Trump And Palin Together At Last


Yesterday Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump for President. This came as somewhat a surprise to the Ted Cruz camp. Palin had endorsed Cruz for the senate back in 2012 and I guess they were hoping the love was still there.

Am I wrong for thinking Teddy should be thanking God the thrilla from Wasilla jumped on the Trump Train, after all did he catch her speech?

I watched the endorsement live, and I was WTFing through the whole thing. I had said it would be hard to tell the real Trump from a Saturday Night Live sketch, but by adding Palin to the mix it’s become better than Saturday Night Live could ever do.

They are saying Palin will help Trump in places like South Carolina. But really, how can a Sarah Palin endorsement mean anything, anywhere, anymore? Besides both her son and daughter having premarital sex when the family is supposed to be an example of family values and preached abstinence (some of you might remember Sarah’s daughter Bristol was 17, unmarried and pregnant back when Sarah was running for vice president, and we all know how the relationship with the baby’s father turned out, not well, but you might not know that Sarah’s son Track and his bride had a child a few months after their wedding… yea that family is all about abstinence and no pre-marital sex… by the way, Track’s marriage lasted about a year before ending in divorce, if only they practiced what they preached), yes, besides the hypocritical characteristics that are obviously in the family genes, Mrs. Palin quit as governor of Alaska. That right there should make any political endorsement null and void, and I didn’t even mention their failed reality show or that strange “birthday brawl”:

But if all of that doesn’t turn you from the train wreck, making you question why anyone would want her endorsement and how lucky we are the family never made it to Washington, one step from the white house, then you should take a look at what was going on back home while Palin and her husband flew away in a Trump jet to play politics:

Yep, while ma and pa Palin were off romancing with Trump their son Track (I’m all for different names, but Track?) was in all sorts of trouble. Is it just me, or should the Palins have postponed their Trump love-in for a little while and stayed home to help with a very serious situation? Parents before politics, right?

And what’s with Sarah blaming Obama for her son’s problems. That’s got to be the craziest “Blame Obama” I have ever heard. Here’s what I read about Track joining the military:

I don’t know if that is true or not, but regardless the reason Track joined up and went to serve in Iraq, Obama didn’t force him to do so nor was Obama part of his experience in the military that Sarah now want’s to blame all of her son’s problems on.

Unbelievable! I mean literally, unbelievable.

The fact that both Trump and Cruz actually want Sarah Palin’s endorsement says so much about both canidates.

So fear not Mr. Cruz, I’m sure you deserve Sarah’s endorsement just as much as Trump. Too bad only one of you could get it.

As Worlds Collide, It’s Politics As Usual

The time has come the walrus said…

We only had one hashtag last year, ZW’s first year, #2014FuckYouTour and it was a lot of fun.

We started off the second year with #WorldsCollide and man it has been hectic. Most of it happening on other posts and sites or in PMs and phone calls. But trust me, the worlds have been colliding and they shall continue to. Haunt season is just around the corner and it will come crashing in on the ZW very soon. But as I mentioned, ZW’s second year will have 2 hashtags and we are just about to get that second one started:


Pretty big huh?

Well it had to be, because it has to take us into next year, ZW’s third (and yes there will be 3 hashtags next year). Plus this election is pretty big itself, so many candidates, so many issues they have to tackle. Yes, this will be a big election year and it deserved a big hashtag.

And this hashtag will only compliment the #WorldsCollide one, since so many worlds collide in politics.

Today seemed to be a good time to start on all this, since Hillary Clinton relaunched yesterday and Jeb Bush is about to get into the race tomorrow. Because I truly believe these will be or 2 candidates. In fact I will go out on a limb and probably puzzle some of my readers by predicting Jeb Bush as the winner of the presidential race and will be our next president. This of course has to do with some strange theory I have about 3 Bushes in the white house, but there is plenty of time to get into all of that.

I think the place I should start when it comes to politics and Presidential elections is why I don’t vote anymore…

Yes, that’s where we should begin…