Angry Music


I’ve been told that the music I listen to is bad for me. It’s too angry:

dph zero rap

new dph fb2

dph black music

LMFAO! Yes, some of my stalked stalkers really don’t like the music I listen too. I believe SOM said something like rap music causes kids to get guns and shoot people and Madonna’s music causes girls to become sluts. I’m paraphrasing and since he is no longer on Facebook I can’t go and read he exact words… but that’s close enough to what he was implying.

Well let’s take see what I’m listening to right now:

Holly shit!! Maybe there is some truth to what my oppressed, obsessers are saying.

There’s no telling what I’m gonna write about next… or who.

The music has taken over… all self-control has been relinquished to the demons of hip hop, punk rock, metal, and pop.

And no one is safe!

Duh… Duh… Dorothy

dph zero li

Finally a brave man stepped up. Thank you. I smell a fish!

dph zero ug

I never claimed to be in California, well except when I’m there. And why does she have to keep bringing up my kids? In fact why bring me up here at all? Is she trying to connect me to UG and the CCC? That’s not very nice. That place is real creepy. Dorothy and MM7 (mysterymom7) were the first to tell me all about that UG (utopia guide). They also told me all about their wild ideas about the CCC (that’s a little harder to decipher… since it’s only really been used as CCC from what I have seen… most think the last 2 Cs stand for Construction Crew, but even that is questionable… the first C is often thought to be Carney, though I’ve seen other C words used as well). I have gone to UG and read a little bit, found the whole story on the CCC and although I think it is quite interesting that a creep site like that has the same issues with feuds, back ‘n forths, and sock puppets, I’m not sure where Dorothy and MM7’s wild connections come from. In fact where did UG first get brought up? I’m guessing Websleuths… but is it a complete Dorothy and MM7 delusion? Or does it have actual roots somewhere?

I don’t know, but that place is creepy! And it’s full of creepy people… so I really don’t appreciate you insinuating I have anything to do with it Dorothy… NOT NICE!

By the way, these were posted on Shannan Gilbert’s memory Facebook page last month by Dorothy. Don’t know when they will realize she is hurting that page and their sister’s memory with Dorothy’s crazy, slanderous, rants. Maybe never. Though hopefully when the case is finally solved (and I still have hope that it will some day) maybe then Dorothy’s rants won’t get through.

Like I said before, unfortunately Dorothy would just move on to something else.

And I promise you, Zero’s World will be a part of those delusional rants as well.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

She brings life to this place.




Oh yea, almost forgot…


Tic Toc… They Don’t Stop


Would you believe that I got more private messages today on the ZW FB from Dorothy?

I still have not answered any of them. But she feels the need to get my attention. Oh, how they need me.

What did she have to say to me this time. Let’s take a look:

dph zw fb fbi Js crazy

Thank God she is still sending me these things, because this one is priceless. I love it!

You would think by now the FBI would have a lock on me and my blog. But I’ll continue to make it “easier”, because Dorothy, I plan on making all sorts of MORE posts!

I don’t know what chickman llc is all about, I did google it. Couldn’t find one in Nebraska, but did find some stuff on a Adam Chickman in Maryland. Don’t know why Dorothy has chosen this one, but then I don’t know why she choses half the names she sends out across the great open internet.

I love, love, love that she wrote Joey Scalise thinks I’m crazy. Fuckin’ Brilliant! LMFAO… Look if you all go back far enough you’ll see I always said I could keep right up with you nuts. I mean, really, I can’t be all there, right? No, not all there… but we are all here… so let’s continue:

dph zw fb drugs

There ya go Dot Girl… brain scan definitely needed. #dickinyourmouthallday

What else ol’ not so wise one:

dph zw fb1

dph zw fb2

Oops… Dorothy going after Nancy’s family… with friends like that… blah, blah, blah fuck Dorothy… lol.

I mean just because most people don’t get how messed up Dorothy going at Nancy’s son-in-law is, doesn’t mean it isn’t messed up. Trust me it is. And I explained long ago how Dorothy was a big part in feeding Nancy negative information about her(Nancy) family:

(By the way, it was in that post where I left a hidden clue to Kate, and returning readers know,  a friend of Dorothy pointed it out to her, but she still opened up to Kate. There’s much more from the Kate/Dorothy discussions just waiting to make a post… good stuff)

Oh by the way, that last name she mentioned there: Curtis M. Leblanc… I googled that as well and this is what came back:

curtis fotm

Circles… crazy ass circles…

Remember Fellowship Of The Minds?

Attention wanted… attention given!

DPH Sighting

It’s been almost a year since there was a “DPH Sighting” post, so you know this is a #Purge!

There has only been one such post here on the ZW blog and that was last February:

I just reread it. Hindsight, hindsight, hindsight! In that post I point out how she was shifting me into her timelines. We have all seen many times since then where she connects me and Nevada or Las Vegas to her criminal activity knowledge. And calls out the haunt I work at by name now as well as anyone that she finds linked to it. My fault though, right there in that post I could see it coming and I didn’t run the other way. “Own worst enemy” and all that.

I also went back and looked at the last DPH sighting on my

WOW, I had forgotten that I had suspected NERD of having something to do with Dorothy and Nancy way back then. I think recently I mentioned NERD comments had come from North Carolina and Coram. If Cristin was still around she probably has more on this. And if Nancy was still around she might explain why this once again brings me back to her area of all of this. That’s as far as I’ll go on that subject for now though.

I know I’m just confusing most of you, but some of you might be very keen to what I’m saying. And NERD if you are reading, send me an email! Or maybe I’ll send you one. That is if I can find a real one for you. I think there might be one… to be continued…

On to the latest DPH Sighting… and I feel this is an important one. Long time readers know the DPH Sightings (like so much of this blog) was multipurposeful.

So many have her blocked on social media, so it was a way for people to see what she was saying without unblocking her. It also had the side affect of getting the comments or posts actually taken down. She would pull them imediately when she saw them reposted here. Of course I kept saying I was posting them to see if she’d take them down an dshe kept taking them down. But I think I joked about it once too much because she dosn’t seem to take them down any more. I guess we’ll see if she takes these new ones down:

dph jk2

dph jk4

dph JK1

dph jk mm7

This all comes from a Facebook page called Help Find Missing Jennifer Kesse:

It’s probably a good thing I can’t comment there, you all know how I don’t like posting on places like that. But after all we have seen when it comes to Dorothy, I worry when I see her take on a new interest in an open case. She has done so much damage to the others she has plagued.

There are quite a few comments on this page by her, but I pulled a couple just to show (again) how she works.

Bringing up Oak Beach when almost no one in that case wants her involved. There is always someone new coming forward in her comments, just as a break in the case due to her help is always about to happen.

She hints like she has some knowledge and finds ways of making it about herself.

And of course she brings up her partner from Florida! Cristin, aren’t you tired of her doing that? Do you see that she is moving on to another case with bogus info she says you and her found?

How many family members in this case will she give false hope to? How many innocent people will she tie to it? And worse yet, how many people will she connect with and start sharing personal information mixed with delusional slander?

Hopefully someone out there involved in this case or this page will see this and pass on a warning. Maybe if she messes with the wrong case someone will finally put a stop to her.

Until then, you know I’m always here.


A little more repetitive explanation of sorts… please bear with it… we will get to some new stuff very soon.

We are now almost a month into our third year here at Zero’s World and it’s time for some new hashtags, but I know there are some out there that still don’t understand my hashtags, so again, I’ll explain.

It started as a sort of inside joke that grew into another inside joke. Back when I first discovered Twitter I kept seeing the # sign all over the place. I stupidly called it a pound sign not knowing it was called a hashtag, but I was quickly schooled to what it was. I understood people used them to connect their Tweets to other tweets of similar subjects, but I thought people get a little “hashtag happy”. They hashtag everything and it made me laugh a little. Soon after that other social media sites including Facebook was using hashtags, they were here to stay and everyone was “hashtag happy”. Later when I started Zero’s World on Facebook and Twitter (yes there is still a Zero’s World Twitter I just hate going there, Twitter is way too depressing), I used hashtags (#) not only to link the blog posts to trending topics, but as an inside joke on hashtags by over using them. I really overused them for a while.

Now, the average reader may not know this, but I brought Linda to social media, seriously I did, ask her. I’ve apologised to her several times for it, it’s a messed up thing to do to someone, I know.  So when Linda saw all my use of hashtags (#) she asked what they were for. I explained as it was first explained to me. I also told her I was using them so much to kind of poke fun at people who use them way too much.  It was then I decided to make a running gag type hashtag on the blog. A hashtag tour. With that #2014FuckYouTour was born. It seemed right since the blog had started with a top 10 “fuck you” list. It wasn’t quite the typical hashtag since it was very unlikely someone else out there would hashtag their post or tweet #2014FuckYouTour, so it was very unlikely my posts and tweets would be connected to other posts and tweets which is the main purpose of the hashtag as I already explained. But it did make fun of overused hashtags, so mission accomplished. Plus the hashtag did work well on Facebook connecting all blog posts and Facebook posts that had to do with hate pages and sites found on Facebook and other social media. In fact that’s what the whole tour was about… saying fuck you to the racist and  homophobic nut cases polluting social media. And I had lots of fun doing it.

I had so much fun that when the second year of the blog came to an end, I decided to have a new hashtag (#). I wanted something that I knew would puzzle people but also fit very well with how I thought the blog would go that second year. I came up with #WorldsCollide.

What did it mean? Well quite a lot actually. Do you know what it’s like when friends at work start to hang out with your friends outside work? Or when old friends you grew up with start to hang out with your new friends? Or when any of your friends get friendly with family members? You know, when one part of your life merges with a totally separate part of your life. It may go great and make things even better than before. Or it could go bad, creating waves and explosions. I could give more specific examples, but I think that will do. it was this basic idea of worlds colliding that I based the hashtag on, but like so much here it meant much more than that. It was about the upcoming clashes of politics and religion we could all see coming in the world. All the world colliding with itself and everyone’s individual world in danger of being destroyed by these collisions.

And worlds did collide, which I helped out by sharing links to the blog all over, colliding the worlds of Dorothy and her friends and foes as well as Bill Windsor and his Lawless Lemmings. bringing some of them here… worlds colliding.  And then I brought some of my own world in by posting links to the blog on both my regular Facebook (lol, regular Facebook, you all know what that means, I wonder how many people out there have at least 2 Facebook accounts) and my old Stranger Facebook bringing in people from my own world to collide here. It actually made the off-blog discussions really kick into high gear. with so many worlds colliding, much more people were finding the blog and wondering what the hell it was really about.

As the second year went on, the 2016 presidential race started up. I felt it needed its own hashtag (#). I decided since it was year two on the blog, why not 2 hashtags, and then in year three we could have 3 hashtags… beauty idea, eh?

I wanted it to be a really long hashtag… one that said way too much and would never link to any other’s hashtag. I came up with:


There you have it, the Zero’s World Hashtags explained (again). And now it’s time for the third year of hashtags, and as I just explained, there will be 3 of them (the number of hashtags matching the year that the blog is in, get it now?). I was just gonna throw them in when I felt like it, but why confuse it all again when I can announce each of them ahead of time and explain exactly what they mean and the give 3 separate examples. So here we go.

First we have:

#Three– Did you see it coming? It’s the third year so you can expect a lot of threes in it and they will all be marked with the #Three. The cool thing about this is it might actually work as a real hashtag and connect my 3s to other posts and tweets about other 3s. There’s definitely more of a chance than the first 3 hashtags of the previous 2 years had.

Next there’s:

#2016PresdidentialElectionCoverage– I had to continue the presidential coverage, it’s just getting good. I had to shorten the tag though, the other one was way to long to remember. This one has an even greater chance of being an actual used hashtag, so I guess it’s time to dust off the Twitter account.

The third and final hashtag of year three is a special one. You see, since I started there have been some out there who really want to try to get at me. “Printin’ lies startin’ controversy”. (that’s from the Guns N’ Roses song Get In The Ring. Did you guys hear they are getting back together? I can’t fucking wait!)

Plus there are those out there who have been dealing with madness much longer than me. so the third hashtag will be for all those (you know who you are) who have had to put up with some messed up behavior from a certain group of people (you also know who you are). They are special posts that will be marked with #Purge. I’m sure these posts will delight some while others might not be so delighted.

There you have it, the Zero’s World Hashtags explained in full detail. But if you are still lost, the next 3 posts will be examples of each of the new hashtags.