Election Day


It is finally here. What a long, screwed up campaign season we had. But it’s now time to wash away all the filth and VOTE! I can’t believe I did not write more posts on our candidates and the insane circus that we all witnessed. There was so much I should have written about, but just couldn’t find my way to the blog. As I said before, it’s been nice to stay away from the internet world and focus on the real one… though neither one stays away from each other for too long.

More on all that later, including Dorothy’s new Trump friends, which fits right into this post. Yes, Dorothy, your correspondence with the Trump pages has been brought to my attention and I know you brought Zero’s World up there a few times. I’m still not sure how I feel about that, very Nancy and Son Of Manish of you, if you ask me. But then again, they learned from you, right? Lol, just having a little fun. But seriously, Dorothy, Trump pages? Way to skate the circles.

I will do my best to make sense of these circles and references, to those who still care, but first, as I said, it’s time to vote.

For my long time readers, I’m happy to let you know I will be voting today. Most of you know that this will be for only the third time in my life. I feel I can’t sit out on this one. Besides the Presidential race, there are Senate and Congress seats up for grabs as well as Prop 2 (That one could make Nevada more like Colorado, if you know what I mean).

Rigged election or not, I have decided to put my pointless 3 cents in by actually voting.

I know I really should be saying more here. Commenting on my worries of a return to a Clinton Empire and all those who will blindly try to bring it down at any cost. I should discuss my fears of Trump’s Twitter mentality making bullies cool again. I know I should mention that the next president will be choosing supreme court judges where decisions regarding your reproductive rights and marriage equality are just the beginning of it.

There is so much I feel I should have covered here about the election, but ” the time has come, the Walrus said”.

I’m off to vote and then some breakfast. Pancakes sounds good. I hope to see some of you in the comments later, I’m still not sure how I will vote on everything on my ballot or if my votes will even matter. But all the talk lately on our election has prompted me to step up. And I highly suggest everyone do the same.

No matter how crazy it all seems lately, and I mean all of it. I’m not ready to stop trying. I have not given up yet. If nothing else, my vote today will represent that. The fact that I’m not ready to give up or in. I know I’m not alone.

Welcome To The RNC


In just a few hours the Republican National Convention will begin, and it promises to be very entertaining. In fact the theme planned for the week-long convention is said to be entertainment. Wnhich might explain this:


Who the hell put Chachi in charge? I kind of get it. Scott, like many other celebrities just can’t help but shove their political views on the rest of us as if the kid from Happy Days should be the one to give us political advice.

Don’t get me wrong, remember I’m an 80’s kid (TCTH called me on that and was very right) and Happy Days was  my favorite show growing up. In fact many people used to compare me to Chachi while growing up. (I was also called Richie Cunningham a lot, but that goes without saying). I guess me and Chachi had a similar look, which I’ll take, nothing wrong with being compared to a television heart-throb, but let’s remember, “Joanie Loves Chachi” sucked big time and “Charles In Charge” would have sucked just as much if it wasn’t for the kid from “Eight Is Enough”, he made the whole show. Actually they both had a good chemistry the “Charles In Charge” show. They were also great in “Zapped” together, but I’m getting off topic.

I get it though, the theme is Entertainment (take that in for a second, the Republican National Convention theme is entertainment) and they need some celebrities to sell the theme, and Chachi is an entertainer who has been on FOX News saying good things about Trump as well as doing fundraisers for him. So yes Chachi gets to tell us why Trump makes such a good entertainer… um I mean President. Who else is set up to speak (entertain) at the RNC?

Trump’s family of course, that should be entertaining. Not really, I grew tired of them long ago. Don’t get me wrong, the kids are very smart and without them Trump wouldn’t have a chance (they keep him from going way to far off the track), but for me, they are a little too involved and I don’t want a Stepford family acting as President of The United States. That’s just me though, and I’m sure it’s an opinion I should just keep to my self. Who else?

Maybe Sarah Palin and Chris Christie, that should be very entertaining.

Ben Carson will be there, he’s always entertaining.

Rudy Giuliani is supposed to speak, though I don’t know why. Yes, he’s entertaining, but haven’t we heard enough of his racist propaganda?

Ted Cruz will also be speaking. How entertaining would it be if he says some of the things he was saying about Trump just a few months back:


I don’t know if it will be that entertaining, but there’s always hope.

I think it’s more entertaining looking at who won’t be there.

Jeb Bush is skipping the convention. No surprise to Trump I’m sure, too low energy to show up. But the other Bushs (the Georges) will also not be there. Since they are the only 2 living Republican presidents, it kinda seems like a big deal for them to skip RNC.

But it does seem to be par for the course (a golf idiom in a “Trump Post”, gotta love it) the last 2 republican presidential candidates, Mitt Romney and John McCain will most likely also be RNC no-shows.

Maybe the biggest surprise on the “no-show” list (maybe not) is Ohio’s Governor John Kasich. The convention is being held in his state. His police will be protecting it. The show is in his home. But it don’t look like he will be making an appearance:


Yes, this is gonna be one entertaining RNC. I will be watching every night.

I can’t end this post without pointing out the dangers and hypocrisy that are surrounding this convention. There are going to be lots of protests outside the RNC and as we have seen over the past year, it can get out of control. Added to the danger, Ohio is a right to carry state. Which means there will probably be people with guns out there. I think it’s safe to say there will be crazies out there. See where I’m going?

Don’t worry though, no guns will be allowed in the actual convention:


I’m confused, aren’t Trump and the Republicans for the second amendment? Aren’t they BFFs with the NRA? Don’t they think there should be no “gun free” zones? Don’t they say schools would be safer if there were guns in them to stop criminal shooters? Don’t they think everyone should carry a gun? I would think Trump would want his supporters to be able to protect themselves. I guess they don’t really think it would be safer for people to be armed in the case of someone sneaking a fire arm in to use it for unlawful, hateful actions. All that tough talk over the last year at the expense of senseless tragedies, was just that, tough talk. when it comes to their own safety, they like guns in the hands of professional authorities. Interesting.

Well, at least it’s safe inside the convention. Outside it might get a little “old west” though. Which only makes the job of law enforcement even more dangerous and much, much harder to do:


And of course republicans can’t go against the second amendment:

Ohio governor Kasich: No authority to revoke open carry gun law

Jesus Fucking Christ! That’s politics for ya!

Entertainment is comedy and tragedy. And unfortunately  we are bound to see too much of both at the RNC this week.

That’s Entertainment!



We here at Zero’s World (all voices and pshychies included) have taken a long, hard, (phrasing!) look at the candidates running for POTUS. And we are ready to announce the candidate we will support and vote for!


Yes, Zero’s World is indorsing Donald Trump as OUR candidate for President!

We figure we will never get the leader we need…

so we might as well have the leader we deserve!




3 Down



Both the Democrats and Republicans have 3 states down in their race for the nomination of each party! Let’s take a look at how things went.

The Democrat Party went to Iowa with 3 nominees: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and  Martin O’Malley. The results were very close between Clinton and Sanders, but Clinton squeaked the win gaining 23 delegates, while Sanders got 21 delegates for his very close second place. Martin O’Mailley, who got less than 1% of the vote, decided to leave the race.

That left just Hillary and Bernie to head to New Hampshire as a now 2 person race. Bernie took the win their earning 15 delegate, while Hillary picked up 9 for placing second (last). If you don’t know what a delegate is… it’s what they are all competing for. Each state has so many delegates to give out and the first to reach 2,382 delegates on the Democratic side gets the party’s nomination for president. And as you see these first 2 states gave out a few delegates to each first and second place… but in some of the states coming up, all the states delegates go to only the winner. In fact I should take a moment to explain all the differences (or at least some of them) that are involved in the road to the presidential nomination.

Each state is different. And each party does things differently. For example I already said the Democrats need 2,382 delegates to win, the Republicans only need 1,237 delegates to win the nomination for their party. Also, there are these things called superdelegates. In the Democrat Party they belong to the official party apparatus, which includes all current Democratic governors and members of Congress as well as former presidents, former vice presidents, state party chairs, and that sort of thing. There are a lot fewer superdelegates for the Republican Party. They go to the three members of each state’s national party. But the biggest difference is how each party is allowed to use its superdelegates. Democrats can use them on which ever candidate they want and can change their vote whenever they want, while the Republican superdelegates must go to who ever won the state. This can be a big deal in the Democrat race, which I’ll explain better in a moment.

Besides all the differences between how each of the parties run the race, each state is different as well. Some states have a primary, some states caucus. A primary is a simple ballot cast vote, pretty much the same as a regular election. States that caucus hold public events where everyone gathers discuss all the candidates and then vote. Well, the Republicans then vote, but the Democrats line up in groups for each candidate where there is a count and if the counts are close there is more discussion and people try to get others to leave their group and join their group and sometimes coins are flipped to determine a winner. Seriously, it’s kind of crazy. But I bet that’s close to how are founding fathers did it… we just have lots more people to deal with… so yea, it’s kind of crazy.

So Iowa was a caucus state. Republicans had their discussions in schools, churches, and other public buildings (and some homes maybe), then went and did a ballot type vote (will get to those results in a second). Meanwhile democrats also got together and discussed their candidates, but then they lined up in groups for each candidate, and when O’Malley people didn’t have enough to compete they were told to either line up in the Clinton or Sanders groups or go home (well more or less). Which means people from the Clinton groups are trying to get them to join them, as well as those in Sander’s group would be trying to get them to join them. In the end some coins had to be flipped to determine winners because it was so close. In the end, as I already wrote above (and the news already said back when the caucus was held) Clinton squeaked by with a win.

New Hampshire is a primary state so people just went and voted. As we know, Bernie took that state. Which sent Clinton and Sanders into Nevada (my home state, well the state I live in, Cali will always be my home state). Nevada is a caucus state and once again it was close, but Hillary won giving her 19 delegates, while Sanders earned 15 delegates. Did you do the math yet? That leave them tied at 51 delegates apiece! The race seems to be way too close to know how it will turn out… that is unless you are really paying close attention.

I said at the beginning of all this I thought it was going to be a Clinton vs. Bush presidential election. I know, I was way off with bush, and we will get to the republicans in just a moment, but I’m afraid I’m probably right about Clinton being the Democrat nominee. This gets me in trouble with the many people I know who are BIG TIME Bernie supporters, but it’s not my decision, I’m just going by what I see. I’d love to support Bernie, he seems like an honest person, a genuine “good guy”. I don’t even mind he’s a 74-year-old socialist, though if he is the nominee, his age and socialist ideas will be used against him by the Republicans, and there are plenty out there in Americana who might be afraid to elect a 74-year-old socialist. But the Democrats are a sneaky bunch (so are the Republicans, and we are getting to them, I swear). So even though the popular vote is really close, and you would think the delegate count was really close, you have those superdelegates… and those are overwhelmingly being given out to Hillary. I think Hillary has like 451 superdelegates while Bernie has only 19. So the Democratic voters may be split, but the Democratic establishment seems to be backing Clinton. As I said, superdelegates can change their minds at anytime during this race, so maybe I’m reading too much into it. In the end it will come down to 3 things. The millennial vote, which so far seem to be going to Bernie. The minority vote, which seems to be going to Hillary. But most importantly how many come out to vote… so far Democrat voter turnout is not very high.

Not so on the Republican side of things, who are having record turn outs. Let’s take a look at the 3 states the Republican candidates have behind them.

The first 2 states were the same as the Democrats. In Iowa Ted Cruz took 1st place earning 8 delegates, while Donald Trump came in second and Marco Rubio came in third each earning 7 delegates. Ben Carson got 3 delegates for 4th place while Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, and Mike Huckabee all got 1 delegate while Chris Christie, Rick Santorum, and Jim Gilmore got nothing for coming in 10th, 11th, and 12th. No wonder they are having such a large voter turn out, they had so many people running for President. But after the first state 2 jumped out. Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul left the race.

So 10 remaining candidates went on to New Hampshire where Trump came in first receiving 11 delegates. Kasich surprised everyone with a second place win getting 4 delegates. Ted came in 3rd and Bush came in 4th each getting 3 delegates. Rubio got 2 delegates for 5th place. The rest of the order was: Christie, Fiorina, Carson, Santorum, and Gilmore. They all received zero delegates from New Hampshire, and when all was said and done all of them in last place in New Hampshire receiving no delegates from the state dropped out of the race. Well all of them but Carson. He joined the other 5 delegate winning candidates and went on to the next state…

As I wrote, the democrats third state was Nevada… but the Republicans disconnect from the Dems for a moment here and they go to South Carolina. And guess what… South Carolina is a “take all” primary state. So since Trump came in 1st he got all 50 of the states delegates which kind of puts him out in front. The rest or the order was Rubio, Cruise, Bush, Kasich, Carson… though they got no delegates regardless. In the end, one more would drop out of the race… Jeb Bush.

Yes, I was wrong on my first predictions that Bush would win the republican nomination… but I have to say, Trump has changed the republican race so drastically that all early predictions or thoughts on the Republican side of this race is out the window. Plus Trump really went at Bush… and let’s face it… Bush didn’t look like his heart was in the race at all.

So will the Trump Train just keep on going all the way to the nomination and dare I say… the White House?

It definitely could happen.

Ben Carson should have dropped out with Bush, and I can’t see why he would stay in much longer. I like John Kasich, but if he doesn’t win a state soon… I’m guessing he too might have to drop out.

That leaves Trump. Rubio, and Cruz… kinda scary, huh? Will Rubio or Cruz pick up enough voters from those who have dropped out to put them up over Trump? That’s what some are banking on… but I’m not to sure about that. I do think we could come to the end of this without any Republican candidate reaching the magic number of 1,237 delegates and then I’m not sure what will happen. That’s if the Trump Train doesn’t just leave the rest behind and runs a way with it.

Republicans have their caucus in Nevada tomorrow… and Trump is polling pretty well here.

Democrats will have their South Carolina primary on Saturday… if it’s not close and Hillary takes it big… it may just be “all she wrote”… and if it’s close and/or Bernie wins… you still have to think about the superdelegates.

Things will really heat up on March 1st when 12 states and one territory hold primaries and caucuses. It’s called Super Tuesday (Superdelegates…  Super Tuesday… I swear politicians think they are super heroes).

I had originally said it would probably be Clinton on the Democrat side, Bush on the Republican side, and Trump running as an independent… I was wrong. But I still think I had it close… though we will have to see how the rest of this race goes. It definitely is exciting!

One last thing… I thought Bush would be the next president because of a 3 Bush thing I convinced myself was an omen that would not be denied… it has been. Now, will that be a good thing or a bad thing?

Will Trump Skip Last Debate?


I will deal with Dot and SOM shortly, although crazy stalkers can be entertaining, they are also very needy and time-consuming. No time for that at the moment… last GOP debate before the Iowa caucus is on tonight!

I feel sorry for those still at the kid table: Carly Fiorina, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee and Jim Gilmore (who the hell is Jim Gilmore?). It will be interesting to see how right or wrong all the polls are and if any of these kiddies can rise above the polls and tip that kiddie table on its end.

Good luck little ones.

Now on to the big dogs.

Trump, Cruz, Bush, Rubio, Carson, Kasich, Christie, and Paul are invited to the big show… but the big news is Trump is saying he won’t show. This has to do with how Trump feels Fox is handling the debate. It also has to do with his dislike for Megyn Kelly. He felt she was to strong on her questions about his comments on women over the years in the last debate she was part of.


It’s quite funny to me that the top GOP candidate is arguing with the top conservatives news outfit. I mean Fox helped make Trump… sure Trump was Trump… but Fox ran with it like only Fox could. The other thing that makes me laugh is how scared of Megyn Kelly Trump so obviously is.

Will Trump be a no-show tonight? Can’t wait to tune in and see.

Trump And Palin Together At Last


Yesterday Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump for President. This came as somewhat a surprise to the Ted Cruz camp. Palin had endorsed Cruz for the senate back in 2012 and I guess they were hoping the love was still there.


Am I wrong for thinking Teddy should be thanking God the thrilla from Wasilla jumped on the Trump Train, after all did he catch her speech?




I watched the endorsement live, and I was WTFing through the whole thing. I had said it would be hard to tell the real Trump from a Saturday Night Live sketch, but by adding Palin to the mix it’s become better than Saturday Night Live could ever do.

They are saying Palin will help Trump in places like South Carolina. But really, how can a Sarah Palin endorsement mean anything, anywhere, anymore? Besides both her son and daughter having premarital sex when the family is supposed to be an example of family values and preached abstinence (some of you might remember Sarah’s daughter Bristol was 17, unmarried and pregnant back when Sarah was running for vice president, and we all know how the relationship with the baby’s father turned out, not well, but you might not know that Sarah’s son Track and his bride had a child a few months after their wedding… yea that family is all about abstinence and no pre-marital sex… by the way, Track’s marriage lasted about a year before ending in divorce, if only they practiced what they preached), yes, besides the hypocritical characteristics that are obviously in the family genes, Mrs. Palin quit as governor of Alaska. That right there should make any political endorsement null and void, and I didn’t even mention their failed reality show or that strange “birthday brawl”:




But if all of that doesn’t turn you from the train wreck, making you question why anyone would want her endorsement and how lucky we are the family never made it to Washington, one step from the white house, then you should take a look at what was going on back home while Palin and her husband flew away in a Trump jet to play politics:




Yep, while ma and pa Palin were off romancing with Trump their son Track (I’m all for different names, but Track?) was in all sorts of trouble. Is it just me, or should the Palins have postponed their Trump love-in for a little while and stayed home to help with a very serious situation? Parents before politics, right?

And what’s with Sarah blaming Obama for her son’s problems. That’s got to be the craziest “Blame Obama” I have ever heard. Here’s what I read about Track joining the military:


I don’t know if that is true or not, but regardless the reason Track joined up and went to serve in Iraq, Obama didn’t force him to do so nor was Obama part of his experience in the military that Sarah now want’s to blame all of her son’s problems on.

Unbelievable! I mean literally, unbelievable.

The fact that both Trump and Cruz actually want Sarah Palin’s endorsement says so much about both canidates.

So fear not Mr. Cruz, I’m sure you deserve Sarah’s endorsement just as much as Trump. Too bad only one of you could get it.


A little more repetitive explanation of sorts… please bear with it… we will get to some new stuff very soon.

We are now almost a month into our third year here at Zero’s World and it’s time for some new hashtags, but I know there are some out there that still don’t understand my hashtags, so again, I’ll explain.

It started as a sort of inside joke that grew into another inside joke. Back when I first discovered Twitter I kept seeing the # sign all over the place. I stupidly called it a pound sign not knowing it was called a hashtag, but I was quickly schooled to what it was. I understood people used them to connect their Tweets to other tweets of similar subjects, but I thought people get a little “hashtag happy”. They hashtag everything and it made me laugh a little. Soon after that other social media sites including Facebook was using hashtags, they were here to stay and everyone was “hashtag happy”. Later when I started Zero’s World on Facebook and Twitter (yes there is still a Zero’s World Twitter I just hate going there, Twitter is way too depressing), I used hashtags (#) not only to link the blog posts to trending topics, but as an inside joke on hashtags by over using them. I really overused them for a while.

Now, the average reader may not know this, but I brought Linda to social media, seriously I did, ask her. I’ve apologised to her several times for it, it’s a messed up thing to do to someone, I know.  So when Linda saw all my use of hashtags (#) she asked what they were for. I explained as it was first explained to me. I also told her I was using them so much to kind of poke fun at people who use them way too much.  It was then I decided to make a running gag type hashtag on the blog. A hashtag tour. With that #2014FuckYouTour was born. It seemed right since the blog had started with a top 10 “fuck you” list. It wasn’t quite the typical hashtag since it was very unlikely someone else out there would hashtag their post or tweet #2014FuckYouTour, so it was very unlikely my posts and tweets would be connected to other posts and tweets which is the main purpose of the hashtag as I already explained. But it did make fun of overused hashtags, so mission accomplished. Plus the hashtag did work well on Facebook connecting all blog posts and Facebook posts that had to do with hate pages and sites found on Facebook and other social media. In fact that’s what the whole tour was about… saying fuck you to the racist and  homophobic nut cases polluting social media. And I had lots of fun doing it.

I had so much fun that when the second year of the blog came to an end, I decided to have a new hashtag (#). I wanted something that I knew would puzzle people but also fit very well with how I thought the blog would go that second year. I came up with #WorldsCollide.

What did it mean? Well quite a lot actually. Do you know what it’s like when friends at work start to hang out with your friends outside work? Or when old friends you grew up with start to hang out with your new friends? Or when any of your friends get friendly with family members? You know, when one part of your life merges with a totally separate part of your life. It may go great and make things even better than before. Or it could go bad, creating waves and explosions. I could give more specific examples, but I think that will do. it was this basic idea of worlds colliding that I based the hashtag on, but like so much here it meant much more than that. It was about the upcoming clashes of politics and religion we could all see coming in the world. All the world colliding with itself and everyone’s individual world in danger of being destroyed by these collisions.

And worlds did collide, which I helped out by sharing links to the blog all over, colliding the worlds of Dorothy and her friends and foes as well as Bill Windsor and his Lawless Lemmings. bringing some of them here… worlds colliding.  And then I brought some of my own world in by posting links to the blog on both my regular Facebook (lol, regular Facebook, you all know what that means, I wonder how many people out there have at least 2 Facebook accounts) and my old Stranger Facebook bringing in people from my own world to collide here. It actually made the off-blog discussions really kick into high gear. with so many worlds colliding, much more people were finding the blog and wondering what the hell it was really about.

As the second year went on, the 2016 presidential race started up. I felt it needed its own hashtag (#). I decided since it was year two on the blog, why not 2 hashtags, and then in year three we could have 3 hashtags… beauty idea, eh?

I wanted it to be a really long hashtag… one that said way too much and would never link to any other’s hashtag. I came up with:


There you have it, the Zero’s World Hashtags explained (again). And now it’s time for the third year of hashtags, and as I just explained, there will be 3 of them (the number of hashtags matching the year that the blog is in, get it now?). I was just gonna throw them in when I felt like it, but why confuse it all again when I can announce each of them ahead of time and explain exactly what they mean and the give 3 separate examples. So here we go.

First we have:

#Three– Did you see it coming? It’s the third year so you can expect a lot of threes in it and they will all be marked with the #Three. The cool thing about this is it might actually work as a real hashtag and connect my 3s to other posts and tweets about other 3s. There’s definitely more of a chance than the first 3 hashtags of the previous 2 years had.

Next there’s:

#2016PresdidentialElectionCoverage– I had to continue the presidential coverage, it’s just getting good. I had to shorten the tag though, the other one was way to long to remember. This one has an even greater chance of being an actual used hashtag, so I guess it’s time to dust off the Twitter account.

The third and final hashtag of year three is a special one. You see, since I started there have been some out there who really want to try to get at me. “Printin’ lies startin’ controversy”. (that’s from the Guns N’ Roses song Get In The Ring. Did you guys hear they are getting back together? I can’t fucking wait!)

Plus there are those out there who have been dealing with madness much longer than me. so the third hashtag will be for all those (you know who you are) who have had to put up with some messed up behavior from a certain group of people (you also know who you are). They are special posts that will be marked with #Purge. I’m sure these posts will delight some while others might not be so delighted.

There you have it, the Zero’s World Hashtags explained in full detail. But if you are still lost, the next 3 posts will be examples of each of the new hashtags.