Crazy Memories

I’ve done the whole blog timeline and explanation posts way more than enough…

So here’s another one…

This one shall timeline my encounter with all the little nuts in that jar of extra chunky peanut butter that has become this blog.

zw pb

Shall we?

MM7– Yes Cristin… she was the first one I encountered. She made a blog where she said she was being stalked by a serial killer, but really it was just a place for some nuts to get together and play, which brings me to the second one…

FLUKEYOU– Our little fisher boy Joey was one of the main people to get MM7 all caught up in the madness, there were crushes used and abused that allowed the whole thing to take grip. Fluke had been doing it for years on the site called fishing and gathering,and like a true fisherman tellin’ tall tales. So it was my look into the dynamics of these 2 nuts that got me involved and brought me to my third nut… the biggest and hardest nut to crack so far…

DOROTHY– I frist heard about her in an email from MM7, where she wrote: “I’m working with someone named Dorothy, but that’s secret”. Yes a secret conspirator and still after 3 years the main nut in my peanut butter. But it was Dorothy that started the big change in my understandings of things. I had read places where they mentioned Dorothy as some crazy lady on the internet claiming her husband was a serial killer. I was like WTF?  I started talking to Too Close and Linda in Emails to try to understand things I didn’t know about. So thank you Dorothy, you sped up the inevitable real quick there. It was right after that another nut came out from the shadows…

JENNIFER– That sneaky double agent, who first came to tell us how she worked with both Dorothy and MM7. Jen gave proof of lies and games on MM7’s blog which really did put the final rocks on that grave. Well, with my help of course. Jen’s sudden change of heart and wanting to expose MM7 and Dorothy were not lost on me, and soon her true colors were emerging, trying to spin tales of knowledge of a serial killer, and guess what, it was Fluke… and that is backed up with tales of bad jokes, missing books, spoofed phone calls, hacked cable television, and the mysterious tale of a friend, who met a lady, who told her she thought her husband was a serial killer… and no, it wasn’t Dorothy, I believe the story ends with the mysterious lady being a Russian mail order bride… anyways at this point nuts were everywhere on my blog, or at least lots of people who came to play with the nuts.  NERD, AMD and countless, faceless screen names. Other circles like Murt and his group of crazies. I’ll only mention one and that is…

CANDYCE– I was warned about her early on and I was a little scared when we crossed paths, which happened when some people from her past commented on the blog. I did my best to hear her side of things but she wasn’t having any of it, which is probably a good thing. So many say Candyce is crazy, but she claims it is them, and that’s really where I’ll leave all that since she quickly ran away… as far as I know, at least. If she is still out there, well I’ll deal with that when and if I need to, yes, she is a little scary. Lots of little nuts came and went, but the next big one had been there for a while waiting for her orders, lol, and Dorothy, that third crazy nut of mine finally sent her in, crazy guns blaring…

NANCY– Ohhh, Nancy. Dorothy had been messing with Nancy’s head for years, posting on her Facebook when all others would stay clear, such as Nancy’s real friends and family. Dorothy was there to agree and coach Nancy’s delusions. Tell her that her family was evil, that her ex husband was a serial killer. A friend in need in deed. And all Nancy had to do to repay Dorothy’s “help” was to spend some time in Zero’s World. And spend some time she did. Still does. Daily… hourly… yes, job well done Dorothy. And of course Nancy brought my attention to…

LAWLESS AMERICA– LA is full of nuts, Nancy is just one of the many there. It is a large group (though it looses members quite often and may, fingers crossed, be on their way to extinction), some call them lemmings because they seem to blindly follow their leader Billy towards their fall. Dorothy was not just doing her grooming on Nancy either. I’m seeing her fingerprints on a few of the lemmings, but that’s for another post. As for Billy and his lawless lemmings, other than Nancy, they really haven’t crossed paths with me or Zero’s World (that could change if I keep making posts like these). So I mainly am just a spectator in that craziness. Though there was one nut from those lawless lemmings that tried to drag me into it, and that nut was…

JULIA– Who the fuck are you? You don’t even deserve more than 3 sentences written about you. So there ya go. Let’s go back to Nancy, because she sent us one of our newest nuts…

SON OF MANKIND– Nancy and Mankind must have hit it off enough for him to listen to her and come check out Zero’s World. And like Lawless America there is a whole tribe of crazies involved here. Tribe? I think it’s called a cult, lol. Yes a cult of Arch Angels, more Mikes! Mankind is still new and we will have to see if I ever deem him worthy enough for his own post. But he’s not the newest nut to become part of my world, no that nut would be…

TOM– Who is Tom you ask… yea, I’m asking that question myself…

Are You A Good Witch Or A Bad Witch?

good witch

I just want to clear something up. When I say I’m dropping houses on witches tomorrow, I am in no way referring to the Wiccan Religion. I was raised Catholic, so we share a lot of the same Pagan holidays.

Seriously though… when I say witch I mean like Wizard of Oz stuff. You know, good witch, bad witch stuff.

There are some evil witches out there trolling the internet as we speak… and the head witch, the evilest one of them all, the Wicked Witch of the East, Dorothy (I know that seems backwards from the story you know, but this is a backwards story with backwards people) needs to watch out for falling houses tomorrow.

The Wicked Witch of the East left me a private message on my ZW Facebook last night:

zw dph pm drunken sf

See… what a wicked, wicked, witch. I have nothing to do with the website called “Drunken Stepfather”. I just wrote a post about it, that’s all. I think any reader here knows that, well everyone but Dorothy of course (and she does read here, all the time). Go ahead Dot Girl, look into the DSF site. The outcome of that can only be hilarious.

The evil, wicked witch calls me a liar, says I have no children. I really wish you would stop talking about my kids in any way. Telling me to take care of them or saying I have none, just don’t even talk about other people’s kids. It just leaves you open to similar discussions of your own children that I know you don’t want anyone getting into. Right? Right!

The ugly, troll of a witch talks about me going to jail and losing my apartment with the “dumpster view” (what the hell is she talking about there? I bet I can crack it in time for my half-time show tomorrow, lol, it’s already cracked, so that bet would be unfair… oh, clues to secrets) The whole threatening message is more of a joke than a threat, because it’s all wrong.  Everything this wicked witch does is all wrong, you would think she would be tired of being wrong. Not as long as she can fit it into her wicked little head with all the other lies stuck up there.

Will you allow me to digress for a moment? LOL, you (my reader) always do.

When I was growing up I went to Knott’s Scary Farm every year. They always had the “Hanging” as a main stage show. Well almost always, and every time I went there was a hanging. They hung witches for a while, but after getting grief from local practicing witches, Knott’s stopped hanging witches and went with celebrity figures, Freddy Krueger was the star of a few I saw. The last time I went (which was 2013) they had brought back the “Hanging of the Witch”. I thought that was cool, because it was about good witches and bad witches… not Wiccan and Pagan beliefs… it’s about Wizard of Oz type stuff.

And that’s the point I want to get across here. Tomorrow’s “House Dropping” festivities is not aimed at anyones religious or spiritual beliefs…

It’s about good witches and bad witches…

and wicked, wicked ones!

The Nut Gallery

nut gallery

I know this place is starting to look like one of these:

and the countless others out there…

I know some people might think I’m stuck on Dorothy…

Well, just so every understands… Dorothy is no longer the menace she once was, for what ever reasons, her crap is no longer all over Facebook everyday or finding its ways onto the SG Facebook page.

I don’t need to post about her any more and none of these latest posts were aimed at Dorothy.

No, you see I stopped her mindless internet chatter… I stopped quite a few people’s mindless internet chatter, even Nancy keeps most of it on her own page now, and that’s Nancy! Now I’m no Superman, and I didn’t do it alone, but really… they are afraid to write anything because they know I will find it or someone will send it to me and it will be picked apart… quickly.

No, my aim was at the Nut Gallery… you know who you are… just look at your Facebook friend list… do you see Dorothy Price Hill there? Well then you are probably part of that nut gallery. If you receive emails, PM’s or phone calls from her you are definitely part of that nut gallery. And if you are listening to her crap about everyone, quite a bit of it lately probably littered with the name zero in it, and you didn’t tell her to STFUP, then YOU are the one I’m writing these latest post about Dorothy for. I hope you are understanding what I am writing.

Julia, Kate, Todd, and Diane… you are part of the Nut Gallery!

Nan Nan… you may claim to be out, but you and Dorothy are still in bed together or soon will be I’m sure (that’s not a lesbian joke, although Dorothy, Nancy could really use some sex…  so you could make it literal and help your friend out) so yes Nan Nan… you are definitely part of the Nut Gallery.

Flukey, fluke, fluke! Yes Junior… you are part of the nut gallery… one of the head nuts!

Cristin and Jen, I know neither of you never worked with Dorothy, wait is that a double negative?  LOL! Run and hide and pretend you had nothing to do with it… get in the gallery where you belong!

Did I miss anyone… of course I did, because there are a lot of you nuts out there listening to Dorothy tell lie after lie and you do nothing about it! Damn enablers! You too will reap what you sow… bank on it! (yes I said bank, read something into it Dorothy… see the fake connections, go on dumb dumb)

Well keep reading… there are some more insights coming for you Gallery… one of you in particular is gonna be seen in a whole new light. And for those of you worried that I am starting to look like those other blog wars and afraid I might change the name to something like “Dorothy Is A”, don’t worry, we are coming to a place where she will be able to go back to the back burner again (that’s where witches belong). And  I have 3 new blogs that should be mostly Dorothy free (mostly) coming real soon… I hope you check them all out.

Stay Tooned… (LOL)

Calling All Dorothy Enablers


Remember back when most of us were first hearing about Dorothy Price Hill?  Some crazy lady posting places that her ex husband was the LISK Killer…

I was very new to it all and was just trying to sort out who was who when Dorothy rose quick to the surface… I actually thought she was some type of politican at first after reading some article Dorothy wrote on Mitt Romney. LOL! Man we’ve come a long way.

But let’s head back there for a second…

zero mm7 email

So this is from my very first email correspondence, which was with MM7. I was completely lost with all the names involved.

The PS149 Email I am referring to is one of the last posts on before it went bye-bye. For those that did not read there, you could send in a post through email  and it would then be posted as a post. Well 2 of those last email posts came from Mysterymom7 and PS149. The Ps149 one got pretty heavy in the comments if I remember right… and both posts were removed right before the site itself was also removed. I just want to point out though, most of the stuff written by PS149 on that post and in it’s comments (and I know people get all “which PS149?” on me when the name is brought up, but in my mind, the PS149 from Websleuths, the one who is still out there, is the same PS149 who did most if not all of the commenting on, though I do agree that on MM7’s blog and my own blog, NERD became PS149 a few times, but that’s all so confusing and I just need to stop there in fear of losing way to many of you, those who get it… NERD, PS149, etc, you know where I’m coming from) now what was I saying, oh yea, all that stuff PS149 was writing on can be seen as truth exposed with all the hindsight we now have… Fluke is Joey… MM7 was influenced by Joey, Dorothy corrupted the different things MM7 was stealing from others and then making her own… I think I have to demonstrate:

mm7 email dot

That’s MM7’s reply… and there’s at least some misdirection there. I swear, right from the beginning some were very straight forward with me, others had things to hide, and therefore they felt the need to come running to me with information, but holding back things that they didn’t want known or purposely handed me misleading stuff to lead me a certain way. If you look at all those who are pissed at me, most of  those who went running away with thier tails between their leggs and those who stuck it out waiting for me to get it,  you can see right away who kept it real and who thought they could play me. The main thing I want to get across from this email exchange though, is the last part there:

“We’re putting our heads and resources together.”

This started the biggest Dorothy enablement that I have come across… it led Dorothy my way, and therefore I guess to where we are right now.

Now MM7 has changed her tune many times with who she worked with and who she didn’t, most of you have probably heard her say she never really worked with any of them… well:

mm7 email

There’s another place where MM7 talks of working with Dorothy… also says she worked quite a bit with Jen. Need more?

DPH MM7 email

dph mm7 email2

That’s Dorothy and MM7 right before the fake “Feildnotes Interview”.  Remember how PS149 talked about Dorothy calling Feildnotes at work claiming to be MM7… yea, that happened, just as PS149 said. And MM7 and Dorothy were in on the whole thing… working together.

mm7 dph joey etc

That one’s fun for me to read. I read between the lines.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, they all worked together at some point… Jen, Joey, Dorothy, and Cristin. The big Dopey D Team… but that’s not where I’m going with all this… I’ve proven that time and time again, and no matter how much they want to deny it… they can’t. Not to me anyways… and I don’t need to read between the lines to see it… they were very upfront about it at times… so where am I going with all this?  Somewhere I think… but here’s a place I want to stop by as we get there:

mm7 dph UG

I think even MM7 knows most of her work with Dorothy was crap. Jen and Joey played her, so nothing she got from them is worth anything either. But when it comes to the CCC and UG, I think they think they were on to something. And that doesn’t surprise me. Many out there still feel there is something to the CCC theory. Here’s where that all comes from:

teps to magic

Could this be the answer everyone is looking for? A falling out between some creepy men on a call girl “rate” sight?  I don’t know, because, it’s not really that secret, many have looked into the connection. So if there was something there wouldn’t we know by now… but as I said many still come back to this little group of men. Let me tell you where Dorothy and Cristin took the connection.

Magic is Dr. Hackett… and Teps and others kicked him out of their little gang. So according to Dorothy and MM7, after putting their “heads and resources” together, Magic got pissed and decided to get even. Magic knew his old buddies had secrets… each one had killed a girl in Atlantic City… 4 guys, four dead bodies… so he (Magic) set out to kill 4 more prostitutes and blame them on his four old buddies. Other names in that thread like lightweight and Slinky Bender have popped up here as screen names.

I’ve talked about this before and although some of it I understand where it is coming from, it definitely takes some Dorothy leaps to get where they did.

So why am I rehashing all this… for different reasons…  some of you will read this and get something totally different from it than others will. I can’t stress that enough about this blog. Everyone gets something different out of it. Some of you understand this post better than me… believe me, I know that.

But I’ll bring it back to for those it is titled for.

Getting together with Dorothy Price Hill is dangerous. Pulling resources with her… discussing ideas with her… they lead to bad places. Along the way you hurt people. And in the end you are left looking at the very least stupid and foolish.

Want a short list:

I know there are others, many others. Giving Dorothy that pat on the back for lying about everything and everyone. Evil, vicious lies that never helps any cause you may think you are fighting for.

Take a look at the others…. Cristin, Nancy, Jen and Joey… left looking as crazy as Dorothy (shhh… I’m making a point to nutballs and calling them nutballs doesn’t usually help).  Is that what you want? Stop the madness! Stop enabling Dorothy and the destruction she is causing to herself and everyone around her.

See through what ever fog it is some of you allow to mask your judgements.

Dorothy Price Hill is bad mo jo.

She’s a liar and manipulator… and has been involved in many cyber-terrorisim type attacks on so many people who just don’t deserve it.

People shouldn’t have to put up with the likes of Dorothy Price Hill because those around her won’t do what’s right.

Do what’s right people.

Social Media Rules and Regulations

There’s a lot going on out there right now about what is allowed for people to post on social media and in blogs. As usual, if anything I have posted in any of my blogs goes against any rules of any social media or sites I found things on, please, just let me know, I will remove them. But I can’t say enough how much the main point of most of my posts is “Don’t put anything out on the internet you don’t want others seeing”. I mean (as I repeat myself once again) you can’t put things out there in the public and not expect public reaction… why is that so hard for so many to grasp?

But with the ever-changing laws out there and social media trying to deal with problems its users are creating (our own worst enemies), it’s not always easy to know what is  not only allowed to put out there, but how you can react to what is put out there. Which brings us back to Julia and a link she recently posted:

Wow, how bout that Eminem connection Linda! Now we are getting somewhere! Although I don’t see why Julia would consider this anything close to what is going on with Lawless America and The Joey Blog, and I hope no one would imply that my blog represents violence towards anyone in any way… I’m just poking fun at those who obviously can’t take it… no matter what any of you say about me or my blog, I wish none of you any harm… you are my entertainment after all, yes although all that… this link brings up very interesting questions.

And I’m thankful the answer to those questions are not up to me… I mean this guy is creepy right, but if they are just lyrics, can he write them? I’d have to say that I would definitely understand that any site these are posted on has the right to remove them… I mean they are pretty focused, but can you do time for things like this. If it’s just fiction and you have no intention of going through with it, is it a crime? I want to say no, although this is a little out there and since there are many people who do go on to act out their murderous rants off social media… yea, like I said, I’m glad I don’t have to make this decision… I mean shouldn’t this guy at least be seen by a doctor to make sure he isn’t a homicidal maniac about to blow? Not my call. But very interesting.

I did some searching of my own and found this article:

This guy is a complete idiot… reminds me of Flukeyou for some reason.

Why again did Julia bring this up in regards to all of the Bill stuff is beyond me… but let’s get to some understanding out of all this.

There are lots of blogs and sites as well as back-n-forth on social media that blur the lines… we have the Joey Blog and all the others connected to Lawless America as just one example… there are many… MANY others. Remember the whole Murt/Michelle feud that involves many sites and blogs and social media? It went on for years and is still going on, as I’m sure we’d see if we were to go take a peek at it again. And the depths that each of these um, feuds, back-n-forths, (I’m trying to come up with the perfect word to describe it, but just can’t settle on one) will go, all depends on who is involved in them.

There’s a movie called Twin Town, I highly recommend it, and I think after seeing it, most would get an idea of exactly what it is I’m talking about here (those who don’t already, at least). I mean for almost two years and hundreds of post I really keep just getting at the same thing… and on I go…

Now to the point… why is my blog different? What separates Zero’s World from places like these?

Why is my back-n-forth not like the others? Three reasons of course…

Number 1: most of these other places stick to one person or group of people… I am all over the place, I am not focused on just one thing.

Number 2: most of these other places have a personal connection to what’s going on in them… not me… I don’t know any of you, you are all just things I found on the internet. I have no fight with anyone, not even Dorothy… I’m just curious. I have mentioned this before, you must have read it by now.

Number 3: And this is where we wrap all 3 things into one (deep)… I’m not connected personally to any of you or any of the things I write about for the most part… they, you, are just my internet searching, what I find and read about and then react to by blogging about it. Everything I find is out on the internet for public consumption… and most of you come to me… I mean I wouldn’t even know who Julia is if she didn’t feel the need to post my blog onto Bill’s Facebook (which by the way, can you do that again, a link to my last post would be great, thanks) She wrote about me before I even knew who she was… I am allowed to talk about my experiences on the web even though I’m not personally involved, right?

Good question… and one that separates me from the rest of the back-n-forth.

Well, that and as Nancy said, it’s a lot nicer here than most of the others.

Oh Julia!

And when I do get to those enablers… Julia, you are first on the list!


And what did Julia have to say now?


Don’t any of you McNut Sandwhiches out there get it yet?

I don’t know a whole lot about Bill W. or Lori Handrahan. I know nothing about Jennie Mortin. But now you, Julia have let me know they are worth knowing more about.

Get it now? The more all you crazies fill the internet and social media with your lies and propaganda of the extreme crazy, the more I hit that “PUBLISH” button with all of it to be seen!

I think we have an epidemic here!