Kill The Rooster

Enough is enough, right?

So I knew when Jerry was having troubles returning to Facebook, (dam that was funny to watch him try) that it wouldn’t be long before he came here to get his fix.:

jerry zw comment.JPG

Even made Joker avatar. That was a waist of time. LOL.

I knew Jerry would find his way here eventually. Like all the other nuts he is obsessed with the back-n-forth. And I guess this is the place to do that. Look how long I let Nan Nan run around here.

But that was a long time ago… we have learned a lot since than, no? I’m sure my long time readers could tell ya what I finally had to say about Nan Nan. It took a while, but we finally came to the place we needed to be with her.  I told everyone, dealing with Nancy in any way was just a waist  of time. Long time readers might remember I brought up the acronym IDFWY (I know it’s really initialism, but it’s an inside joke don’t worry if you don’t get it). For those who don’t know what it means:


This fit my final opinion of Nan Nan  perfectly. You see lots of people were trying to get through to Nan Nan, many tried to help her. Others did a lot to mess with Nan Nan. My opinion was not to do anything at all with her, let her be. Don’t help her, don’t try to screw with her… just don’t “fuck with” her at all. IDFWNN, period. And I know lots of others understand exactly what I mean.

I realized right away, Jerry would have to be handled the same way, but people wouldn’t listen. People kept him involved. People kept “fucking with” him. And now here he is, in my world. Since we are seniors now we can just skip all the bullshit and get right to the “not fucking with”. But first, I want to clear a few things up.

When I told everyone to ignore Jerry and not to encourage his creepy attics he got pissed. ‘Member? Yea, we ‘member:




Yea, the guy was not going away. So I called in Kate:


You should have looked at the blog Jerry. You see everyone here knows Kate works for me. Dorothy definitely knows. LMFAO!

And Jerry got Kim involved:


So Kate and Jerry had some conversations. Man you are one dumb fuck, Jerry. LOL! Say it Maureen, DUH DUH! I could show you some of the conversations Jerry and Kate had and we could all have a few laughs at how lost Jerry really is. But this is Graduation year, we really have to start learning something here. I will leave ya one comment Kate left in that dreadful group:


Do you see the 2 likes Kate’s last comment got? Jerry and Kim. LMFAO, they never get it!

In the end, Kate wasn’t really needed, Jerry realized what all my haters do, and they try to follow. I think I posted a song like that, LOL! Before you knew it Jerry was apologising and trying real hard to get me to work with him:


That was my favorite part in all of this. The crumbling of a stalker. From internet bad ass to internet dumb ass. Jerry sent me messages trying to get me to let bygones be and help him with his new nutty girlfriends:


He wanted me to come back to the group and fuck with it. He said he would post my blog which he did a few times:



I told him I didn’t want to work with him or his crazy girlfriends. But he wanted me to know he wasn’t with any of them. He told me he would remove anything bad they wrote about me. Which I think he might have done a few times. But I told him not to. I didn’t need his help. I let him know several times I wasn’t interested in solving LISK with him or joining him on the group to “stir things up”. And even though I told him he was as bad as all of them, he kept trying. Sending me things:



Guess who those screen shots came from?

They never get it. They just won’t read. I bet they will now. LOL!

Jerry, I could continue with you for a while like I did with Nan Nan and others. Wait till you finally give or go away. We could do the old back-n-forth for quite a while I bet. Waist (Ha! Ha! that’s three misspelled wastes) a bunch of time going nowhere. But I just can’t. That’s the old way. It’s time we applied what we have learned.

Jerry is a know nothing creep. I told you all to just stay away from him, I will say it again. Don’t deal with Jerry in any way. If you do, you will be sorry. See for yourself, READ!

I’m done explaining about him.

Jerry… IDFWY!

Kate Carter Part 2

Alright, that’s enough of the Kate/Dorothy Messages for now. But there are 333 snips (really there are, I don’t make this 3 thing up, three is a magic number), so you never know when one might pop up.

It may just be some of her rants and ramblings, like this:

k8 dph222

Or maybe it will be about her political “friends” like this:

k8 dph310

Or her celebrity “friends”:

k8 dph178

Or her mom:

k8 dph81

Or maybe it will be about Dorothy’s lost loves, like this one:

k8 dph286

Some will tell stories like these:

k8 dph34

k8 dph35

k8 dph36

k8 dph37

k8 dph207

k8 dph217

Some just go on about her favorite subject:

k8 dph284

k8 dph285

(I should have had a warning about having barf bags near by while reading.) (LOL!)

Of course there is lots of stuff on my favorite subject:

k8 dph277

k8 dph182

k8 dph185

I have tears in my eyes right now. Some good stuff there in that Dogshit! Funny, funny stuff, though also very, very sad.

Oh well, whatcha gonna do?

I’ll leave you with my favorite part of the whole Kate/Dorothy conversation, it’s a song dedication from Dorothy to Zero. And it is awesome! It was nice to get a song dedication from her, since I dedicated so many to Dorothy over the last couple years, you’re gonna love this:

k8 dph298

k8 dph299

Such vile language,Dorothy.  LMFAO! Man, I love this sooooooooo much!

But guess what Dorothy, you are gonna take it… because I’m that dead horse beater like no other.

And every time I decide to come back to this wicked dead horse and give it a beating…

You’re gonna take it.

Who Is Zero? (According To Dorothy)

k8 dph59

That’s a good place to start this post. As I said, the online conversation between Kate and Dorothy took place between November and February. There wasn’t much said during the months of November and December, in fact only about the first 50 snips come from those 2 months. Most of the conversation happened in January. And this snip comes from early January, Snip #59. I want to point out that… yes, my sister is a lesbian (who told ya that Dorothy?) but no, her name is not Rachel. I think anyone paying attention, knows who Rachel is by now and not to provoke her…LOL!

Kate gave Dorothy her Email several times, but never got anything from Dorothy. That was alright, Dorothy made it clear what her “Powerpoint” was like.

I’m gonna keep these in order, the only reason they seem to jump around is because that’s how Dorothy’s mind works. These take place during the Facebook conversation throughout the month of January and we’ll start with the very next thing Dorothy wrote, Snip #60:

k8 dph60 Snip #60

She constantly says zero is connected to her first husband… I’m not. But I was glad to see how she does connect me to all of this finally… a secret business owned by me and Mr. Hill. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Let’s see some more:

k8 dph75Snip #75

k8 dph126Snip #126

k8 dph127Snip #127

k8 dph128Snip #128

Yea, those could be me… it would make Dorothy’s accusations or assumptions or whatever you want to call her beliefs that I’m somehow connected to LE believable. Puts me on the east coast though… totally contradicts other stuff she said earlier about zero being in Henderson/Las Vegas area. Plus, calling Jen mom, I don’t think so. More please:

k8 dph135Snip #135

k8 dph136Snip #136

Alright, back to me being in Nevada (there is other conversation going on in between some of these, but you can see by me numbering them, I’m keeping it in chronological order, it’s Dorothy that jumps around a bit) and yes, I’m a “coward with no balls”… that’s why I’m the only one left standing, right? “Claims to have a son”… actually, I claim and do have 5 sons as well as 2 daughters and a granddaughter. And as far as the “sock puppet name” remark…  zero is what I go by online and in real life. I’m not hiding behind it, many of you know my real name, but zero is who I am, it is not a sock-puppet. Kind of ironic, no? Dorothy telling a sock puppet that I hide behind a sock puppet. Damn that makes me laugh.  But who is she talking about in Snip #136? “Singer who is a strangler, alcoholic and a drug addict”? Let’s see if we can find any clues to help us out:

k8 dph137Snip #137

Damn if she don’t hang on my every word. Yes I wrote about how I picked up my son in Cali. But let’s cut through all the Dorothy Dogshit (it’s not good enough to be bullshit), I had custody of all four of my children from my first marriage, they are all over the age of 18 now and live other places… nice try Dot Girl. The fact that I did have custody of all four of my children from my first marriage says a lot about the kind of man I am, and I will not let any nut ball or dip shit take that away from me, so shove that shit right back up your dogs ass, Dorothy.

As for me being divorced FOUR times, she must be twisting in the story of that strangling singer (who is that anyways, Vince Neil maybe, oh that would be awesome if Dorothy thought I was Vince Neil), but I’ve only been divorced once… I was with my first wife for 10 years and have been with Sassy (my second and last wife) for 20 years. 30 Freaking Years Dorothy, yes I, started young, but really how old do you think I am. Let’s read on, it’s starting to get good:

k8 dph148Snip #148

LMAO… I obviously have no respect… just for the record though, Dorothy gave me the number I called and she has it posted all over the place… it’s a cell phone not a work number. But twist that tale Dottie (anyone ever call you that, Dottie? Or am I the only one?):

k8 dph150Snip #150

k8 dph151Snip #151

k8 dph152Snip #152

k8 dph153Snip# 153

Looks like Dorothy’s rereading Lost Girls got me black, with mental issues, and in Long Island once again. And now I “may be the Killer”. What does OBSESSES mean again?

k8 dph154Snip #154

Wait… did Dorothy just let slip out that she called me back? Up till now she had maintained I called and got her assistant, her assistant hung up on me and that was it… but now we have some reality creeping into her delusions… and yes I was caught a little off guard by the call back… I’ve said that, but I believe she was caught more off guard when she realized who she had called. And no, I did not use any voice changing technology. Damn, hope you all have your popcorn:

k8 dph155Snip #155

k8 dph156Snip #156

Yea, don’t tell him anything Kate…LMFAO… now who could I be next?

k8 dph157Snip #157

k8 dph158Snip #158

That one has got to be me… damn hung over psychopath, I should turn myself in, lol… it only get’s better from here:

k8 dph169Snip #169

Chase those Facebook “Friend” links, Dot Girl. HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa! It’s so much fun to watch you chase after nothing all the time… oh, and to answer your question… they are colored contacts. Quite a few people who work in haunts wear them as well as other colors, even blue wolf ones, but the ones you are talking about are white. Like I said before, looking at the people who are “Friends” with The Stranger will mess with ya if you think like Dorothy and her team.

k8 dph173Snip #173

k8 dph174Snip #174

Who is Jean?

k8 dph175Snip #175

There was the first call I made to your cell, where I got no answer and left no message, then the call you made back to me, and then the 2 calls I made back to you where I left messages each time, did you not listen to them Dorothy? Oh, I bet you listen to them a lot. But that’s alright, call me a liar, that don’t bother me, only liars hate to be called liars. (heh, heh) “He was flustered, I was strong”, that sounds like admittance she spoke with me on the phone… see when you are honest, stories stay the same, but liars… their past words come back to haunt them.

k8 dph176Snip #176

The only person? Well there ya go… Hill must have told me at one of our business meetings… or maybe I am Hill… after all no one else calls you Dot Girl, right Dot Girl?

k8 dph183bSnip #183

k8 dph184Snip #184

Enough with Mike the tattoo guy already, lol. I love how Dorothy called him Mike the Freak. Saying that him and his girlfriend “perfectly” matched people staying at the Brewers house is classic Dorothy Dogshit… but who knows how many mentally disturbed buddies of hers have been told crap like this. So let’s clear this Dorothy Dogshit up once and for all (although, I thought I cleared this up a few times already). The picture Dorothy and Nancy pass around of the guy with the tattoo next to his eye and big ol’ septic nose ring is Mike… he does tattoos. He use to live in Vegas for a couple of years and gave me a couple of tattoos. The picture I posted on the Zero’s World Facebook that Dorothy says isn’t me because I’m not that “stupid”, surprise, that really is me, so I guess I am that stupid. And to make it crystal clear we are not the same person, today I went searching for and found a picture of “Mike The Freak” giving yours truly, a tattoo:


There ya go Dorothy, drool over it. What’s next?

k8 dph189Snip #189

LOL, here she tries to lie about that whole civics association thing, I already covered that before. We all know what really happened. Let’s just look at some of these without any more comment… I mean do I really have to comment on these?

k8 dph190Snip #190

k8 dph191Snip #191

k8 dph192snip #192

OK, wait, I do have to comment here. Laughing My Ass Off at the RAP videos part… I did when I first read it, I am again right now, but when have I talked bad about police… is this to fit me into her theory that my dad is a cop. I’ve never said anything bad about the police, in fact I purposely don’t do that. They read here from what I’ve been told. Also, I have never denied being black, I say all the time “Don’t call me white”. But truth is I’m a mutt, I’m sure I mentioned that before. No race to call my own, nor do I want one. What’s next Dot Girl?

k8 dph199Snip #199

k8 dph200Snip #200

How cool, Dorothy’s mom helped profile me… Dorothy always get’s the BEST help (heh, heh). As for the Wolff call, I called the bank he worked at, a lady answered, who put me through to someone who told me he was in a meeting, once I told her who I was and why I was calling she thought it was best I talked to him and put me through. Again, this is what happened, but I wouldn’t expect you to understand Dorothy, you can’t get our phone call right, how can you understand one you weren’t part of?

Snip #200 and still so much to go… shall we continue…

k8 dph206Snip #206

This is from the 25th of January. Mark it on you calendar, because that’s when it became “TOO LATE”.

k8 dph236Snip #236

I love this one. Now Dorothy, wouldn’t I have a nicer car if I was dealing illegal drugs? (You have to go back a ways to get that, but trust me, that’s funny!)

k8 dph241Snip #241

k8 dph242Snip #242

Again with the “made up lies” that I tell. I think everyone reading knows who made up lies about stalking… as for the “older white guy” that Dorothy says may be Nancy’s ex Mike and another person she claims zero is definitely working with, he is someone she says stalked her house on Christmas Day… we’ll have to cover that another time, because this is getting wicked long and as I said, we still got a ways to go:

k8 dph247Snip #247

I never said anything about food stamps that I can remember… but some more funny stuff here. Plus some background and insight into just how close Jen and Dorothy really got.

k8 dph249Snip #249

I also  don’t remember talking about an insurance check but hey her Fetectives now know I’m either on the inside or the outside.

k8 dph250Snip #250

That’s what I said… Fetectives.

k8 dph251Snip #251

Ohhh… Detectives! I get it now. Wait… “scared”? Is she serious? I did no such thing as pull any “career related links”…  her name was pulled from the links  because she is no longer wanted associated with them…LOL! But let’s post some “career related links” where Dorothy’s name is still connected:,%2520LLC

Or how about some “career related links” that aren’t Dorothy’s but just as interesting:

Or how bout this non “career related post”:

Fuck you Dorothy and your “zero must be scared”.

I’m just playing…

now where were we?

k8 dph254Snip #254

Finally, they found me… like I was Jesus… or is it Waldo? Hard core metal band related to porn? That sounds awesome!

k8 dph255Snip #255

k8 dph256Snip #256

LMAO cult EMO groups! Such a dope, those poor kids are doomed. Dorothy I don’t hate you and yes you connect dots… every dot there is, get’s connected by you, that’s why I call you Dot Girl. But I love this idea of me in a Emo Band, or did you mean Goth? Oh well as long as it’s dark and moody!

k8 dph257Snip #257

k8 dph258Snip #258

k8 dph259Snip #259

k8 dph260Snip #260

k8 dph261Snip #261

k8 dph262Snip #262

k8 dph263Snip #263

She goes on about this Chris guy for a while, but I really have to get to the end… so let’s just skip ahead to the next person I must be:

k8 dph303Snip #303

That’s got to be me. Reading away…  file after file.

k8 dph304Snip #304


k8 dph305Snip #305

Yep, that’s me… go on:

k8 dph306Snip #306

Wait… Fox News!?! Hell no that ain’t me!

k8 dph307Snip #307

Take him down Dorothy!

k8 dph308Snip #308

Yes, now you are cooking Dorothy, West is “W”…The Drifter… though I liked your idea that Bill W. was the “Confessions…” author.

k8 dph309Snip #309

I wonder what her investigators dug up on that “POS” West. I’d like to point out before we move on to my next transformation, that not liking West doesn’t make you a racist, like she said, he’s a “frequent commentator” on Fox News, I’m sure lots of people hate him.

k8 dph312Snip #312

I do?

k8 dph313Snip #313

I do?

k8 dph314Snip #314

She will?

I’m just fucking with you, I have no idea who Dorothy is talking about here. But let’s read on:

k8 dph315Snip #315

How intriguing… what is Cult 45? This is where we all find out what the hell Dorothy was talking about when she sent me this private message:

zw dph pm drunken sf

“dumpster view”? When Dorothy wrote that PM to me I almost died. Under normal circumstances, I’d have no idea what she was talking about, but because of her and Kate’s conversation I knew exactly what she meant and it’s a great place to end this whole thing:

k8 dph316Snip #316

k8 dph317Snip #317

K8 dph318Snip #318

k8 dph319Snip #319

k8 dph320Snip #320

k8 dph321Snip #321

I am? (heh heh)

k8 dph322Snip #322

k8 dph323Snip #323

k8 dph324Snip #324

k8 dph325Snip #325

So there you go, Dorothy and her team cracked the case, Zero is the bad guy, the killer, the connection to all that is evil in the world… and who is Zero?

Zero is Afro Man…

Only question I have is, what is Dorothy smoking? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Kate & Dorothy

Before we get to religious or political in here (like they are 2 separate things) we need to get back to the queen of all that’s wrong with religion and politics (again, I write that like they are separate things). Yes, we need to get back to Dorothy Price Hill.

Just for a short while, I promise.

We need to get back to that conversation between Kate and Dorothy, so that everyone can figure out what the hell Dorothy was talking about when she sent me this Private Message:

zw dph pm drunken sf

Why does she insist that I don’t have any kids… and what is this “dumpster view” she speaks of?

All this will be answered and so much more with the next post: Who Is Zero (According To Dorothy)

And if you read it when it was a sneak peek… you might want to reread it. It’s changed. It’s grown as well.

Well, here it is… with no further a due… ENJOY!

My Phone Call With Dorothy Price Hill: Dorothy’s Version

As I said, it was my phone call to Dorothy that really got her and Kate talking. And if you haven’t read about that call yet, you really should:

That is exactly how the call went. I called Dorothy, she did not answer and I did not leave a message. A short time later Dorothy dialed the number back and our first real introduction to each other took place. She started to apologise to me, I kind of lost it a little and told called her a liar and asked her why she lied about so many people so easily? She freaked out and hung up on me… I called her back twice, both times leaving her messages.

That’s what happened… what I wrote before is the whole thing, nothing left out, nothing added. And as I said, I felt I dropped the ball by going at Dorothy so quickly and not letting her “fake” apology lead to some “fake” conversation… yea, that’s when I took the idea of Kate to the next level… shall we:

k8 dph91

Right away, Dorothy lies. I know a little bit about compulsive liars. They tend to lie even when they don’t have to. I never spoke to an assistant, as I said, no one even answered the phone when I called, Dorothy called me back and that’s when our short and not so sweet phone conversation began… and she said it was her 3 times… so no, there was no assistant, I doubt very much that Dorothy even has an assistant. Let’s see some more:

k8 dph92

Of all the people I have ever met in my entire life, Dorothy takes the cake. I do not know if I have ever met anyone like her… and that is not a compliment. We are just getting started here, but you can already see how her mind starts twisting truth with stories she is making up in her head. The last thing Dorothy said before she hung up on me was “I can’t talk to you about any of this because it is under federal investigation”. She adds that part of the conversation to her made up assistant story. It get’s better:

k8 dph93

So here we go… pay attention, because this lie will be exposed by Dorothy herself in the next few comments:

k8 dph94

k8 dph95

I love how Dorothy tries to explain her apology to me here. Her assistant was apologising cause she thought it was Dorothy’s “friend” in Vegas. Mixing what really happened with what her head was creating about it.

So Dorothy asked her “assistant” to write down what I said, but the poor fake person from Dorothy’s imagination could not remember, because she was on the other line when I called. Yet didn’t Dorothy say the call was recorded? Yep, I went back up and read to make sure, and yes she said (well wrote) “The call was recorded”. I really wanted to call her out on that, as I did every time she contradicted herself, but due to my short phone call, I was not going to let this end too soon. But I really just wanted to ask Dorothy why she needed her assistant to write it down if the call was recorded… just listen for yourself Dot Girl.

Before we wrap up what Dorothy had to say about our phone call I have to comment on these strange lies Dorothy quickly makes up for no reason at all, I mean the real story of our phone call was a bust… it was quick and pointless… in fact it would have gone nowhere further if I didn’t have these gems she told Kate about the call, I think the whole thing must have really caught Dorothy off guard.

She makes up this story of some friend in Vegas and in doing so she complicates her story too much for herself to stay on track. Her assistant, remember, supposedly told her she had a call from Vegas and then a few minutes later Dorothy writes that her assistant asked her where I lived. Um… yea, it’s a small error, but it shows how easily Dorothy confuses herself with her own delusions.

So in her story, I call, get the assistant, who thinks I am Mr. Nero from Vegas, (LOL, again with the Mr.) Dorothy calls her friend in Vegas who is at lunch, so she tells her assistant to blurt out “federal investigation” and hang up. That’s what I got out of Dorothy’s much holed  and contradicting side of the “phone conversation”.

The crap about me having an accent, having a “whiney voice”, sounding like a “hurt lamb”, that’s all good stuff there. I do sound a little “whiney” I guess… plus I was sick with the flu. Still I’ll give her that, I can come across whiney, but can’t Dorothy just say that’s what she thought of my voice? Why make up a fake assistant and a fake friend in Vegas… I was on the call, I know it what was really said and what was not. Oh yea, Dorothy didn’t know she was talking to me, she thought it was some lady named Kate… so Dorothy was doing what she does…

Dorothy goes on about other things after that, the usual stuff on her ex husbands, stuff on Nancy and Mike, things on Hackett, but mostly stuff about a cop named McCready… she ends her rant on him before deciding to bring the phone call back up, the last snip where she calls me a “hurt lamb” was snip #95, the next 2 I’m about to post is snip #123 and #124 so you can see, Dorothy went off for a minute before deciding to talk about the call some more:

k8 dph123

k8 dph124

A bunch of ramblings and then BAM, “zero called me”! Did she forget we had a long talk about the phone call earlier? And what’s this… she recognized zero’s intonation? I thought it was her assistant that talked to me… maybe Dorothy listened to the recording of the call (her and Cristin love to do that, but come on, it’s highly, illegal) either way, she figured something out. What could that be?

k8 dph125

Damn, that’s harsh. “Could not put a sentence together” “A 10-year-old who can’t speak”, I’d take offence, but the bigger offence here is that she think’s that makes me African-American!

Dorothy constantly says her ex husband is racist… but I catch Dorothy saying racist and anti-gay statements all the time. She seems to hate men, homosexuals (especially transgendered), and minorities. In fact she comes across as a very “everyone is beneath me” kind of person. But that’s enough about what I think about Dorothy, we need to discus what Dorothy thinks about me… trust me, the African-American remark is just the tip of the iceberg on the stuff Dorothy had to say about the who, what, and why of Zero.

Your gonna love it…




Kate Carter Part 1

Before we get started here, I know some of you are gonna use this as “proof” that I’m just as much a part of the games I write about. That I’m just a much a player as Jen or Joey, as much of a liar as Cristin or Dorothy, as much or a narcissist as Bill,  and maybe even as crazy as Nancy.

Fine, I accept all of that. But I must remind you, back when I was writing my LISK blog and some of you nut ball game players started accusing me of doing the same, I explained I was not and if I did you would know it. Well now you know it. When I started this blog, Zero’s World, I said I would be joining the games now and that the rest of the players would be sorry I started playing.

How long has it been since a Flukeyou comment… or a Dorothy one? How long since trolls like Nerd have shown themselves in all of this? How long since Mysterymom7 has had anything to say about her 98 and 99% surety that she was being stalked by Hackett? How long since screen names pretending to be other people have popped up? No CPHs or Teps or PS149s in a while right?

You can all pretend I had nothing to do with these people giving up on their game, running away and pretending they were never a part of it. But you can’t have it both ways. If I was part of the games, if what I have done here only made the games worse, than why have they all cleared the playground? Why has this blog shut so many up?

It’s a serious question for all my haters out there… if I give them a place to continue their lies and slander… why are they all gone from not only these comment pages, but most of their other social media and internet sites stomping grounds.

Fuck it, people… I said, I have no problem becoming your villain, believe your delusions and see it your way. I’ve said it before, perception does not trump truth, it only hides it, truth is always there waiting to be seen.

Alright, let’s talk about Kate.

Kate is gone now, and she will be missed. There seems to be lots of questions about her now that she’s gone. Did I hack her Facebook? Was she a friend of mine? Did she come to me like other readers? Was I given the account or was it mine from the beginning?

All good questions, but today we are just gonna go over why. Why was the Kate Carter Facebook account used to talk to Dorothy.

Many people were tired of being drug into Dorothy’s online lies and delusions. When I spoke to Dorothy’s ex husband Chris on the phone, he told me it wasn’t just him, but many of his friends and family that got drug into Dorothy’s lies. And later Dorothy would prove that this is exactly how she worked by doing the same to my friends and family. But with me it was more difficult. Dorothy didn’t know who I was. So she got most of the people I know from my Stranger Facebook page. You remember him, right? He’s a character I do for a Haunt here in Vegas every October. I had a Facebook for him, but coincidently, once I let his Facebook be known on this blog, Facebook got complaints that The Stranger wasn’t real. Well, duh. Fucking Facebook, the most uneven standards in any community.

The problem with Dorothy using The Stranger’s “Friends” list, is that The Stranger had over 2,000 friends on his FB before he was gone, and some of the people Dorothy found on there I didn’t really know… so when she tried to come after me with her usual online terroristic attacks, it was hit and miss. Still, Dorothy was persistent and got at few people I do know.

Alright, so try to understand this. I had all these people I did not know telling me that Dorothy has lied about them online, slandered them, their friends, and family,  some even having their jobs messed with. And then I see it happen first hand with people I did know, whose only crime was they were on my Facebook “Friends” list.

I’ve known for a while Dorothy wasn’t working alone… she talks about her team, and unfortunately people join that team all the time. Some run from it eventually, but only after damage has been done.

Someone said to me, too bad we don’t have someone who could befriend Dorothy and find out exactly what she is saying in private and who she is saying it to.

Well, Kate was recruited to do just that.

The ultimate goal was to befriend Dorothy on Facebook and become part of her inner circle… the nut gallery. That didn’t happen with Kate, but the results were just as good. In fact at first I thought Kate would be called out right away… Dorothy was forewarned:

k8 dph16

k8 dph19

I don’t know which “friend” tried to warn Dorothy, but they must be one of the sharper nuts in the gallery. Too bad Dorothy didn’t listen.

That took some persuading from Kate, and patience, but really it was my phone call to Dorothy that got her a Kate talking… that’s jumping ahead though… we’ll get to that in the next post. Right now I want to strongly stress 3 things:

1: Dorothy is very much a cyber terrorist who goes after innocent people whom she finds on other people’s Facebook.

2: She has help.

3: To those who help her, she will take you down with her.

And I’ll do so like I always do… with an example:

k8 dph234 Mike K

When Kate told Dorothy she had contacted a detective in Las Vegas to figure out who Zero was (I know, I know, hysterical right?) Dorothy threw this name out. Not a surprise. Her and Nancy have posted this persons picture around quite a bit, sometimes saying it is me. It’s not. We’ll get to who he is in a moment, but first we have to see what Dorothy wrote to Kate right after this:

k8 dph235

Now this is just messed up. I’m not mad, but I am a little disappointed. Cristin swore to me, she never shared any info about me with Dorothy and that she never would. I guess I shouldn’t be too disappointed, I knew she was lying when she said it, lying is what Cristin does. For someone who doesn’t like being called a liar, she sure does lie a lot. But like I said, I never believed it, not really. I figured Cristin and Dorothy loved to share misinformation about people, there was no way I wasn’t the topic of some of those discussions.

Now let’s debunk this crap they chased down together.

I do know this guy and he is a tattoo artist, in fact he did 2 of my tattoos. But first let me just say, as far as I know he has not had a shop in Henderson or Reno, in fact this goes back to some delusion Nancy and Dorothy have about Reno and Henderson being near each other, they aren’t. I explained this before when Nancy was saying she had pictures of her in Henderson… way back then I knew they were putting some kind of weird dots together. I have lived in Henderson… again, I pointed this out then. But where do they get Reno? I believe those are their own connections because they thought Reno and Henderson are near each other. And both of them have been to Reno. But really, it’s like all Dorothy stuff (should I say nancy and Cristin stuff too?): find some information, blend it with their own delusions.

Now as for this tattoo artist, why did they leach on to him? Well, let me explain that as well. Once again, Dorothy and Cristin (might as well use both the names of these cracker jack Facebook detectives) were looking at people who were connected to my Stranger Facebook Friends list… and the Stranger always wished people on his “Friends” list Happy Birthdays on their Birthdays. Mike (yes 2 strikes against him, his name is Mike and he’s on my “Friends” list, and unfortunately I gave him the 3rd strike) came up on the list of Birthdays for my Facebook “Friends” and I wished him a Happy Birthday. I also said something to the effect of him coming back to Vegas (yea, I should mention, I knew Mike years ago when he lived in Las Vegas for a few years, he worked at the same haunt as I did, and I got a few tattoos from him, never in Henderson or Reno, but he returned home eventually, which also is not Henderson or Reno, lol). And guess what, right after The Stranger wrote that Birthday message, Mike’s picture starts showing up on Nancy’s page. And who knows how many of you in the nut gallery have received this poor guys picture in one of your Dorothy Propaganda Private Messages.

So, I knew right away, people I wrote to on Facebook, even just to wish them a Happy Birthday, could find themselves being stalked by the Dorothy gang. And I made several posts on Facebook to warn them all. But as we see here, from what Dorothy says, it was Cristin who saw that Birthday greeting and went after my friend. And again I say friend, but I don’t know him really, we didn’t grow up together or hang out a whole lot. But I knew him, I wished him a Happy Birthday and they (Cristin, Dorothy, and Nancy) fell in love with him.

And I feel bad, I really do. In fact I’ve said it before, due to me getting involved in some of these things, my internet life has had to change. No wishing happy birthdays, no videos of my kids, I have to beg people not to “LIKE” or post thing’s on my Facebook, afraid they will be personally attacked (where have we heard that before?).

But it’s not all bad… those who help Dorothy eventually will suffer the consequences right along with her. I mean, Dorothy had no idea who Kate was, and she said all sorts of things about me and people I know to Kate, not caring who Kate might be. Lies and connections and all sorts of crap. And I’m sure Dorothy says these same types of things to others, in fact I know it.

But she says all sorts of things about lots of people… here’s a couple of examples:

k8 dph78

k8 dph85

k8 dph252

k8 dph253

Yea, lots of stuff like this.

When you are stuck in circles… what comes around… goes around.

You can quote me on that!


Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

Did you enjoy the show?

Well it continues on right here!

So yes, I played pretend with Dorothy, I pretended to be someone in the Nut Gallery and she pretended to make sense.

It all started back in November when someone wrote me saying, “It’s to bad we don’t have a spy to see exactly what Dorothy is saying to her wacko gang of blind believers”. Alright I may be paraphrasing here, but the point was made. And I decided to go for it. Kate Carter was enlisted as a ZW Spy!

And so it began:

k8 dph1

I know, very deceiving… but that’s how a spy must work. And in the end, it did work.

Want to know if Dorothy is still dropping names of those she once worked with? Want to know if she is still dropping names of people she feels wronged by? Want to know if the crap she is saying would be believed by any rational human being? Well I have those answers now. It’s all in over 300 snap shots of Facebook private messages between Katie and Dorothy. Lots of it is stuff you’ve heard before, some of it is not. All of it is crap. By the way, I did believe someone was trying to hurt Nancy… Dorothy!

I will be posting some of it here over the next week. But not all of it. Some of it attacks people very personally and I don’t want to post all of that publicly. Though some of what I post will not be easy for some of you.

There is another reason why I will be holding some of the conversation back… which brings us to our first clip:

k8 dph132

Seems Dorothy and her family don’t like having done to them what we all know she has done to others. How Christian of them. Well just in case Dorothy’s mother or anyone else in that family really thinks I am the one who is to blame for all their personal stuff being put out there instead of who we all know is responsible for airing all their dirty laundry, both real and made up… just in case they have an attorney willing to jump into the Nut Gallery, I don’t want to broadcast all I have as a defense.

That first clip I just posted, which came in the middle of January leads right into a group of clips I have that I’m calling, “I’m going to the FBI tomorrow”. Seems Dorothy really loves to use that line:

k8 dph27

That’s the first time she mentions it… late December.

k8 dph73

That’s from early January.

k8 dph138

That’s from the middle of January. And from there, it seems like every couple of days, Dorothy was going to the FBI about me:

k8 dph161a

k8 dph255

k8 dph244

k8 dph217

Which was funny because sometimes, in between, she talked as if she already went to the FBI:

k8 dph206

If Kate had been a real person, there would have been many places where she would have called Dorothy on her bullshit. But Kate is faker than the fakest of you out there… a spy whose job was to listen.

Still, what does that say about those who listen to Dorothy and her ridiculous stories? What is wrong with these people who not only  don’t see through the crap but also encourage her?!?

k8 dph243

k8 dph180

k8 dph295

Anyone still encouraging Dorothy needs to pay attention to this next part. Some of the people who worked with Dorothy at some point or made the mistake of being close to her are now wrapped up in her endless, mindless, internet chatter:

K8 dph280

k8 dph281

k8 dph272

k8 dph78

k8 dph85

k8 dph292

k8 dph279

k8 dph171

k8 dph172

There is tons of stuff like that. I have shared stuff like this with both Mr. Wolff and Jennifer in the past because they both told me they planned on suing Dorothy. So far, it hasn’t stopped her. But if either of you want to have your lawyer contact me… you are the ones that she really says the most damaging stuff about and I’d love to share it all with your attorneys.

I want to really stress a point, she is not just posting this crap in public, she sends it to whoever will listen. She had no idea who Kate was, in fact on January 29th, just a few days ago and three months into our correspondence she asked Kate this:

k8 dph246

She doesn’t even know why Kate is involved, though I did explain to her at the beginning as you saw. This I believe is because she sends the same kinds of shit out to everyone not knowing or caring who they are.

In one message she calls me Donna:

k8 dph147

She had a lot to say about our phone call, all lies of course, but I’m saving that for another post. Let’s look at another part where I wasn’t sure she realized who she was messaging:

k8 dph193

WTF? She was talking to Kate, right? Or does she send these out in some kind of “chain” mails? Here’s one that shows exactly what I mean:

k8 dph65b

She is sending all this stuff out to who knows who. And if they aren’t seeing through it like any rational person would, well then they are obviously not rational people… and that means this is at a whole new kind of scary.

There’s more… lots more.

And you will get to see most of it…

For 3 obvious reasons:

One, to get at Dorothy… I mean that’s a given… she deserves some big time payback!

Two, to hopefully show some of you in the Nut Gallery listening to this insane babel, how messed up Dorothy really is and how people are being affected by it.

And the third and most important reason, to help all those who are affected by Dorothy’s hurtful lies and slander. Be it to show you what she is passing around to people she doesn’t even know or to give to your attorneys if anyone ever does decide enough is enough.

Because although I am making light of all this with a super bowl halftime show…

What Dorothy is doing is dangerous and criminal and does need to be stopped.

Until then, I have lots of sharing to do!


Are You A Good Witch Or A Bad Witch?

good witch

I just want to clear something up. When I say I’m dropping houses on witches tomorrow, I am in no way referring to the Wiccan Religion. I was raised Catholic, so we share a lot of the same Pagan holidays.

Seriously though… when I say witch I mean like Wizard of Oz stuff. You know, good witch, bad witch stuff.

There are some evil witches out there trolling the internet as we speak… and the head witch, the evilest one of them all, the Wicked Witch of the East, Dorothy (I know that seems backwards from the story you know, but this is a backwards story with backwards people) needs to watch out for falling houses tomorrow.

The Wicked Witch of the East left me a private message on my ZW Facebook last night:

zw dph pm drunken sf

See… what a wicked, wicked, witch. I have nothing to do with the website called “Drunken Stepfather”. I just wrote a post about it, that’s all. I think any reader here knows that, well everyone but Dorothy of course (and she does read here, all the time). Go ahead Dot Girl, look into the DSF site. The outcome of that can only be hilarious.

The evil, wicked witch calls me a liar, says I have no children. I really wish you would stop talking about my kids in any way. Telling me to take care of them or saying I have none, just don’t even talk about other people’s kids. It just leaves you open to similar discussions of your own children that I know you don’t want anyone getting into. Right? Right!

The ugly, troll of a witch talks about me going to jail and losing my apartment with the “dumpster view” (what the hell is she talking about there? I bet I can crack it in time for my half-time show tomorrow, lol, it’s already cracked, so that bet would be unfair… oh, clues to secrets) The whole threatening message is more of a joke than a threat, because it’s all wrong.  Everything this wicked witch does is all wrong, you would think she would be tired of being wrong. Not as long as she can fit it into her wicked little head with all the other lies stuck up there.

Will you allow me to digress for a moment? LOL, you (my reader) always do.

When I was growing up I went to Knott’s Scary Farm every year. They always had the “Hanging” as a main stage show. Well almost always, and every time I went there was a hanging. They hung witches for a while, but after getting grief from local practicing witches, Knott’s stopped hanging witches and went with celebrity figures, Freddy Krueger was the star of a few I saw. The last time I went (which was 2013) they had brought back the “Hanging of the Witch”. I thought that was cool, because it was about good witches and bad witches… not Wiccan and Pagan beliefs… it’s about Wizard of Oz type stuff.

And that’s the point I want to get across here. Tomorrow’s “House Dropping” festivities is not aimed at anyones religious or spiritual beliefs…

It’s about good witches and bad witches…

and wicked, wicked ones!

The Nut Gallery

nut gallery

I know this place is starting to look like one of these:

and the countless others out there…

I know some people might think I’m stuck on Dorothy…

Well, just so every understands… Dorothy is no longer the menace she once was, for what ever reasons, her crap is no longer all over Facebook everyday or finding its ways onto the SG Facebook page.

I don’t need to post about her any more and none of these latest posts were aimed at Dorothy.

No, you see I stopped her mindless internet chatter… I stopped quite a few people’s mindless internet chatter, even Nancy keeps most of it on her own page now, and that’s Nancy! Now I’m no Superman, and I didn’t do it alone, but really… they are afraid to write anything because they know I will find it or someone will send it to me and it will be picked apart… quickly.

No, my aim was at the Nut Gallery… you know who you are… just look at your Facebook friend list… do you see Dorothy Price Hill there? Well then you are probably part of that nut gallery. If you receive emails, PM’s or phone calls from her you are definitely part of that nut gallery. And if you are listening to her crap about everyone, quite a bit of it lately probably littered with the name zero in it, and you didn’t tell her to STFUP, then YOU are the one I’m writing these latest post about Dorothy for. I hope you are understanding what I am writing.

Julia, Kate, Todd, and Diane… you are part of the Nut Gallery!

Nan Nan… you may claim to be out, but you and Dorothy are still in bed together or soon will be I’m sure (that’s not a lesbian joke, although Dorothy, Nancy could really use some sex…  so you could make it literal and help your friend out) so yes Nan Nan… you are definitely part of the Nut Gallery.

Flukey, fluke, fluke! Yes Junior… you are part of the nut gallery… one of the head nuts!

Cristin and Jen, I know neither of you never worked with Dorothy, wait is that a double negative?  LOL! Run and hide and pretend you had nothing to do with it… get in the gallery where you belong!

Did I miss anyone… of course I did, because there are a lot of you nuts out there listening to Dorothy tell lie after lie and you do nothing about it! Damn enablers! You too will reap what you sow… bank on it! (yes I said bank, read something into it Dorothy… see the fake connections, go on dumb dumb)

Well keep reading… there are some more insights coming for you Gallery… one of you in particular is gonna be seen in a whole new light. And for those of you worried that I am starting to look like those other blog wars and afraid I might change the name to something like “Dorothy Is A”, don’t worry, we are coming to a place where she will be able to go back to the back burner again (that’s where witches belong). And  I have 3 new blogs that should be mostly Dorothy free (mostly) coming real soon… I hope you check them all out.

Stay Tooned… (LOL)

Calling All Dorothy Enablers


Remember back when most of us were first hearing about Dorothy Price Hill?  Some crazy lady posting places that her ex husband was the LISK Killer…

I was very new to it all and was just trying to sort out who was who when Dorothy rose quick to the surface… I actually thought she was some type of politican at first after reading some article Dorothy wrote on Mitt Romney. LOL! Man we’ve come a long way.

But let’s head back there for a second…

zero mm7 email

So this is from my very first email correspondence, which was with MM7. I was completely lost with all the names involved.

The PS149 Email I am referring to is one of the last posts on before it went bye-bye. For those that did not read there, you could send in a post through email  and it would then be posted as a post. Well 2 of those last email posts came from Mysterymom7 and PS149. The Ps149 one got pretty heavy in the comments if I remember right… and both posts were removed right before the site itself was also removed. I just want to point out though, most of the stuff written by PS149 on that post and in it’s comments (and I know people get all “which PS149?” on me when the name is brought up, but in my mind, the PS149 from Websleuths, the one who is still out there, is the same PS149 who did most if not all of the commenting on, though I do agree that on MM7’s blog and my own blog, NERD became PS149 a few times, but that’s all so confusing and I just need to stop there in fear of losing way to many of you, those who get it… NERD, PS149, etc, you know where I’m coming from) now what was I saying, oh yea, all that stuff PS149 was writing on can be seen as truth exposed with all the hindsight we now have… Fluke is Joey… MM7 was influenced by Joey, Dorothy corrupted the different things MM7 was stealing from others and then making her own… I think I have to demonstrate:

mm7 email dot

That’s MM7’s reply… and there’s at least some misdirection there. I swear, right from the beginning some were very straight forward with me, others had things to hide, and therefore they felt the need to come running to me with information, but holding back things that they didn’t want known or purposely handed me misleading stuff to lead me a certain way. If you look at all those who are pissed at me, most of  those who went running away with thier tails between their leggs and those who stuck it out waiting for me to get it,  you can see right away who kept it real and who thought they could play me. The main thing I want to get across from this email exchange though, is the last part there:

“We’re putting our heads and resources together.”

This started the biggest Dorothy enablement that I have come across… it led Dorothy my way, and therefore I guess to where we are right now.

Now MM7 has changed her tune many times with who she worked with and who she didn’t, most of you have probably heard her say she never really worked with any of them… well:

mm7 email

There’s another place where MM7 talks of working with Dorothy… also says she worked quite a bit with Jen. Need more?

DPH MM7 email

dph mm7 email2

That’s Dorothy and MM7 right before the fake “Feildnotes Interview”.  Remember how PS149 talked about Dorothy calling Feildnotes at work claiming to be MM7… yea, that happened, just as PS149 said. And MM7 and Dorothy were in on the whole thing… working together.

mm7 dph joey etc

That one’s fun for me to read. I read between the lines.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, they all worked together at some point… Jen, Joey, Dorothy, and Cristin. The big Dopey D Team… but that’s not where I’m going with all this… I’ve proven that time and time again, and no matter how much they want to deny it… they can’t. Not to me anyways… and I don’t need to read between the lines to see it… they were very upfront about it at times… so where am I going with all this?  Somewhere I think… but here’s a place I want to stop by as we get there:

mm7 dph UG

I think even MM7 knows most of her work with Dorothy was crap. Jen and Joey played her, so nothing she got from them is worth anything either. But when it comes to the CCC and UG, I think they think they were on to something. And that doesn’t surprise me. Many out there still feel there is something to the CCC theory. Here’s where that all comes from:

teps to magic

Could this be the answer everyone is looking for? A falling out between some creepy men on a call girl “rate” sight?  I don’t know, because, it’s not really that secret, many have looked into the connection. So if there was something there wouldn’t we know by now… but as I said many still come back to this little group of men. Let me tell you where Dorothy and Cristin took the connection.

Magic is Dr. Hackett… and Teps and others kicked him out of their little gang. So according to Dorothy and MM7, after putting their “heads and resources” together, Magic got pissed and decided to get even. Magic knew his old buddies had secrets… each one had killed a girl in Atlantic City… 4 guys, four dead bodies… so he (Magic) set out to kill 4 more prostitutes and blame them on his four old buddies. Other names in that thread like lightweight and Slinky Bender have popped up here as screen names.

I’ve talked about this before and although some of it I understand where it is coming from, it definitely takes some Dorothy leaps to get where they did.

So why am I rehashing all this… for different reasons…  some of you will read this and get something totally different from it than others will. I can’t stress that enough about this blog. Everyone gets something different out of it. Some of you understand this post better than me… believe me, I know that.

But I’ll bring it back to for those it is titled for.

Getting together with Dorothy Price Hill is dangerous. Pulling resources with her… discussing ideas with her… they lead to bad places. Along the way you hurt people. And in the end you are left looking at the very least stupid and foolish.

Want a short list:

I know there are others, many others. Giving Dorothy that pat on the back for lying about everything and everyone. Evil, vicious lies that never helps any cause you may think you are fighting for.

Take a look at the others…. Cristin, Nancy, Jen and Joey… left looking as crazy as Dorothy (shhh… I’m making a point to nutballs and calling them nutballs doesn’t usually help).  Is that what you want? Stop the madness! Stop enabling Dorothy and the destruction she is causing to herself and everyone around her.

See through what ever fog it is some of you allow to mask your judgements.

Dorothy Price Hill is bad mo jo.

She’s a liar and manipulator… and has been involved in many cyber-terrorisim type attacks on so many people who just don’t deserve it.

People shouldn’t have to put up with the likes of Dorothy Price Hill because those around her won’t do what’s right.

Do what’s right people.