Magic’s gang bang request led to discussions of a UG get together:

lightweight shadys.JPG

magic gold stars before ccc.JPG

Which led to The CCC:

lightweight magic ccc first meeting

So back in 2008 Carney Construction was born so these online “hobbiest” could meet up in person. And there is actually a lot written about this first meeting both in planning it:


johnmator on first ccc meeting

lightweight ccc for wolfmagic biohazard ccc hat

biohazard wolf ccc hat

And afterwards:

lightweight on first ccc meeting

biohazard on firts ccc meeting

biohazard on first ccc meetingFrom reading these early conversations we learn that lightweight came up with the name Carney Construction in Wolf5958’s “honor”. Interesting. We also learn The CCC had their first “meeting” on February 2, 2008 at Shady Al’s. (Shady!) What else can be learned from reading these early discussions about The CCC?

jamesfromny ccc name tags

Carney Construction Corp… The CCC. Though I will again point out, that last C was interchangeable:

lightweight barmaid ccc

lightweight ccc

magic ccc ug shadys.JPG

magic wolf ccc meeting.JPG

Yes. The CCC was a big hit. The “meet & greet” went so well that more followed:

lightweight on next ccc meeting

magic lightweight ccc blog

wolf lightweight on families

magic grand opening ccc

magic ccc lw and tammy shadys

wolf answersjames name tags

wolf say hi from ccc

wolf tell them ccc sent you

wolf biohazard ccc

wolf jamesfromny ccc

wolf and treborny ccc

teps ccc digging deeper

lightweight vd

teps ccc 2 14 08

teps carney construction

lightweight welocomes whereitat to ccc


teps shady ccc.JPG

Yes, The CCC got around that February. And did Magic say there was a CCC blog in the works? That would be quite the read I bet. Where does all this connect to the LISK case though? I mean without hearsay and speculations. There is a place where they do come together… to find it we have to skip a few months ahead from The CCC’s immaculate-less conception to that falling out with Magic I wrote about in part 1. I know, you forgot all about that post, good. So let me refresh your memory on what we are looking for here:

teps magic ccc 2008

In August of 2008, just half a year from The CCC’s creation, there was trouble in paradise. Secret groups seldom work out. Whether it be social media groups or a group of pathetic men lurking strip clubs together. But combine the 2… yea, it’s bound to go bad. And with The CCC it was a falling out with Magicfingersny that would stop all the chummy conversation on UG about the new (although mock) construction company. Yes the crew had a break up. And you can follow it in the comments on UG:

magic reply to teps

teps back to magic

There is talk that Magic joins in on posts and comments when he has no personal experiences with the girls he comments about. People wonder if he does it to be part of the conversation, but others wonder if there is more to it. Some accuse Magic of stalking members of UG and even giving away identities. I’m not gonna go to much into all that, because I’m not sure what really happened, lots of back n forth on UG can lead you either way. Did Magic betray his new buddies or was it just a misunderstanding? Basic internet back n forth. Not important for what we are looking for. No, what we want is a name. And I think most of you know that name…


The whole blow up with Magic begins on a thread about a “provider” named Christina. She is often called “Morrie’s Girl”.  Morrie is discussed on UG… though I do believe most of it is not so easy to find anymore, since UG came back from what ever it was down for (Yes, I’m implying something here, simply, when UG went down it came back up with a lot of this stuff not so easy to find, some of it seems to be completely gone… well not completely):

teps morrie.JPG

lightweight and teps on morrie 2013

So who is Morrie? Well, when someone asked that very question on UG, this was the answer:

lightweight on morrie

So Morrie was the owner or another board like UG. A site that was taken down. We all know this story… and that means we all know how The CCC connect to the LISK case, right? I will say it again…


For those who don’t know or just haven’t put it together (I really do wonder how many people did not know all this, I figure everyone must, it’s all out there… but still so many people tell me they don’t know anything about The CCC and think the whole thing was made up. An easy trick I guess, because The CCC was made up, but those who were part of its hoax, they are real, as real as their connection to Morrie and therefore a connection to the LISK case. Sorry, another long parentheses, I hate them as much as you do… but I can’t seem to help myself… alright read this if you already haven’t:)

Most of you do know about this, right? The screen names Humiliatrix69, italyrider, and Morrie seem to all involved in a conversation about Amber right before she goes missing. Because of all the confusion and misinformation, some people think UG (Utopia Guide) is where threats against Amber were made. is actually where this happened, and the site was taken down. A site that may have been owned by a ex-con named Morrie who discussed a plot to get even with a girl who then turns up dead. This site was taken down and that helped UG grow from what I can see. Do Morrie or Humiliatrix69, or italyrider have anything to do with the death of Amber? I of course have no way of knowing such things, but it’s a connection that can’t just be ignored. And Morrie’s comments should also not be ignored. “Tell her we are all coming over there with baseball bats,”  or how nobody would “hear from those 2 girls anymore.”  These comments are enough to make Morrie a POI, right? And I know many have asked about “Morrie”, who is he? Why did police clear him so easily? That question can be applied to every POI in the LISK case if you ask me. The answer may have something to do with all the corruption in Suffolk County. But don’t let me get sidetracked…


Who is he? Maybe that can be discovered by the company he held:

teps on shadys and morrie

And he seems to be part of The CCC Crew. Which means he is probably one of the screen names on UG… I have my guesses. But I want to keep this post on a straight path, so let’s hear what is said about all this on UG:

teps on italirider and morrie

teps morrie trouble with feds

So again, from what I can tell, beyond the stories and myths of The CCC… the connection between this group of “hobbiest” and the LISK case is…


Too some that may seem like a red flag showing proof of some sort of real connection, to others, another coincidence, right? I can’t tell ya which I believe is true. Separating the coincidence from the things that really matter in the LISK case, has not been one of my strong points.

You can see it in their own words though (after all, that is what we do here, no?), exactly where The CCC came about and why some might connect them to the LISK case. That should do it, right?

Except some of you reading these comments can also maybe see where a lot of the myth comes from as well. We should probably just leave it here and not dwell into all that… but I think you all know that ain’t happening.

To be continued…

The Truth About The CCC Part 1

Over the years a lot has been said about a group of men in Long Island called The CCC. With all the stories floating around, it has become somewhat of a myth. I think it’s time that myth was cleared up.

Finding the whole story behind The CCC can be a little difficult. There are lots of rumors and hearsay out there and it’s all scattered. The best place to get the truth is to read it directly at the site The CCC originated: Utopia Guide. I think most people know by now about Utopia Guide, it is a site where Johns, meaning sex trade clients, discuss what they call their  “hobby”. That “hobby” being paying for sex.

I will get more into Utopia Guide as this post grows… but for now I should point out, that Utopia Guide was down for a little while recently. I noticed that when the site came back up, some of The CCC stuff was gone. That will make this a little harder to get at the root of The CCC… but as we all know, once it’s on the internet, it can be found.

Since DPH is where I first got some kind of story about The CCC, that’s where we will start:

dph ccc lie

WTF?!? Dorothy wrote that back in January, and it is complete Dorothy Dog Shit! The thing is, she knows this is a lie. Don’t you Dorothy? I mean you know you made this up, don’t you? Again I have to ask, those around Dorothy in everyday life… is she crazy and you don’t care? Do you just not see it? Does she cover up the crazy? Or is she doing this on purpose? Which ever it is, and I’m starting to wonder if we will ever really know for sure, her comment above about The CCC mixed in with Fluke “neighbor agenda” and “Burke propaganda” is exactly why I decided to finally put this post together. It’s crap, and it makes an already complicated thing, more complicated. So please, try again Dorothy:

jerry dph ccc

Well, that’s closer to the story you and MM7 first told me… let’s just cut to the chase:

That may be a little confusing, some of it is comments left on UG about a guy with the screen name magicfingersny. I believe MM7 wanted to show proof that The CCC existed, because there were a few out there trying to convince her it was a joke, a made up thing. On her blog people using screen names from UG straight up told her The CCC was a hoax:

wolf5958 mm7 blog

I should point out DPH was convinced Wolf5958 was her ex husband. I did a quick google search and decided it was not her ex husband. In fact I’m guessing anyone looking into The CCC looked all into this screen name… they have enough of a trail online to do so. This was one of the many times I questioned how much of the false information being put out there was on purpose. I mean Dorothy and MM7 had to have found everything I did, I found everything they did. So they had to have known this wolf was not Dorothy’s ex husband. And therefore connecting Dorothy’s ex husband to UG and The CCC by a screen name that they knew wasn’t him? I’m just saying. What am I saying? Oh yea, I don’t think wolf5958 from UG was Dorothy’s ex husband, that’s what I’m saying.

Still… all the screen names from UG popping up on MM7’s blog didn’t help with the confusion. Which obviously was the point, which is why I believe they showed up on my blog as well:

teps ccc lisk blog

teps lisk blog

Man, I was all so new to these games back then. And I had no idea if these were people from UG or just trolls. Back then I just figured it was people wanting me to look at UG and The CCC. I mean why bring attention to themselves if it was really them? But now I wonder… could some of them been the real UG screen names they claimed?

lightweight and teps

Either way it got me reading UG (thanks, a lot), and there I could see where DPH and MM7 got their story from:

teps magic ccc 2008

So this is what MM7 had posted on her blog, and it does seem to show that there was a CCC and this guy Magic was kicked out of it. The reason why seems to stem from Magic posting on UG about girls without really using their services. In hindsight, the story of Magic’s fall from The CCC is worth looking into… but back then, I didn’t know it. What I did know, was the story DPH and MM7 got out of all this was crazy.

If you don’t know the story, this is basically it:

4 men, who were part of group called The CCC were responsible for the AC4 murders. Not together, but 4 guys each took turns killing 1 of the 4 girls. Then years later they get in a fight with a member of this little group, Magic, and kick him out of the group. But Magic knows about the murders they each committed and is determined to get even with them. So Magic then goes and kills 4 girls, the GB4, wanting to make it look like his old buddies were responsible.

I swear, that’s the story DPH and MM7  were telling. That was what they came up with after looking into The CCC and UG. I blame television.

So, as I already wrote, DPH thought her ex husband was in The CCC. Dorothy also thought Fluke might have been in The CCC. Dorothy and MM7 also believed Brewer was part of the group:

mm7 brewer is lw

I already said that I don’t believe Dorothy’s ex husband was part of the CCC, but Fluke? Maybe… and Brewer? Interesting thought, huh? We will have to come back to that. Another person they connected to The CCC was Hackett. In fact they believed that guy Magic was Hackett. This of course fitted everything Fluke was selling both DPH and MM7 about Hackett. Out of all of them, this one is definitely not true. Magic couldn’t be Hackett, because Magic is dead:

magic dead 1 15 2010

And quite a few people comment about it:

magic memorial1

fuhecu2 magic stonehedge


billy s rip magic marc

When I saw all this (again, back then I was new to many parts of this) I couldn’t understand why DPH or MM7 would try to say Magic was Hackett. They were getting their information from UG, and they had to have known Magic was dead and therefore not Hackett. In fact I couldn’t figure out why they would think this was connected to LISK at all. I wrote the whole thing off at first. Which was easy, because I really didn’t like reading at UG. But they weren’t the only ones mentioning The CCC, so as with everything else I kept chasing it.

At the end of the day (I really hate that phrase and use it mockingly) The CCC and UG seemed to have plenty to look into without pretending Hackett and Dorothy’s ex were people they obviously weren’t. I also discovered you didn’t have to come up with some made for TV story about a serial killer copycatting his 3 serial killer friends to connect The CCC to the LISK case.

To be continued…

Bittrolff & Oak Beach

There are a few things about the LISK case that I have come across that for different reasons I have tried not to discuss in open form. It seems though that now is the time to get to some of these things. Some are widely known at this point and some are not. I’m gonna start with one that is not.

When John Bittrolff was first arrested, some one came to me with a shocking realization. They had seen Bittrolff in Oak Beach before. In fact Bittrolff had worked on a garage of someone who had been a part of the timeline of Shannan’s night in Oak Beach.

I will get to the reasons I have not written about this till now, as well as why I have decided to put it out there. But first let’s just get it out there.

In the early nineties, there was some sort of firework explosion in the garage of Gus Coletti, and John Bittrolff is the guy who was hired to fix it up.

When I first heard this I was floored. If this was true, what a bizarre connection. I can tell you I have every reason to believe it’s true. The sources are reliable. So then all I could wonder was, is this just yet another strange coincidence that the LISK case is plagued with?

Although I did discuss this with a few people and it did get mentioned in the comments of this blog, for the most part I did not disclose the name of whose garage was worked on, and here is why.

First off, I had every reason to believe that LE would be looking into it. So I waited to see if it would come to anything. I did not want to harm the case by leaking something that could be twisted all over the internet before it had its chance to be investigated properly. In my opinion, all the stuff leaked and twisted early on is one of the main reasons the case is the mess it is today. When I started blogging about all this, most of the stuff I was discovering was old and already twisted. But this was different.

And I had every reason to believe it would be twisted. Gus was a favorite target for Fluke. And Dorothy, yes she would love to fit this into her delusions of grandeur. Last thing I wanted was possible good information being tainted with the rest.

Plus I didn’t know if it was important. Could the fact that a guy accused of killing at least 2 women, worked on the house where years later another possibly murdered woman had run to the night she diapered be a coincidence. I don’t know Long Island at all, but after everything I have learned about it, it seems  everyone knows everyone else. And Bittrolff was a contractor. So maybe it wasn’t anything at all.

So I was conflicted. When you say it out loud, “Bittrolff worked on Coletti’s garage”, it seems like a headline… a missing connection. But in the LISK case there are many connections like this (and I’m about to get to others as well in the next few posts) that seem to be big, but go nowhere. I myself believe Gus’ encounter with Shannan and Pak was as we have been told. Gus did not know them or what was going on when it all came to his doorstep. I also tend to believe, when the cops arrived that morning, everyone involved, meaning LE and the residents who had come out to greet them, thought Shannan had left, most likely with Pak. I may be wrong, but I don’t think anyone at that time had reason to think otherwise.

Of course I could be wrong, but that’s how I’ve come to see it.

I believe Gus wanted to help Shannan, but didn’t have any idea what was going on. So the last thing I wanted to do was throw red meat out there for people to feed on.

Hopefully you all get it. If it was just a coincidence, I didn’t want to further mix this case up with coincidence. Plus with Gus having passed, I did not want to further hurt his family or allow the likes of Fluke and DPH to continue to try and tarnish his memory. If it wasn’t a coincidence and it somehow connected Bittrolff to Shannan or the GB4, I did not want to corrupt it with internet interference.

So why now?

Well first off, Bittrolff was found guilty for the murders of Rita Tangredi and Colleen McNamee. So this makes Bittrolff more than just one of the many suspicious characters being disused in the LISK case. Plus there are stories that Rita Tangredi’s daughter, Amanda Beinlich, was best friends with Melissa Barthelemy. More coincidence?

With my blog coming to an end soon, I couldn’t leave this undiscussed. So here it goes:

As I said, this may be just a big coincidence. But here are the things that make me question it. Bittrolff wasn’t hired blindly, meaning he was introduced to Gus by a mutual friend. Someone who knew Gus and also knew Bittrolff. I don’t know much about this mutual friend, but I can’t help but wonder about him. How did he know Bittrolff? Now just because this guy may have been friends with Bittrolff doesn’t mean anything. If Bittrolff is a serial killer, and after his conviction I feel safe saying he is, then he was good at hiding his evil side. His friends and family had no idea from what I have read, and still don’t believe it. So again, this mutual friend may not mater much, but I’d still like to know how well they knew Bittrolff. Now this “mutual” friend introduced Bittrolff to Gus and the garage got fixed. But did Bittrolff  meet anyone else while in Oak Beach? Did he continue any type of friendship with anyone there? Did he continue to visit there after working on Gus’ garage?

These are questions I can’t help wondering about. And again, if Gus or anyone else in Oak Beach continued to hang out with Bittrolff, it doesn’t mean anything, No one seemed to suspect him of anything. But you can’t tell me it’s not important to know when was the last time Bittrolff was in Oak Beach.

Speaking of which, from what I understand, the garage was worked on in the early nineties… we all know now what Bittrolff was up to back then.

I will stress one more time, that none of this means Bittrolff is LISK. But it is possible that at least some of the bodies or body parts found off the beachs lead back to Bittrolff. We know some of them lead back to Manorville .

So I hope someone is out there looking into John Bittrolff’s Oak Beach connections and visits.

All Things Serve The Beam

For those of you who actually read my blog before commenting (heh heh) you have probably seen me mention that I am Tower Junkie. For those of you that don’t know what that is… it means I am obsessed with the Dark Tower. While I may not have it as bad as Roland, it’s bad.  I am Kai-mai but sometimes also Ka-mai. And on very rare occasions Ka-me. But I never forget the face of my father and I know all things serve the beam. I know Ka (or as Eddie calls it Ka-Ka) is a wheel; its one purpose is to turn.

That is the truth.

For those that have not read the Dark Tower books, I know you have no idea what I’m going on about… but that can change.

My love for the Tower should come as no surprise, I have said I almost exclusively read Stephen King, and The Dark Tower is the center of King’s universe.

I bring this all up again, because a few weeks back the Dark Tower movie came out. I of course saw it.

My readers know I don’t like to give away spoilers (well at least not on books and movies and TV shows, you know what I mean), so I don’t want to get too much into the movie here in this post. I’m guessing since it didn’t get that great of reviews most of you haven’t seen it, and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who may be waiting for it to hit red box or cable. I do want to say I feel most of the criticism is not quite fair. From what I’ve read most of those who didn’t like the movie didn’t understand what was going on and felt the characters and story line were not fleshed out enough. I can understand why some would feel that way, but the truth is quite the opposite. The true first story is very ambiguous and the few characters in it are not explained very much at all. The plot does not surface really tell the second and third book… but really doesn’t get going somewhere till the last 3 books.

I believe the fear of not giving enough plot and character background led the movie makers to try to add as much as they could while still leaving room for an ongoing tale. This is where it fails. The movie tries to tell us too much. It wants to make us care more about why the Gunslinger chases the man in black, but accomplishes the opposite.

There is actually stuff from the very last book in it, making the movie almost stand alone, skipping all that happens in between. More mistakes in my opinion.

In trying to give more they actually created an illusion that they gave less. So trust me, those of you who saw the movie may have felt you weren’t getting enough of the story, but the real problem was you were getting way too much.

I understand why they didn’t go straight for the sweet and simple western story of the first book. But at least when people said they didn’t understand the characters or their place in the story it would be because you aren’t supposed to yet, not because it was all jumbled up into one quick narrative. Plus The Battle Of Tull would have been so great to see on the big screen.

All this being said, I still feel this movie was a good movie and you should all check it out.

For one reason, I believe the plans for a HBO mini series is till planned, which will cover the 4th book in the series, “Wizard And Glass”.  And that should be freaking awesome. If they do it right (and I know, we have no proof they will), it should spark the interest needed to make a really good movie or continue it as a cable series and everyone will get the chance to be a junkie like me.

Still the best way is to read it.

Seven books, and 1 extra to sweeten the tale. Plus all the short stories and other King books that tie in. Not to mention the comics…

Yes, I’m a Tower Junkie, if any other Junkies or fellow travelers of the beam come across this post please feel free to comment, I’d love to know what you thought of the movie.

And if any of my readers saw the movie, I’m dying for a discussion on it… but I’ve already said too much on it in this post.

So just a warrning, Spoilers in the comments!


“Long days and pleasant nights.”


Complaint Department Part 2

dph harvard zw 1

As you can see from the dates on the comments above, this is gonna be another post that’s been sitting a while. Unlike the last post, this one never made it to the written form in any way, it was sitting in my head (along with so many other posts that never made it out). Right about this time the whole Jerry thing erupted and it kind of went to the back burner of the mind. But it seems to fit in here so I’m gonna search my head, back to February and get the post out that I had planned but never got to. Luckily I did get the screen shots I needed for the post. Enjoy!

As you see in the title, this is a “Part 2”. Most likely it will be part of a trilogy post, because I’m bound to get more complaints between now and December. If you didn’t read Part 1 or need to refresh yourself here ya go:

Though you might want to read these as well since they help show the whole picture:

Jason, who I playfully call Mr. Harvard had made a comment on the SG FB Page about someone who had the same name as Hackett but was not Hackett as if he was Hackett. If that is confusing, go read the posts.

I gave Harvard a pretty hard time for not doing his homework and posting totally wrong information on such a sensitive page. Well, what I really gave him shit for was going at those of us who corrected him instead of just removing his ridicules breakthrough. Again, go read it all if you haven’t yet and see for yourself.

Now look again at the comments I posted at the top of this post:

dph harvard zw 1

Well look at that, Mr Harvard did his homework this time.

It seems my blog does help some people find their way out of the rabbit hole. I’m glad to have helped.

Harvard’s new understanding though isn’t really enough to bring all this back up. I found it interesting and a little uplifting, but I don’t know if I would have done a whole post on it… and then in true SSDD, one person finds their way out and another one pops their head up from the deep, dark hole.

dph harvard zw

WOW BOB WOW! I can’t help but take that a little personally. I should just say STFU Josie and move on. Anyone who believes Dorothy or listens to Dorothy, well I’ve already said many, many times how I feel about them. But I have to wrap my head around this insane comment.

I get some (many) people don’t like me. I even get that some people may think I am no better than those I blog about. But to believe Dorothy Price Hill over the things written on this blog… that’s just crazy talk. I show examples of when people do what I say they do:

maureen and dph



murt email to mm7

dph email to mm7

dph sg fb steve vai

DPH leane man

dph nan fb websleuths

I could go on and on… everything I said people said, they said.  And the things I’ve said they have done… they did. You can see for yourself. So please Josie Farber or any other of Dorothy’s friends and supporters, please tell me where any of Dorothy’s Dog-Shit shows true? Where did she actually help any of the cases she has injected herself into? Show me how both her ex husbands are involved in LISK. Show me where her lies and internet slander/bully tactics has ever helped one person! In this post alone I show that I helped Harvard. And the fact that it was to help him see through Dorothy, doubles my point, don’t it? LOL!

Alright, enough on all that, because there are others with not so nice things to say  about this blog, and I feel I should let a couple in.

Kay Look Tweet

I don’t get much Twitter reaction, but I loved this one. I think Kay has some misunderstandings about me and the blog. But to be fair, if “Encore” was the first thing Kay read here, I can totally understand. That post was for people who have been here for a while, it was a fun post that was meant to come across exactly as Kay saw it, so, not their fault. Though their next comment did take the confusion to a different level:

kay look 2nd tweet

TRUMP?!? LMFAO! I’m not sure if this was a joke or if Kay thinks I’m somebody I’m not. Well obviously Kay thinks I’m a woman, which I am not, so yea, they think I’m somebody I’m not. But I don’t ever remember proclaiming any such thing on FB. Who does do stuff like that on FB? Oh yea, I remember, Nan Nan.

Look, I don’t know who Kim is talking about, but they seemed to be confused, which happens a lot here, this is a confusing place, so I will chalk this complaint up to a misunderstanding, they happen.

Let’s look at one more example… I’m not positive they are talking about this blog, but I got a feeling, lol.

websleuths wheres hawk

websleuths wheres hawk 2

websleuths hawk gone becasue of crazy blogger

If I am wrong and you are talking about some other “crazy” blogger, then never mind what I’m about to say. But since I’m pretty sure you are referring to me… pay attention.

First off, calling the guy who calls everyone crazy, crazy, is kind of funny, no? But let’s be honest, if I wasn’t crazy before I started blogging about all this, there’s a good chance all of this could have driven me there.

Next, I DID NOT STALK ANYONE!  SSDD, assholes!  I get tired of hearing this. The people I write about are out there publicly trashing whoever they have beef with, and I’m the stalker? Most of the stuff I read about Hawkshaw was from what was sent to me. But I couldn’t stop reading Thee Rant once it was brought to my attention.

Which brings me to my third and final point on these Websleuther’s complaints. Go ahead and give Hawkshaw credit for saying what he knows about the dirty cops in LI, pat him on the back and throw him a party. Let’s hope more police come out and do so. But don’t accuse me of being part of the corruption for a place I’ve never been just because I also pointed out what someone directly connected to that corruption has posted over the years:




Ok, there you go… hope I helped some of you who have a warped view of this place, though I know I probably only confirmed it to most of you.

Let’s see if I can’t write some post you’ll like.