Happy Green Day!

Our last St. Patrick’s Day together. Or as I call it Green Day!

All these last holidays on the blog are gonna be hard for me. I think most of you know I’m a sucker for tradition and holidays. Repetition is comforting in many ways, and Holidays are the best repetition out there if you ask me.

I have said many times before I am a mutt. My family bloodline reads like America. The real America, not the one Trump and his cronies talk about. I have a family tree filled with just about every ethnicity among its branches. This has always given me a unique view on racism and ethnic or color pride. I’ve blogged about all this before. I bring it up again because the first branch on my family tree with a so-called bloodline is my Grandpa, he’s full-blooded Irish. That doesn’t make me Irish any more than I am all the other heritages that I’m blood related through. To me they are all mixed together ruining through my veins making me all of them and none of them. A zero (deep, right?). Still on St Patrick’s Day that Irish does come out.

A few years back I really put a curb on my drinking. I’m not a big drinker, I don’t drink at home or on a regular basis, my addiction has never been the substance, but the atmosphere. I’m addicted to the party. “I thought I told ya,” remember? (That’s for only the full ZW reader, no part timer will get it), anyways, back when I first started this blog I had a big birthday party, I taped some of it to post on this blog (like I said, I had just started the ZW), but none of it ever made it on here, LOL. I got wasted (spelled right). I mean way to fucked up. It was held at Vince Neil’s then brand new Vegas restaurant. It was pretty bad ass. There was Vince Neil brand vodka and tequila. Tequila is just one of those things I stopped doing in my twenties. But it was my birthday and Vince Neil was on the bottle. So when the vodka was gone, I had a few shots of tequila. I drank a lot that night and the video I made shows it. At one point I did remember I wanted to tape some messages for this blog, and as we all know I never put it up. With good reason. I was fucking drunk! Really drunk. And the messages were all the same, “Fuck you Flukeyou” “Fuck you MM7”. Watching them back was funny, but also a little too much. It was the last time I got that drunk. I owe that to the blog I guess, because it has been a blessing. Like I said, I never really drank on a regular, but when I did drink, I went all the way. And that may be fine for a younger me, but I’m not a younger me any more.

This all fits together how? Well, there are 3 times a year I really like to drink, my birthday, New Years, and St. Patrick’s Day. Since that birthday party 3 years ago I have drunk on my birthday and New Year’s, and had just as good of a time as back when I would over do it, without having to spend half the night throwing up in the bathroom or 2 days of recuperation in bed. Tonight though will be the first St. Patrick’s Day since that birthday party that I am actually going out. I mean it’s a holiday for drinking… dangerous for my Irish blood.

But its Friday night and friends are asking for us. I can’t keep skipping Green Day for ever just because green beer has finally lost its novelty. Plus as I said, this is our last Green Day together. That calls for a celebration!

So I’m doing it right. I have a my Mickey’s in the freezer, Green Day playing on the stereo (“The Warning” is the best album for today, but any Green Day song will do), and I’m ready for a dangerous night, lol.

As a side note, I know there is talk about the blog being down or me being afraid or my followers hiding… man, that shit is so funny. People obsessing with delusions that I give a shit about them.

As far as the “War” with Dorothy goes, I’m still winning, don’t kid yourselves. All you pesky little flies buzzing around lately thinking you matter… I’ve grown to like a few of you, some of you are so insignificant I already forgot who you were, and a few of you are verging on DPH status.

Sorry to end this post on a repetition we could do with out, but right as i was about to finish and post this, I got a Message at Facebook letting me know that there are people out there still itching for my attention. I won’t say who it was (as if I have to) and i definately won’t break any codes and post snapshots of the message… but it basically let me know people are talking about me and the blog. Which is all good. I want people to talk about this place, please continue. But why do you have to let me know you are doing it? Why do you feel the need to dare me to pay attention to you?

That’s not aimed at any one person. From Dorothy to Susie and all these little flies buzzing ’round my head, you can all take what you want from it. And you do. I want to get back to Green Day though, so…

Raise a glass… click on the song below… and Happy Green Day everyone!

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3 Of The Best Albums Of 2016


First let me say, the title reads “3 Of The Best” not “The 3 Best”. So don’t give me any grief about there being better albums last year, maybe there were. I’ve yet to hear the new Sixx A.M. album (hoping to get it for Christmas) and I’m sure  that will be at the top of my list. Also not everyone has the same taste in music… Dorothy obviously hates my taste in music… too angry for her. Still these 3 albums will be hard to beat in my opinion.

So a little while back Sassy (for new readers: that’s my wife), came home and told me she got me a present. Before she had went out I had mentioned I needed to head to the record store because there several new albums out I needed to pick up, so I knew she got me an album.

I sat there all excited as she reached in to a bag and pulled out the new Blink 182 CD. Fuck yea!  I had really been waiting for that one. Then she said, “Wait, there’s more”.  And she reached in and pulled out the new Green Day CD. Sweet! Another one I wanted! But she wasn’t done… she reached in and pulled out a third CD (my baby knows me so well), Weezer! Oh hell yea! 3 new CDs from 3 of my favorite bands. I was set!

And can I tell you they did not disappoint. All three albums kick ass and show just why these 3 bands are 3 of the best still out there making albums.

Since I have been listening to them over and over for the past few months I thought I’d go over them all for all of you.

You’re welcome. LOL.

So as I have said before, “The Music Album” is one of the many things that has been screwed up by the internet. Music is now made in single tracks to be collected off YouTube  or other such places. Don’t get me wrong, radio always made sure the single was an important part of music. Many people bought albums for just one song they heard off the radio and I can tell you from experience of working at record stores in the 90’s that lots of people went looking for the “cassette single” never realizing how good the whole album was and therefore missing out on great songs. A good example of this is Offspring’s “Come Out And Play”. Everyone came in looking for that single not realizing how great an album “Smash” was/is.  I was always a whole album kind of guy. I liked (still like) to put the album on, listen to it from beginning to end and see where the artist can take me. But the internet killed the album all together. Now there aren’t many albums being made that are worth buying… the single has found its true home on the internet. songs are made for the download numbers… and albums on a whole seem to be less important… or not important at all.

And this is why I was so glad these 3 albums were ALBUMS. I can put them on and off I went. It definitely helped that California was a running theme on a few of them. You know I love my California. Which brings us to the first album, Blink 182: California:


I heard the first single, “She’s Out Of Her Mind” on the radio. And I like it, but it sounded like a younger Blink 182, and I was afraid the album would try to hard to be like they are still a high school pop-punk band instead of the growing sound that they had matured into with each album. Plus I felt the song was missing Tom. I think that was my worst fear, that without Tom it just wouldn’t sound like Blink 182. I mean other than Boxcar Racer, I wasnt a big fan of their solo stuff. I like Mark and Tom harmonizing together with Travis pounding away on the drums. The 3 of them together made the sound of Blink 182 (I know Travis wasn’t there for the early albums, and I do love those albums too maybe even more… but for argument’s sake and the sake of this blog, the 3 of them make the sound).

I was worried for nothing, the album works on all aspects for me. It sounds great, lyrics are good, and the concept well, California… it don’t get any better.

Here;s a track list. The whole album is great, but I put 3 stars next to my favorite tracks:

1.*** “Cynical” 1:55
2. Bored to Death 3:55
3.** She’s Out of Her Mind 2:42
4.*** “Los Angeles” 3:03
5. “Sober”
6. “Built This Pool” 0:16
7.*** “No Future” 3:45
8.*** “Home Is Such a Lonely Place”
9.*** “Kings of the Weekend”
  • Hoppus
  • Barker
  • Skiba
  • Feldmann
  • Hodges
10. “Teenage Satellites”
  • Hoppus
  • Barker
  • Skiba
  • Feldmann
  • Hodges
11. “Left Alone” 3:09
12.*** “Rabbit Hole” 2:35
13.*** “San Diego”
  • Hoppus
  • Barker
  • Skiba
  • Feldmann
  • Stump
14. “The Only Thing That Matters” 1:57
15.*** “California”
16. “Brohemian Rhapsody” 0:30

With song titles like “Los Angles”,  “San Diego”. and “California” how can you not love it? I will admit, there are quite a few songs where I wish I could have heard with Tom, but even the single grew on me. In all honesty this album is the best to expect from Blink 182 after all these years, meaning it stands up with all the rest. With or without Tom.

I’m gonna play one song from each album (so we end up with 3 songs… duh). The one I chose from this album needs no explanation:

Now on to Green Day’s Revolution Radio:


1. “Somewhere Now” 4:08
2. Bang Bang 3:25
3. *** “Revolution Radio” 3:00
4.*** “Say Goodbye” 3:39
5.*** “Outlaws” 5:02
6. “Bouncing Off the Wall” 2:40
7.*** Still Breathing 3:44
8.*** “Youngblood” 2:32
9. “Too Dumb to Die” 3:23
10. “Troubled Times” 3:04
11.*** “Forever Now”

  • I. “I’m Freaking Out”
  • II. “A Better Way to Die”
  • III. “Somewhere (Reprise)”

  • 1:57
  • 1:47
  • 3:08
12. “Ordinary World” (lyrics and music by Billie Joe Armstrong) 3:00

If you like Green Day you should like this album. It’s a little like the rock opera’s American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown. Though I found it more like their last 3 albums ¡Uno!¡Dos!, and ¡Tré! Point is, it’s all Green Day. The other 2 albums were easier to choose what songs to play. This one I had I debated on. I decided on the song that sounded the least like Green Day. I kept finding myself coming back to it. I get a lot from this song. I hope some of you will as well:

I saved the best for last. The new self titled Weezer album.

Weezer had made 3 other self titled albums. Each one would become known by the color of the album cover. Blue, Green, and Red. Each of these are fucking awesome. Blue and Red are masterpieces and 2 of my favorite albums. The color of this album (the band on the beach, so you know where this is going) is mostly white, therefore earning the name White Album.  Which just happens to be the name of one of the biggest masterpieces of all time.So this album had a lot to live up to:


My favorite place! Let’s look at the track list:

1.*** “California Kids” Rivers Cuomo, Dan Wilson 3:25
2.*** “Wind in Our Sail” Cuomo, Scott Chesak, Ryan Spraker 2:53
3.*** Thank God for Girls Cuomo, Alex Goose, Michael Balzer, Alex Balzer, Bill Petti 3:30
4.*** “(Girl We Got A) Good Thing” Cuomo 3:25
5.*** Do You Wanna Get High? Cuomo 3:27
6.*** King of the World Cuomo, Jarrad Kritzstein 3:24
7.*** “Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori” Cuomo 3:25
8.*** “L.A. Girlz” Cuomo, Brian Bell, Luther Russell 3:29
9.*** “Jacked Up” Cuomo, Jonathan Coffer, Hugh Pescod 2:53
10.*** “Endless Bummer” Cuomo, Bell, Russell 4:14

I’m not saying this album should be compared to the other White Album. I’m not even saying it’s the best Weezer album (though it’s up there). All I’m saying is as soon as I heard that first song, I was hooked. And the rest of the album took me on a journey that only the best albums can do. This album made me want to write this post.

Before I leave you with that opening track, let me just say, I was once a “California Kid”and this song gets put on repeat a lot! I’ll always be a Californian, and I know Vegas isn’t that far from my true home… but sometimes the desert seems like the furthest place from those California beaches I grew up on. As for the kid thing… I know I’m a long way from there, but I’ll always be a kid at heart.

At the end of the day (have I ever mentioned how much I hate when people say that) if we all find ourselves on a sinking ship… head to California… I’ll meet you at the beach… I’ll show ya the sunshine.

AUTHORS NOTE: this Weezer video is actually the third of a somewhat trilogy. To see the other 2 videos, go to the ZW Facebook.


A Green Day Break

I hope I gave you enough to read for a little while, cause I need a break. Listening to Green Day’s “Uno” today, I had another moment of serendipity with a few songs:

“Let Yourself Go”


Shut your mouth ’cause you’re talking too much
And I don’t give a damn anyway
You always seem to be stepping in shit
And all you really do is complain
It’s your lie, tell it how you like
Small minds tend to think alike
Shut your mouth ’cause you’re talking too much
And I don’t give a fuck anyway
Let yourself go, let yourself go, let yourself go [x4]
Gotta let me go, gotta let it go [x2]
Cut the crap ’cause you’re screaming in my ear
And you’re taking up all of the space
You’re really testing my patience again
And I’d rather get punched in the face
You’re getting on my every last nerve
Everything you’ve said I’ve already heardI’m sick to death of your every last breath
And I don’t give a fuck anyway[Chorus:]
Let yourself go, let yourself go, let yourself go [x4]
Gotta let me go, gotta let it go [x4]

Always fuck fuckin’ with my head now..
Always fuck fuckin’ with my head now..
Always fuck fuckin’ with my head now..
Always fucking with my head and I gotta let it go!

Let yourself go, let yourself go, let yourself go [x8]


“Loss Of Control”

I’m taking down all my enemies ’cause they’re all so fucking useless
A bunch of shit talking drama queens and they’re all filled with excuses
I wanna find me a better scene where it’s not the same opinion
I’d rather go to a funeral than to this high school reunion

April Fool caught you’re falling in love
But now you’re sucking on a door knob that I slammed in your face
Life’s a cruel crushing bastard crime
But you’re a stupid mother fucker and you’re doing your time ’cause

We’re all crazy, you’re all crazy now
Well we’re so crazy, you’ve all gone insane
Loss of control, loss of control

Hanging out all by myself, at least I make good company
Hey, isn’t that a whatshisface that I see walking down the street
I’m gonna hide in the shadows ’cause I really got nothing to say
We never had anything in common and I never liked you anyway

April Fool caught you falling in love
But when you’re sucking on a door knob that I slammed in your face
Life’s a cruel crushing son of a bitch
And you’re a stupid mother fucker serving shit to the pigs

We’re all crazy, you’re all crazy now
Well we’re so crazy, you’ve all gone insane
Loss of control, loss of control

April Fool caught you falling in love
But now you’re sucking on a door knob that I slammed in your face
Life’s a cruel crushing bastard crime
But you’re a stupid mother fucker and you’re doing your time ’cause

We’re all crazy, you’re all crazy now
We’re so crazy, you’ve all gone insane
Loss of control, loss of control

Get the connections? LOL, a break is needed from the madness! Click on the song titles in red if you can’t see the videos.

If you are a Green Day Fan, CLICK HERE for an extra video!


Song Dedication



This one goes out to everyone. Myself included. Listen to it, hear it, understand what it is saying.

“So what ails you is what impales you I feel like I’ve been crucified to be satisfied

I’m a victim of my symptom I am my own worst enemy You’re a victim of your symptom You are your own worst enemy——-         

 Know your enemy”

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