Susie Say So

Do any of you ‘member the screen name that started putting MM7’s mug shot everywhere?  Yea, we ‘member. LOL.

So Susie says a lot of stuff under screen names, but she also has a lot to say under her “Sue Name”. Shall we take a look at some of them? Yes we should:












If I am seeing this wrong, please someone correct me. But Susie Mockingbird is a big part of the problem. In fact I put her in the top 3 next to Dorothy Price Hill and Joey “Flukeyou”  Junior. And Jen, Cristin, and Candyce, you round out the bottom 3. All 6 of them getting right up into the case. Truthspider and Hawkshaw are dangling from the scrap metal of this ship, with John Ray at the captain’s seat. Some may argue that Mari had a hand in letting some of these nuts get so close to the case, maybe… but John Ray has always been driving… still is.


Any Last Words? Part 2

It’s been a while since we all heard about Mari’s death and I said there would be a week of silence on the blog. Much more than a week has passed by, in fact a whole season has gone. Summer became Fall and Fall is half way through.

I recently wrote on here,  “the longer I stay away from the blog, the easier it is not to return”, and that keeps getting truer and truer. I like writing here and interacting with all the different readers (well most of you) but just letting go of all the madness that circles this blog and enjoying life these last few months has started me thinking towards ending the blog all together. I’m sure this won’t come to much surprise, I mean did anyone really expect it to go on longer than 3 years?

The problem is, even when the blog is quiet the nut gallery keeps on yapping. Dorothy declared war on the blog a few weeks back, I have to admit that brought a smile to my face. Some of you might have seen Fluke returned to let me know the blog sucks, thank you Fluke, coming from you that means a lot. I noticed some of the exiles like Susie S., Candyce B., and Crictin K. came out of hiding to say a few words about Mari, I don’t have anything to say about that, that was totally expected. In fact I expected many of the exiles to resurface and have things to say now that Mari is gone. I expected it, was worried about it, and saw it happen. I was a little surprised to see how many quickly turned on Mari, but I knew that would come too. Even her attorney who used to say how strong of a woman Mari was, and what a great mother she was, quickly changed his tune, accusing Mari of child neglect and mental illness. Comments flying around about Mari being into witchcraft and arguments on the difference of black and white magic…. more of the crap the LISK case does not need.

A few have come to me asking my feelings on John Ray and I was not kind with my words. More than ever the guy seems like a snake to me. But I have had more time to think about it, and maybe he is just trying to help the Gilbert family in any way he can now. Maybe he is just trying to do right by Mari and Shannan by saving Sarra. I don’t know, and it’s really not for me to pass judgment. The Gilbert’s have had too much tragedy in their lives, I’ve said that many times before, and I don’t want to be part of any hurtful words towards them. I think most of my readers understand that and know of my careful skirting around when it comes to the Gilberts. That hasn’t changed with Mari’s death, in fact it’s only made it harder. I don’t want to be writing about any of this, but the time has come to stop putting a new post off or just stop posting. And I’m just not quite at the latter yet.

Still I will not judge or question any of the Gilberts and I know that puzzles some of my readers. Yes, many of us have questioned about mental states of the family and if this played into them connecting to others with questionable mental state. We have all long ago seen that connection in the interactions between the Gilberts and those like Dorothy, Joey, Jen, Candyce, Cristin, and the list goes on and on. Questions of bi-polar and schizophrenia as well as other mental illness surrounds them all. But these are things long ago known, and I don’t see the purpose to pounce on it all now. I still strongly feel hurt and sorrow for the Gilberts, they have suffered a lifetime of tragedy and therefore I can understand (in some way) the reasons they go about things or the mental instability that comes with such tragedies. I just wish it didn’t affect the Gilgo Beach case the way it has and does. But I don’t lay that blame on the Gilberts. That goes right down the line bouncing back and forth between the Jens and Cristins and ends right at the top of crazy with Flukeyou and Dorothy.

Can you tell I’m struggling with this post? I’m this close to deleting all that I’ve written so far…

Look, I agree that things like the Shannan Facebook memorial and Mari’s blog have let questionable people get involved with lies and misdirection. I think some of those who joined Mari on the vigils and marches on Oak Beach have done great damage to the case and hurt the lives of innocent people. Yes, it’s a mess but I don’t see how blaming the Gilberts or shinning spotlights on their tragic home life will help solve the LISK case nor stop all the nuts who pushed their ways into it all.

I’d like to think Mari is with Shannan and all that tragedy and heart ache between them has dissolved, giving way to pure love, forgiveness, and an eternity of happiness. I hope they await us all someplace where all the questions and pain of life’s hardness are forgotten.

Still I know the questions for all of us live on, and many will continue to search for answers and some will continue to spread lies to confuse the rest of us. The question is will this blog be a part of it any more?

If this is to be the last year of the blog, at the very least I owe my readers the best “ta da” I can.

So… any last words… any one?

Cristin? Some public apologies maybe?

Jen? I actually contacted Jen a short while ago to question her on something Mari had told me about Jen. Jen, of course denied it and questioned my purpose for contacting her. Classic Jen. By the way Jen, I know you are talking to people, I hope you are keeping to the truth and not some made up “cloak and dagger” shit.

Candyce? Susie? Any thing to say? Doubt it. Not under those names at least.

Nerd? I know you are still out there. End some of the confusion, I know you can.

Joey? I know you have some last words, but it will just be the same old shit.

Websleuthers? Where ya at? I’m looking forward to some of the things you all have to say. I doubt you will like what I have to say about all of you.

Nancy? Just kidding, no last words needed from you. In fact I beg you… keep it on your Facebook.

Dorothy? Nothing you can say will ever make up for all the crap you have said and done. But if you have any last words, get ’em out, because you know I will have plenty of last words for you.

That goes for everyone really. Truthspider, Son of Man, Dawhoda, Gino, Mr. Harvard, Radionewz, Julia, Michelle McKee, PS149…

Any last words?

Now’s the time.

Mari’s Blog

Remember Mari’s blog? The one Cristin helped her with, but a not so elaborate cover-up was used to keep this from public knowledge… well I blew that, I know. Sorry about that, but I just call the lies as I see them. How am I supposed to know which lies are done for good reasons and which ones are done to mislead (I am being way sarcastic here, all lies are meant to mislead).

Anyways, I bring it up because I had 2 comment replies there from Mari today. You can look and see them for yourself:

Just look for the comments dated today,  2-19-2015.

Well, I answered both of those comments and they are “awaiting moderation”. I will give Mari the time to put them through. I also wrote her on Facebook like she said in her comment. I hope to hear back from her.

I really only bring this all up because when I went to the blog to answer these comments today, I saw some other comments left a while back I had missed. If you clicked on the above links, you probably saw them as well.

First off there was this from Nancy:

nancy on mari blog

Wow, Nancy finding her way to Mari. Scary, but “that’s par for the course”, right?

Mari answered Nancy:

mari blog comment zero natasha

Thank God that’s where Nancy’s involvement stopped, though Flukeyou had one right after:

fluke maris blog zero

I can’t believe I missed these! I’m nowhere as good as you all give me credit for…lol.

As for Mari’s comment to me about us having someone in common, as I said, I’m hoping Mari will contact me on Facebook so we can talk more, but for now, that is where I will leave all that. What Mari and I do or don’t discus is not needed to be blasted all over the blog. But Flukeyou… now he’s a different story.

Flukeyou wrote that back in September… I just saw it today, and I did comment a reply to it, also waiting in moderation. But I’ll answer it here as well, well sort of at least. I’ll answer it with a couple of questions.

Fluke, why are you always wanting me to do police work? I’m sure LE has looked at everyone’s phone records, they don’t need me to do it, plus I wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to do so… again you all think I’m much better at all this than I obviously am, lol. Plus as far as phone records, you know you pal Jen is telling everyone you are the king of spoof phone calls, right?

One last question, Joey, I mean Fluke… you keep saying “it won’t be long now”. This last one is from 5 months ago…

How long will it be… because so far it seems pretty long to me.

I bet to all the others watching all of this and hoping for REAL answers also feels it’s been long… way too long, and yet you and Dorothy keep promising it’s almost over. Time is gonna trample the two of you, mark my words.

I’ll leave this here:

Mari, I’d love to talk to you, but you have been listening to some people with questionable agendas and mindsets. Still, I understand why you would do so. If you want to talk to me, you know where to reach me:

Flukeyou and Dorothy… I can go on about lots of things and lots of people… but that nasty smell of dog shit keeps leading me back to you 2. Dang it, there I go with the language again. Sorry!

And The Beat Goes On…

As I said in comments, I spoke with Murt on the Tweeter the other night. He has a new blog about him and I don’t think he likes it very much.

Since I  have followed the whole Murt/Michelle/Radionewz saga, I have my own guess who’s behind the new blog. But for now I’m just observing.

For those who haven’t yet seen just how much Murt’s story merges with LISK stuff and the liars and gamers involved there, let me refresh your memory.

We first heard of Murt (well at least I did) when MM7 brought him up in connection to her so-called “DRONE” event:

Now to see how they actually got together you need to look at a tweet:

CK drone tweet

This may be hard to follow, but I have faith in my readers.

I had a couple long talks on the phone with MM7, and we discussed this subject in the last one. MM7 does not see that making this Tweet is what brought Murt to the LISK table. But anyone in the know about Murt knows he and Michelle McKee have been playing the old back-n-forth with each other for years.

And if you take Murts explanation for how he learned of the “Drone”, he says an anon friend brought it up to him and told him of MM7’s blog and trouble with a “Drone”… well it all fits…

MM7 made an inquiery to Michelle, Michelle then got Murt involved in hopes of confusing the whole matter and screwing with Murt.

Again, though, in my conversations with MM7, she dosen’t see it that way, or at least wouldn’t admit it happened that way. No, she insists that her telling Michelle about the “Drone” in a Tweet and then Murt coming to her (MM7) blog to give his 2 cents on the toy were not connected. According to MM7, Murt came to her site on his own free will because he was connected to all this in some way. This is one of the many reasons I had a hard time trusting or believing MM7. Murt was not involved in this. Say what you want about Murt, and people do, as I mentioned he has numerous blogs against him, and most who come to his aid, usually wash their hands of him at some point, but he was coaxed into the LISK stuff and called a stalker, but in this case it was all a set up. And for all I know they were all in on it. There was no Drone Stalker, MM7 has since admitted to me, that the toy probably belonged to a friend of her husband (or is it ex husband now, following Dorothy and Nancy’s footsteps there) who was living in their guest house at the time. Funny this was never mentioned anywhere at the time “Drone Gate” was going on. But even if Murt was duped into getting involved, he only has himself to blame. Because he is out there searching for the drama. He claims he doesn’t understand why so many “stalk and defame” him (sound familiar?) as he steps straight into each fire!  He should have seen the Drone mention for what it was… bait. And he might have and just didn’t care. Either way, he contacted MM7 to tell her what he thought the “Drone” might be. Which got him named as Cristin’s stalker.

I can’t spend too much time explaining this, because this post is gonna be a long one and I’ve covered most of this before, so hopefully those of you paying attention get it… those who don’t, start all over read ALL the blogs involved… you’ll see what I see.

So this led to all sorts of worlds colliding and had me wondering, just how did MM7 know Michelle McKay. Now I’m learning most everyone involved here was on Websleuths at one time, that may be the connection… Websleuths has lots of cases profiled on the site and there was a cross over from Florida cases like the Haleigh Cummings case and the Casey Anthony case to the LISK case.

Again, no time to get to into this, but if you read at ALL these places, and I have, you see the connections (yes, real connections Dorothy, not made up ones).

The thought that there was more going on here became stronger to me when Flukeyou was a guest writer on Radionewz, a satire news blog site (one that gave me the idea for my blog Vegas Confidential) that had a beef with Murt. Here’s Flukes post:

Is that Fluke?

Well Murt jumped right on in without even knowing what he was jumping into:

I wrote about it as it actually happened, and pretty much called it all out as one big charade and it all went NOWHERE!

Well it did go one place.

The Shannan blog:

For long time readers, you will remember that many thought this blog was done by MM7. And because I mentioned this, all hell broke loose and in my opinion, back peddling started right up. Again all because my questions were just too much for those trying to keep up with all their lies.

Now Mari Gilbert got involved at this point, and I am not gonna point any fingers or try to explain what really happened, but I’ll put it all out there, and as usual, you can decide.

The blog had a poll on it for you to vote who you thought had killed Shannan, and some of us questioned those on that list. Mainly the inclusion of Fieldnotes, someone who once was friends with Mari and was part of that whole group who came to her and wanted to help. The whole poll seemed spiteful rather than helpful.

Read the comments here for a better explanation of what happened:

But here is the comment that cleared up the mystery of who ran the page:

mari blog

So the blog is not ran by Cristin, but it was ran by a Kristine and then Mari took it over. At least that’s the explanation Mari gave.

Cristin told me a much different story. She told me Mari was behind the blog from the get go, but didn’t want others to know it was her, so when the questions of who ran the blog came up, Mari said that she (Mari) just took it over from someone. Cristin also admited to helping Mari with the blog.

I made this all public and it pissed people off. They thought I was calling out Mari, but I was really calling out Cristin. I don’t question Mari’s actions, but I don’t like that Mari was listening to Cristin (and others) and they were steering Mari into wrong places. To show what I mean, look at the last post made on that blog:

Who started this blog? Kristine, Cristin, Mari? I don’t know, but Mari made it clear she was in control of it now. So did Mari lie? Did Cristin Lie? I tend to believe that Mari did not start this blog just as she said or at least did not do it alone, and unless a Kristine wants to step up and claim it, I see Cristin in there somewhere. Until the other day Murt did as well:


Yes, Murt believes Cristin is behind the blog… my point in bringing it all back up… people are confused here and they like it that way!

They are all content with the game, they like the attention it brings. But as we have all seen, people are being hurt by all this confusion… anyone else keeping up on Nancy? I really hope someone helps her soon, get’s her checked into a hospital and then go after Dorothy legally for her part in Nancy’s demise.

My reasoning for believing Mari about not creating this blog (or at least given help on it) is mainly because the blog has stopped since Mari claims to have taken it over. I don’t think she planned the blog or knows how to continue it… this is my opinion based on what I have seen and read… as usual.

Why do they all like the confusion they are caught up in? Why won’t they all see common sense? Everyone has their own reasons I’m sure, but mainly its to feed those chemicals in the brain. Some just can’t see the truth because it will cut them out of the game.

Others know all to well what they are doing…

You reading, Joey? I hope so. How ’bout you Jimmy?

Enough with the “same old same old”, let’s get to some new stuff…

I keep going over all the ways Joey followers and Dorothy enablers are wrong in their conclusions about these 2 people. I don’t see why others don’t see it. I don’t have special powers, I just looked into it all and saw what I saw. And yet there are still those out there who want to tell me I am the one who is wrong. The latest comes from some comments left on my LISK blog by Jimmy:



I already addressed these in comments (click “HERE” to read the comments), but I want to bring them up here, because I’m just amazed that anyone would still stick up for Fluke after all that has been shown. But hey Dorothy has lots of Facebook “Friends” and Bill W.’s followers would believe he walked on water if he said it was so, meanwhile you are all being played. Yes, even you Jimmy, who ever you are. If you for one minute think Joey/Flukeyou’s intentions are good or believe any of his crap he has lied about (most of his lies have already been shown for what they are, give it time and it will all be seen as lies, please come back and show me anything that Joey says or has said that ever comes to anything but a lie, there did I say the word LIE enough, those who have told them will be held accountable, at least here, and we all know I ain’t going nowhere) then you are a fool. Sorry Jimmy, I can’t put it any other way. Well that’s not true. You could also be a liar, (is pretender a better word?)  just trying to get me going on Fluke again… Yea, I know that game.

So… the beat goes on, and we all know, I’m always ready to dance.


Just Getting Started

I keep saying this, and truth is, I haven’t really gotten started yet. Back after I ended the “Red & Black” Prophet Blog and concentrated on the LISK blog for a third and final time, many of the “Nut Team” accused me of also playing games  and confusing the issues. This was totally untrue and a little hurtful, because I think I took that blog and all I wrote there very seriously. I think from that third disclaimer on, I really got to the truth of what went on at I got to the connections of all these bad apples and showed that NONE of their slanderous tales held water when fully examined.

But still I got accused of games and was told by a few that I was as bad as all the other gamers. I commented back then, and those who have been reading from the beginning will remember, “you’ll know when I start playing games.”

Well, I think the creation of “Zero’s World” was the announcement that I was ready to play. But still many of you didn’t get it. Yes, this blog is an exaggeration of what is really happening… duh, I’ve said that many times, even put it in the title. But this blog has many faces and many agendas, just like all of you. It was used to pull more readers into the LISK blog, top priority was to get as many as possible to see what some of you have done to that case. It was also a place to poke at the hypo-crites out there… something I enjoy doing (do I think I’m better than other people, I’ll answer that with a question to all of you, when you turn on the news, or see a true crime show,or a commercial for hungry or abused children or see how people are fighting and hurting each other out there in the world, do you think you are better than that?).

Yes, many reasons for “Zero’s World” and there are many more waiting for it, I designed it that way, you know.

But one of the reasons that might be harder to grasp is how I hide the truth behind the satire and exaggeration. A cool trick to get the truth out there to be seen. It’s kind of the complete opposite of what the rest of you are doing. This of course has made a lot more people see me as one of the game players, and that is too bad. The truth is right there… it’s just waiting to be seen. Those who got together and stirred lies in with google searches. Names still being connected without any real reasearch, and the people involved goes right up to Mari Gilbert (we all know that, but just pussyfoot around it).

I’ve thought about making a more serious blog about all of this again, in hopes that helpful info can be taken from all the crap. But again, most of the people who had helpful info don’t want to be involved any more due to the lies and slander the “TEAM” did.

I’ll name the “team” again for those of you who still don’t see it:

Joey Scalise Jr. aka Flukeyou

Cristin aka Mysterymom7

Jen aka jjj

Dorothy aka evil cunt

Candyce aka anything with “Brooklyn”

Susie S. aka  Mockingbird Killer

We’ll call them team 6… none of them want to admit working together, but we have them admitting it so many times, that to still try to deny it is just so silly.  So this is “TEAM 6”, together and separate they have caused heartache and sorrow to many, but especially in the LISK case. And those of you who worked with any of these people, well your hands are dirty as well. Some of you have tried to make it right, only to be cast into the fire. Some of you have used games yourself to get at “Team 6” and in the process have helped them create this madness.

And then there is me… that zero guy who decided it was time to start blogging again… found the whole thing and got sucked right up in it.

I’ve met Too Close and Linda, two people who have been screaming common sense at these gamers for a long time. And there were others along the way, most wanting to be left out of the circus now, but they too saw through “Team 6” and the lies they were spreading. So I wasn’t alone… there were lots of good people to help me along this asylum of pretenders.

What I did, what others before me did, it didn’t stop them, not all of them at least. But the truth about all of them is there for those who seek it, and there is more truth to come.

This blog is to seperate these liars and trolls from the real cases they feed off of and in some ways hurt. But I know that becasue a few of these players are very close to the LISK case that there are REAL questions about WHY some of them have done what they have done.

Will I start another blog to look at the LISK case in-depth and not just the games played by some nuts squirming their way through LI and Oak Beach? Part of me thinks I should and that it may be helpful… but then I look at “Team 6” and all those who help them, listen to them, hide from them, and just basically let them get away with what they have done, I don’t know if anyone out there is of any real help.

Again, time will tell. But no matter what, “Zero’s World” is going nowhere. And “Team 6” will always be on the agenda here!

In fact… I’m just getting started!