Angry Music


I’ve been told that the music I listen to is bad for me. It’s too angry:

dph zero rap

new dph fb2

dph black music

LMFAO! Yes, some of my stalked stalkers really don’t like the music I listen too. I believe SOM said something like rap music causes kids to get guns and shoot people and Madonna’s music causes girls to become sluts. I’m paraphrasing and since he is no longer on Facebook I can’t go and read he exact words… but that’s close enough to what he was implying.

Well let’s take see what I’m listening to right now:

Holly shit!! Maybe there is some truth to what my oppressed, obsessers are saying.

There’s no telling what I’m gonna write about next… or who.

The music has taken over… all self-control has been relinquished to the demons of hip hop, punk rock, metal, and pop.

And no one is safe!

George Zimmerman: Celebrity? Boxer?

I am so sick of seeing Zimmerman’s name when I click on my computer. But the latest hoopla to hit our screens leaves me with mixed emotions.

Since when does killing an unarmed teenager, or multiple news reports about spousal abuse make you a celebrity. I guess that shouldn’t surprise me, we will make anyone a celebrity. But when I heard The Game was one of the many people who stepped up to want to fight Zimmerman in this bout I got giddy inside. Not only is The Game one of my favorite rappers, but he just might kill Zimmerman in the ring. Now I’m not saying I want to see Zimmerman die in a televised celebrity boxing match, but I’m not saying I don’t want to see that either. Remember that cartoon Celebrity Deathmatch? Well if Zimmerman got in the ring with The Game there’s a good chance we’d get to see a real life enactment of the MTV cartoon.

I knew it would never happen, and of course I was right, Zimmerman is not stepping in the ring with The Game, he ain’t that stupid. But there’s still plenty of other’s who signed up with a chance at kicking Zimmerman’s ass in front of millions watching on pay-per-view. And it looks as if one just might happen. It is now said that Zimmerman has agreed to another rapper’s request to be part of the fight.

DMX? Although I would rather see The Game rip Zimmerman apart, DMX will be just as good. I read in one place that DMX said he would whip his dick out and piss on Zimmerman. It’s doubtful that Zimmerman even knows who DMX is, and it’s my guess that he will back out of this once he realizes that he has to fight with his hands and won’t be able to bring a gun into the ring. But the more I think about it, I don’t care who they put in the ring with him, just as long as I get to see him get his ass kicked. To me “Team Zimmerman” is like “Team Dorothy”, a team I can’t wait to see loose. So now that I have read these latest news articles, I just want to see someone kick Zimmerman’s smug ass. So if Kanye West thinks he can do it, I’m fine with that (though I still want to see The Game be the one myself). Hell, bring back Tonya Harding to kick his ass if you have to. Someone please just step on this cockroach so I don’t have to keep reading about him.