Future “Facebook Users”

I’ve mentioned that there has been a few “strange things” going on lately. I’m not sure it’s all related… but some of it sure does seem so. Some of that strangeness is coming from what might be future “Facebook Users”. If you don’t know what I mean by “Facebook User” I literally just explained it in the last post… where were you?

A “Facebook User” is someone you are conversing in your DM and suddenly the FB account just ceases to exist. There may be different reasons for them to disappear, but for the most part (in my experiences) it is because they are fake FB accounts. Facebook frowns on such things and is quick to take them down when they are discovered .

Everyone understands, right?  I’ve been told this blog is hard to understand… so if I get over explanatory, it’s not that I think anyone is stupid, I just want to make sure we are all in the same page.

And that page is future “Facebook Users”. Got it? Good… here’s one right now:


I received this back at the end of February.  As you can see, I did not see it until the end of March. This is partly because I was still getting over the pneumonia, but also because I don’t always remember to check my message requests (you aren’t the only one Pete). When I finally saw it I replied and from then on… “strangeness”.

First off the account looked fake.

When trying to decide if an account is fake for not I first look at when the account was made… new account usually means it is not who they claim to be. This one was created in 2008 though, so if it was a fake account, it’s been around awhile.

Why did I think it was fake? Well the second thing I do is look at the pics I’m the account. Gia’s account had a picture album in it labeled “modeling”… I opened it up and I recognized those pics. They were definitely modeling pictures… a model/actress that was one of the case holders on Deal Or No Deal (the original running of Deal Or No Deal).  I went thru the “modeling” pictures and they seemed to all be of Ursula Mayes. I used to watch Deal Or No Deal quite a bit (yes I’m a T.V. Junkie, I know), so I recognized her right away. I was pretty sure I was not talking to Ursula Mayes but didn’t want to end this little charade before it even began. So I played along, at first.

Even without the pictures of Ursula Mayes there were things in our conversation that screamed at me that this person was not being completely honest with her story, see for yourself:


The second I started reading this I knew she was lying… lol. Well I did. See where she says how she “peaked at her page before blocking her”.  Later Gia would seem very helpful in telling me that Dorothy had mentioned me on Facebook:

gia8 b

What Gia is referring to is something DPH had posted on her Facebook. I wrote about in in the last April 1st post:

dph zw suff films

As soon as started corresponding with Gia I had been checking up on Dorothy’s FB and had actually already seen this, but it was nice of Gia to make sure I had seen it. Wait didn’t Gia say she blocked Dorothy? How did she see that then?

There was other simple lies like this one:

gia11 b

This came after I started being more upfront about her account being odd. I think she realized she needed to abandon ship, get out before it went wrong… too late.

In it Gia clearly writes that her boyfriend “installed a camera outside”, but not too long after that she seems to forget that part of the story:


Now Gia writes “he doesn’t have cameras outside outside his house”.  It seems at this point someone was getting nervous about talking to me, maybe worried it’s not gonna end well for them, stressing over the idea of me getting “zeroed in”. Gia was forgetting her story line. When you tell so many lies it is hard to remember them all.

You may also notice in her first messages, she wrote “We started googling her, found your links amongst other crazy stuff”. Gia writes “We“. Go ahead and back up at the first comments… yes, she wrote “We”.  But the more I brought up talking to her boyfriend the more Gia decided it was a better story to say she looked everything up herself and never mentioned it to her boyfriend. You can see it in the comment  directly above. When the story is bullshit in the first place, it’s easy to  change it to fit your needs.

It was right after Gia brought up Dorothy posting about me on her FB that I started letting Gia know I was not just swallowing everything she was feeding me and that is when the nervous action in their stomach started giving them second thoughts on this charade:




This was actually the first time she mentioned that she had not brought any of this up with her boyfriend (even though she insinuated earlier that he and her had looked me up together) and you can see, her boyfriend will handle it. Thanking me for my help. Trying to get the whole thing to just drop… why would I do that?

There are many times after that where she thanked me and tried to stir me away… as you read I’m sure you see each of them. Gia didn’t want me to talk to her boyfriend, I’m sure most of you reading this know that is because there is none… but Gia had a lot to say about this make believe person. Above you can see some of it. He’s gorgeous and jealous and runs with a bad crew. Gia says he’s a great guy, but he don’t seem that way on paper. Look what Gia wrote about him here:


Scary shit. I see through it though… I know what she is trying to sell here… and it only helps me really zero in on who I think is behind this outrageous attempt to trick me.

Silly Mockingbird.


I did eventually ask Gia about those modeling pictures:


Gia actually doubled down. Does she really think I am that stupid. I think she does.

I noticed after I brought this all up the whole “modeling” folder was gone. Maybe deleted… maybe just put private… but they were definitely taken away because I mentioned them. Gia didn’t like me getting so not stupid on her.

Luckily I had already gotten screen shots of a few:

gia fb pic

gia pre shoot pic

These are just a few, but Gia had pictures of Ursula Mayes all over her FB. Maybe someone should cal Nev.

I’m not sure why Gia pointed out she hadn’t even told her parents about me. Why would she?

“Mom, Dad… this is Zero.”

Yea… no.

Speaking of parents… Gia had a pic of her mom up:

gia mom pic

This one kind of puzzled me.  I’m not sure if that is a picture of Ursula Mayes… but it definitely isn’t Ursula Mayes’ mother. A quick Google search shows you that:

ursula and mom

By the way the third thing I do to spot a fake account is read comments left by others. Did you notice Sydney Delmonaco helping to sell the idea that the picture was indeed of Gia and her mom. I think we just spotted another sock-puppet account:

gia on sydney fb

Even though I am sure I know who this is (Susie), I am very curious what these sock-puppet accounts were originally used for. They are fake models… and they go back a long time… curious.

Alright, I might be spending to much time on Gia… but I don’t plan on doing another post on this, so I want to get it all out.

Another part of the conversation that seemed strange was when she told me about other people she contacted about Dorothy:

I already posted this above but this time I want to focus on a different part of it. Gia writes:

“I went on the hunt for her and found you as well as another person.she was  very close with and had another falling out. She wasn’t very helpful, just said more of what you said which was stay away from her. She was a nutjob herself and involved in all this nonsense that all men are phedolfiles. Complete weirdos”.

Yea, I know, I want to correct the spelling… it’s just so… wrong. Not that I am one to talk… but it’s hurts my eyes and I want to correct it… but that’s the exact quote. You will notice I asked who this mystery person was and got no answer… I didn’t let it go:


Now Gia tells me she “contacted a three people”… nice touch.  It’s those little things that are both funny and helpful. Only one got back to her… and although Gia had just said that person was a nutjob, weirdo, and not much help (sounds exactly like the type that would hang out with Dorothy)… the poor soul had a scary experience with DPH and didn’t want to get involved. Fine… but then why bring it up?

Because it is all bullshit.

So what was this really all about? I’m not sure because as usual, conversations stop when people realize they aren’t going their way.


After that I could no longer send messages. That’s the first step in becoming a “Facebook User”. I’m sure it will happen eventually.

Did the excuse for the Gia Marie screen name seem a little predictable? Gia really wants to sell the fact that she is in to jealous types.

One last thing on Gia… you might noticed I called her Ace a few times. I actually did it a lot. Let me explain (because I’m not sure Gia ever understood it).

Ace is a family nick name of Ursula Mayes. This came from the movie Ace Ventura and was given to Ursula because she had so many pets. I truly believe the real Ursula would have asked me not to keep calling her that… or at least address it.

That’s it on Gia. The whole thing hurts my head. So much of it unnecessary and pointless. That’s Susie Sampierre all the way. Prove me wrong!

I’m feeling like this should go on…

So here’s another soon to be “Facebook User”.  Bridgette Porto.   Although, I do not have any direct messages from this person… but if anyone out there does I bet you will see that name go through the change when the account is finally gone. You to will have a “Facebook User” in your DM.

Remember this from an earlier post:

Bridgette zero hero

I would like to have asked Bridgette what she had against me… but they seem to have blocked me. We all know how it works here… there is always someone who sees things and then gives me a heads up. That’s because I’m not the evil dick some of you want me to be. Or maybe I am, regardless, someone sent me the scoop on Bridgette:

bridgette porto fb

bridgette porto with post

Witchy stuff…OK… what else?

bridgette porto job

Wait a minute… this looks like Susie too.

bridgette burke


This is Susie, right?

Gotta be.

If I’m wrong, I’m wrong… but I don’t think I’m wrong.

Whomever you are… the picture you posted… yesterday… at 1:30 PM… that one is going on my wall:

Bridgette zero dorothy scalise pic

Let’s not do all this again… it got none of us anywhere.

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is what some might call the definition of insanity.

Plus it is boring.

I want to do things differently…

Hawkshaw In Zero’s World Part 2

Almost everyday this week I woke up with a new comment from Hawshaw waiting for me. I’m not gonna lie, I started looking forward to it.

The first was on Tuesday:

zw hawkshaw 1st comment edit

This one was kind of nice. It actually thanked me. Your welcome, by the way. I wonder if here read everything… I get the feeling he hadn’t at this point. This comment talks a lot about bias… this is partly because I have said I feel that Pete gets involved in cases way too close to him… and that he seems to be biased in his detective work. Partly because of that but mostly because Pete seems to think I am connected to the SCPD. Perfect example of Pete’s biased detective work. I have heard this rumor before… did you start this rumor Pete or did someone tell it to you?

No matter… whoever started is not important… I know who is spreading it.

Wednesday I woke up to:

hawkshaw zero comment 2

This one was not as nice. But he does drop some more hints at who Pete thinks I might be… definitely earning that screen-name.  We will get into all those “handles” a little latter.

Thursday morning:

hawkshaw zw 3rd comment

Another nice one. Hawshaw “marvels” at my work. I like that. He also calls me a jerk… I like that a little less. He can’t remember is it was SS (Susie S,) or DPH (no need to put a name to these initials) that told him about me. I am pretty sure they have both mentioned me to Pete. All of this does seem to go against DPH’s story that Pete helped her dig up information on me… or maybe Pete just forgot that as well.


hawkshaw 4th comment

Ouch! I deserved the “stupid” remark. I did call it a trial in the post Hawkshaw is referring to. SICK MOTHERFUCKER though? In all caps?!? Even though Hawkshaw hid the end of his comment in hashtags, I figured it out. A little harsh Petey.

Later that evening I got a bonus Hawkshaw comment:

hawkshaw 5th comment

Ahhh… Hawkshaw was reading now… not just posts either… Pete was venturing into the comments… he probably shouldn’t read all those. To give this comment context I will explain… In this post there was mention of Pete having a cousin who was serial killer in Queens. In the comments some of us were discussing who this could be. To be fair we didn’t have any names or dates to look up. So calling people idiots just because you know all the information and they don’t… who we kidding… that’s Pete’s thing… this may really be Pete after all. Thank you for clearing that up for everyone… I could now do a quick Google search:

joe baldi pete's cousin

Damn Pete, your cousin was a SICK MOTHER######!

Pete was doing some late night reading and another comment pooped up:

hawkshaw 6th comment

That reminds me, I have to ask mom about using her basement again for the next guttersnipes meeting. Pete, what are you talking about? You do get you are anonymously bashing people right now. Yes, Hawkshaw is what you call a “handle”. Even if some may associate this “handle” with a particular gumshoe… You used it the same any other person using a anonymous “handle” does. Including to bash people from time to time. Which Pete knows I know that, he was really reading now.

I am not addressing John Ray (at this moment), Leanne, or the conference.  That was long ago, if you don’t know what I think of all that (and trust me Pete, I know much more on it all than you do) than that is because you don’t know anything about me or this blog (gotta be Pete). Pete is reading posts and comments from 3 years ago (yea 3) and using it to take a swipe at his boogeyman… I”m not going to appease him.

Best to just wait for the next mornings comment.

Even though Pete had been up late reading the morning comment came like clock work… in fact there were 2 this morning:

hawkshaw comment 7 and 8

Did I call Pete sick? I don’t remember? I know I called him creepy, homophobic, racist, arrogant, narcissistic, and chauvinistic. I don’t remember calling him sick though. Maybe I did… Hawkshaw did definitely call me a SICK MOTHER######, I remember that.

Here we have those “handles” again… and the name Howie. Pete has turned me into his personal boogeyman. Circles.

What do I do here? Tell Pete he is wrong. Isn’t that exactly what Howie would say? I don’t think Pete is gonna believe anything I say at this point. Which is exactly why I tried to get Pete to handle this off blog… I really did try. Pete seems to want to keep this on the blog… so be it.

Maybe that gives him a chance to deny it’s really him. It’s him though.

Could it be Susie? Of course. Susie is the master at faking screen names and has lots of “handles”. More “handles” than anyone. Yes, anyone.  I think it’s Pete though. I have good reasons to think this.

Could it be DPH? Very doubtful… but I’ll give that it could be any one of these 3. I definitely think they all have their part. A new Three-Headed Monster… awesome.

Oh well I await Sunday’s mornings comment!





Mayday! Mayday!

Bridgette zero hero

What in the hell is going on out there?




I had self doubt.

I felt this blog had done more bad than good.


Now there is some (another) elaborate game out there… to what? Catch me? Trick me? Make me look bad?

Didn’t we get enough of this the last umphmany times we did it?


I admit at first I didn’t understand everything that has been going on… but as usual I am catching up. I truly don’t know why anyone would want to drag me back out into the public though. I mean really… why?

I get there are probably a few things at play here.  Maybe a few different players with a few different agendas. But I want to make sure one of you knows I see you there… scurrying around.

You know, I know a lot about unhealthy obsessions… they aren’t good. Going through all this trouble just to remind me you are out there… no need… I know an awful lot about unhealthy obsessions.

You should know though, that there are a shit load of posts that never saw the light of day. Some of them still floating around out there. You can’t see them, but they are there. Ghost Posts.

Like this one I wrote about what I learned from the Mamaroneck Police Dept.


We shall save those ghost stories for another day.

Look… I don’t know if we are over that edge that we can’t come back from… but I know we are getting awfully close.

Is this really what we all want?


Hawkshaw In Zero’s World Part 1

Lots of strange things been going on lately. I get a lot of people contacting me about different people on the blog. That is not necessarily strange… but it has started up in a new way lately. Or is it new ways?  Sometimes they are sincere inquiries other times they are just part of someone’s agenda. Man it’s been a while since I talked about people and their agendas… honestly I didn’t want to do it again… but you know how that song goes, “You can’t always get what you want”.  Sometimes it is easy to tell who is in the sincere group and who is in the other group… not always though. I have another post I have been kicking around for a while (that will probably become 2 separate posts… at least)  that will go into the “strange things” much deeper. It deserves mention for this post though. I would explain further but I want to keep this post on the subject at hand…

zw hawkshaw 1st comment edit

Petey Hawkshaw made his first comment on the ZW! O.K. that is not necessarily a factual statement. Although I am pretty sure that is Pete… as I mentioned, lots of strange things going on. Plus just because I don’t think Pete has ever commented here before doesn’t mean he hasn’t… there have been a lot of comments left in the posts of this blog over its 7 year itch… maybe Petey snuck one in before under a different screen name… stranger things have happened. So to recap… if this is really Pete… and he hasn’t commented before under another screen name… Petey Hawkshaw just made his first comment on the ZW!

I have to admit when I read this yesterday morning I was excited. I wanted to reply with a ton of questions… because I have many for Pete. Hawkshaw had a couple of questions himself… one that he threw in with a “BTW” asked who I was. I think it was a question, although there was no question mark and I was under the impression DPH and MM7 asked Pete to look into me long ago… so I just figured Pete knew who I was… curious. The other question (that did actually have a question mark) was rhetorical… I think.

Anyways, I was actually exited to see Hawshaw’s comment and instead of just jumping in with everything his comment brought racing through my head I decided to give it a day before I commented.

When I woke up this morning the first thing I did was go to the blog, ready to reply to Hawkshaw. I was going to simply thank him for his comment and suggest we talk in DM. I have no intention to jump into “back n forth” in the comments. Plus I truly wanted to hear Pete out and explain myself beyond the “chatter” that is out there about me.

Yes, I thought today might be a good day… I was optimistic… that all went to hell the moment I opened up the blog…

hawkshaw zero comment 2



Is that really Pete?

Sounds like DPH.

Is that DPH?

I have no reason not to believe this is Pete… other than it sounds way too much like DPH. I think it’s really Pete though. Does DPH still work with Pete? Damn, If I was to bet on who might be in Pete’s ear I would bet on Susie… but is it DPH?

This comment that may or may have not come from Pete does not come completely out of left field for me…it does seem to fit in with some of the strange things I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

This new comment that may or may not have come from Pete (I really think it did) changed things a little bit… or did it?

If Pete didn’t write these comments then maybe I should find that out before I just rip into them.

Even if Pete did write this, a private chat could clear up any misunderstandings we may have with each other. You never know who is in someone’s ear.

The question is how to talk to Pete. I don’t like to reach out to people. Despite what some of you think about me, I don’t like to bother people who don’t want to be bothered. Though this could count as Pete contacting me first… if it is Pete (is it?).  Plus even if I try to contact him there is no guarantee he will get back to me.


Pete, if you read this, get in touch with me. I think you know my FB. If not you can DM the ZW FB: https://www.facebook.com/zerosworld/

If someone who knows Pete reads this, would you be kind enough to pass the message on? Thank you.

That kind of leaves this post unfinished…

Who knows… maybe there will be a part 2!


Onions And Rabbit Holes (The Last Post On LISK)

I have said many, many times, this is not a LISK blog. I started this blog to write about other things. Even my LISK Blog was not done to focus on the case or try to solve it in any way. It was about those who I found online who connected themselves to the case and seemed to make some sort of game out of the whole thing. I’ve blogged about this many times, trying to explain how it felt to be sucked into what  I called a rabbit hole. Even though I tried to keep that blog focused on the rabbit hole and not the actual case, I learned early on that wasn’t possible. In fact if my blogs bring any light to the LISK case, it’s how connected the rabbit hole has become to the actual case. I have called the LISK case an onion with many strange layers. I couldn’t write about my experience going down that rabbit hole without also discussing some of those layers.  And as I have said many times, the fact that the rabbit hole is so much a part of the onion now, it’s become almost impossible to separate the 2 and get to helpful information. I’ve tried.

To give an example let’s go back to last year when John Ray shocked everyone with a news conference where his then new client spoke of “sex parties” with the Ex Police chief James Burke. I haven’t blogged much about John Ray, but I think everyone who reads here knows how I feel about him. I have heard from those who don’t like him and say he has destroyed this case looking for the payoff at the end and those who do like him who say he is doing this because he really cares and wants to get answers for the victim’s families. I don’t know which is true… but I have come to my own opinion that John Ray is one of the main people over the years to help bridge that connection between onion and rabbit hole. All I have to do is take a look at the list of people who have been in contact with John Ray over the years, many of them “helping” Mr. Ray with his pursuit for truth or payoff:

Flukeyou and family

Dorthy Price Hill



Susie Mockingbird

Should I go on… I think you all get this already.

So back when this news conference hit I, like many others, was skeptical. And it turns out we were all correct in our skepticism. Because while many were deciding what to believe of the stories of Burke and this girl John Ray had set into the spot light, everyone learned there was much more to the story, and that in fact the conference was a little misleading. OK, a lot misleading. Yes, this new layer Ray was trying to show in the onion quickly became part of the never-ending free fall down that rabbit hole. The first sign of this was in the conference itself, which seemed to be done mainly to connect James Burke to Dr. Hackett and the LISK case. But then there was mention from “Leanne” (name used for woman in conference with John Ray) of another person that she had actually called in a tip on being LISK. When asked more about this, John Ray concluded it wasn’t important nor the reason for the conference. What? When you sort the whole conference out, it seems, “Leanne” had called in a tip on someone she thought could be the LISK and then the person she called in the tip on was contacted by LE and told about the tip she made about him. Fucked up right? Well, that’s not exactly what happened, but at the time I didn’t know that, so let’s wait before dissecting it too much. Point is this tip is how John Ray learned of “Leanne” and her claims, it’s what would eventually bring her to becoming his client and you would think the reason for the conference. But John Ray said at the time, it wasn’t important. Why? Well, my opinion at the time (which hasn’t changed even though I now know much more about all of it then I did then) was that John Ray was more concerned with how Burke connected to the story, even though Burke is not the one “Leanne” believed was LISK because Burke was big news at the time. And Burke being linked to LISK was not anything new. We all know it was something being said for a while, so it fit the storyline John Ray was more interested in. Plus, if Burke could be connected to Hackett through “Leanne’s” stories that would definitely benefit John Ray and his ongoing case with Doctor Hackett.

I wanted to write about this last year. But even though I pieced it together very quickly, I didn’t feel right making it part of this blog. You’ve all heard me say this before, but let me explain fuller.

Right after the conference, someone came to me asking if I knew what the initials L.H. had to do with the LISK case. At the time I couldn’t think of any and asked why. I was told that someone had contacted them telling them MCME was someone in the LISK case with the initials L.H.


I looked at anyone I could think of with the initials L.H. but could ony come up with 1. someone connected to DPH, but it wasn’t really LISK related, so I didn’t think it was right.

While I was trying to figure it out, quite a bit happened. Websleuths and LISK Facebook groups were buzzing with comments and discussions that many believed included John Ray’s newest client, “Leanne”. There was discussion that “Leanne” was telling her “real” story to some. And there were definitely places where I saw that someone was definitely dropping clues of who the person was that “Leanne” gave the original tip on. A Babylon attorney was one of these such clues and that sparked something. I had looked up an attorney in Babylon. An attorny with the initials L.H.

It turned out the L.H. I had been asked about was connected to Leanne’s attorney. Actually as it all turned out, the L.H. was the attorney. And this wasn’t the first time I heard of this attorney.

I knew the name because for a while at that time I had been following comments being left by someone calling themselves Plottmaster (as well as other versions of this screen name):


plotts lh



There are lots more out there, but it all circles around the same names, and one of those names… Lindsay Henry… L.H.

Again, while I was piecing this together it was also coming out in social media. We all know this is where Jerry rose his ugly head. He started a Facebook group that a few of you joined and well we all know what happened. “Leanne” confirms some things to Jerry and he runs with it. Who was one of the first people Jerry contacts… me. And I never even spoke to the guy at this point. But he was told to trust me, which is good advice if you aren’t an internet nut spreading the disease, and we all know Jerry was just that. Part troll, part stalker, all asshole.

I quickly called him out (Do I get that credit? While most of you were opening up to the little creep I was putting him in his place) and shot him down. Which we all know led to some crazy shit and some seriously fun reading. Let’s just put it out there, Jerry then ran to a FB page ran by Kim West (‘member her) where along with Kim’s friend Dorothy Price Hill and a few others who no longer like me mentioning them here, got together and came at me. Why? Because I was the one to see through Jerry and know his ongoing actions were not only bad for the LISK case, but may be dangerous for some of the women he was approaching.

This eventually got me a private message from “Leanne” herself. She was curious about who I was, and I believe some people told her that I was getting ready to write a post about all of it and that I might not be to kind to her. I told her truthfully that I was probably not gonna post about it. I explained to her that I felt that she shouldn’t be sharing her story with the internet. I also explained if I was gonna post about it, it would have been done already, because I had the story for a while at that point. Jerry had written me quite a bit before I told him to piss off. But before “Leanne” told me her story, before Jerry told me what he knew, I had already heard all about it. It gets tricky here, but I have told all of you in private and in public, EVERYONE talks to EVERYONE! “Leanne” thought she was being carefull with who she spoke to. And yet each of them came to me and told me what she was saying, I mean Jerry didn’t even know me, but he was sent to me and he spilled it all unknowingly that I already knew more than he.  And by the time “Leanne” came to me I already had it all.

But it was great to hear it all straight from her. And unlike Jerry, I wasn’t trying to force anything or get anyone to give me any of this info. In fact I told “Leanne” many times I didn’t want to know about specifics when it came to L.H and the parties. I felt it was info for L.E. and F.B.I.

Then it got even crazier when “Leanne’s” friend Jenny Salazar AKA Sue Flae AKA Trini Anja AKA Macie Mae brought in a bunch of trolls to screw with everything.

I don’t need to rehash most of this, if you have been reading, you know how it went down. But I just want to make one point, it was “Leanne” who finally got rid of Jerry. And we can all be thankful for that. Yes, it was “Leanne” who gave Jerry a lot of the things he knew, but let’s face it, a few of you gals out there bought into the Jerry game and gave him things to use, and I’m not just talking about LISK stuff, that guy knew personal stuff about a few of you. Shit he got a ton of shit on me, thanks by the way. “Leanne” got the jerk yanked off social media. So yes, we can all be thankful for that. The guy was bad news.

This is side tracking as most of my posts do. I spent enough time on the likes of Jerry so let’s move on. “Leanne” and I spoke quite a bit, and again, if I was to just make a post about our conversations, I know it would be a quite a big way to end this blog and get all sorts of views… but as I told “Leanne” back when we first started talking, even though this blog seems like a narcissistic voyage at everyone’s expense, that’s not really what it was about. And I have kept quiet about most of this. Yes, there is bits ‘n pieces scattered but I did not put it “ALL” out there, despite the fact that it would have helped the ZW Blog get even more readers. I felt all along that info on L.H. from “Leanne” should be kept off social media and the internet. But as we all know, this was a year ago, and it was not kept off social media and the internet. And before we go on I have to examine this a little further.

It would be easy to say “Leanne” is responsible for it all getting out there and in return mucked up with the rest of the stories and theories. Others might blame John Ray, with good reason, thinking maybe it is him getting so many to keep the internet side-show going. I can’t pass judgement on this. Yes, I spoke out loud and clear that I thought it should all be left off the internet, but let’s face it, there is good reason not to trust the usual course of action. So it’s not up to me to decide how “Leanne” or John Ray go about getting their info out there. Still to me, it just seems all sides are not handling it right. But that’s “to me” and since I’m not really involved, what does that matter?

Still, I’m trying to show something here… I know it’s taking way to long, but stay with me, we will get there. First though I have to clear a few things up. As I said, I have spoken to “Leanne” quite a bit, and therefore I know about some of the things that have been thrown out there and discussed on social media by many of you. I’ve kept quiet, but let’s face it, a year has gone by and most of it all has been out there already. In fact I read on Websleuths Susie Mockingbird commenting about L.H. admitting to killing people. This did kind of upset me when I read it… I have kept quiet about so much of this, and again my reasons for not blogging about all this was I felt it needed to be properly investigated before being made part of the internet, and yet here is big mouth Susie Sampeirre putting her 2 cents in about the L.H. admission to murder.

So let’s get it out there, because I too know the story… shoot, by now who doesn’t? L.H. supposedly admitted to “Leanne” to killing 2 men. This is the main reason “Leanne” decided that L.H. might be LISK and why she called in her tip. One of these guys supposedly was  killed from L.H. hitting him and killing the guy. The problem is I’ve heard audio of “Leanne” and L.H. discussing this and he denies ever saying such things to her. In fact even if he admitted saying them, he could just say he was lying at the time. maybe he was just trying to impress her. Not to mention, killing to men over jealousy or self-defense (which the stories suggest) does not lead to a serial killer or LISK. Still, if the stories are true, they could be checked out, right? And I know he’s been being looked into for a year now… so did anything come from the stories of murdering 2 men? The story of how he killed the other man was he threw him off a roof  in Greece, if I remember right… and there are other things that could lead the proper authorities to figuring out if L.H. killed 2 men as it is said that he has said. It doesn’t have to be a mystery or a case of he said she said… someone could look into it. So I’m guessing someone has. So maybe someone should clue the rest of us in on what is real there… let’s not hold our breaths though.

Have I lost everyone completely? Do you not know if I believe “Leanne” and think L.H. could be LISK or if I think it’s another LISK game being played out by lunatics? Good. Because it shouldn’t matter what I think. If I believe “Leanne” does that make her right? If I think she is crazy does that make her wrong? Get me?

One last thing though and I have to make this public and crystal clear. In the original news conference it was made to sound like “Leanne” called in a tip in L.H. and then someone in L.E. let L.H. know she had called in a tip on him accusing him of being LISK. As I said before, that would be so fucked up, and more proof that L.I. L.E. (Long Island Law Enforcement) is corrupt as all hell. But that’s not exactly what happened. “Leanne” did call a detective involved in the LISK case and told him she believed L.H. was LISK.

Then you know what “Leanne” did? She called L.H. and told him that she just got off the phone with a detective (gave L.H. the detective’s name and phone number)  and that she told the detective she thought he was LISK. Weird, right?  Well then L.H. calls the detective and the detective confirms it all to L.H. Man, if I was this detective I would think that both of them were fucking with me. So then L.H. and “Leanne” talk again and L.H. tells her he talked to the detective, which I would expect “Leanne” would have expected to happen, since she gave L.H. the detective’s number. But I guess she wasn’t expecting the detective to confirm it to him. “Leanne” then calls up the detective and wants to know why he would tell L.H. she called him. The detective is dumbfounded and tells her, “you gave him my number, you told him you said he was LISK”. I’ve actually heard this conversation, the whole thing baffles me. Again, from someone on the outside it seems like all 3 are playing some kind of game.  “Leanne”, the detective, L.H., none of their actions add up to me. They all seem to keep the circle going instead of getting to the truth or something that can help, it’s more about pointing fingers at each other. The same thing I’ve seen again and again. But this is all what I got out of it, and again shouldn’t mean anything.  Maybe I’m misunderstanding something. Listen for yourself:


I will say this… L.H. is bad news. There are lots more about this guy besides the maybe confessions of killing 2 men. And L.H. was sleeping with “Leanne” while in exchange acting as her lawyer. Not very respectable for an attorney. So maybe there is truth to stories of L.H. and Burke involved in sex parties with “working girls”. Sounds very likely to me. And then maybe Doc Hackett does actually have a place in all this, because “Leanne” says Hackett supplied L.H. with Fentanyl patches. Yes, there does seem to be substantial stuff there. Which is why I felt it should be left off the internet and dealt with by the FBI.

But it wasn’t and it became part of the rabbit hole.  Not only that but it brought new players to the board. “Leanne” had a friend who you all know as Jenny Salazar who flew in like a banshee. Creating all sorts of unnecessary havoc. Lighting the way for a bunch of troll like FB accounts to join in for a short while. Which led me right to a guy calling himself Ken Jones.  This guy claims to be a hit man of some sort. And I should also point out that all 3 of them, “Leanne”, Jenny, and Ken talk about each other being crazy or mentally ill in someway, in fact I believe they all met on FB sites for different mental illnesses. This Ken guy (whose real name is Malik Boodie) even threatened to kill me.

So yes, L.H. seems dirty, and yes he was “Leanne’s” attorney. Also, John Ray seems sketchy and this is now “Leanne’s” attorney. Which is it? Onion or rabbit hole? And does it even matter? Because as I said, both are part of each other now.

You see I didn’t just choose to tell all of this to show how John Ray blurs the lines, no one needs me to tell them about John Ray. Nor is this one more example of how those using the internet in some kind of game, for what ever reasons, has  messed with the LISK case. I’ve shown that more than enough. I could say I believe “Leanne”, I could say she’s crazy, or I could say she has an axe to grind with L.H. Hell, I could say maybe it’s a little of all 3. Why would that matter? And what if John Ray did use her and that conference to tell his narrative? Should it not be looked into?

Here’s where I want to leave this, and what I’m trying to get at… the LISK case and many like it all suffer from L.E. not taking them seriously from the beginning. And that’s really a society thing. “Prostitutes”, “drug addicts”, and others deemed “less than” are not priorities.

I’m trying to put into words what I’m trying to say… we all know how this scenario works, if someone deems a missing person not important because of their lifestyle (I know that’s a bullshit thing to say, I’m speaking from an asshole’s point of view, in truth it’s not lifestyle we are talking about, it is troubled lives, even more reason to be taken seriously) and things are not investigated properly, later when a body is discovered or worse bodies, it’s too late. From the beginning all missing and murder cases should be treated the same. That’s how I feel and I bet most of you would agree with me. Stop treating the lost and troubled as throw a ways.

In the same vain, all tips and evidence should be looked at. It doesn’t mater what I or anyone else thinks about what “Leanne” said, if there is something or someone there to be looked at, it should be. And there is lots to look into when it comes to L.H.

“Leanne” has reasons to think L.H. is LISK. Some have reasons why they think Hackett is LISK. And the same goes for Burke, Bittrolff, Brewer, and a list of others. It doesn’t matter what any of us think about any of it. It should all be looked at. Hell, even DPH’s ex husbands should be looked at just to see if anything she says is true.

And that’s where I’m gonna have to leave it. I do hope one day the LISK case is solved. . Suffolk County deserves to know if it’s law enforcement and leaders are some kind of evil entity or not. And more importantly the families of the victims deserve answers and some kind of peace.

Our Last April Fools Day Together

About 2 weeks ago was our last April Fools Day here at ZW. Long time readers know that any post on April first should be taken very lightly (VERY lightly). For our last one though, I took some real stuff and put it to a fake narrative. I know, some of you think that’s what I do all the time… but let’s face it, those ones aren’t the brightest bulbs or sharpest tacks. Yes, those of you who really feel that way about this place who are still bothering to read here… dim and dull.

When I say fake narrative in describing the last post, I of course am referring to the Illuminati references. There is no Illuminati… it’s just a bedtime story for internet nuts. But if I’m wrong (and I am about many things… just don’t think I am about this one) and The Illuminati is real and out there pulling the world’s strings… I ain’t in it. That was all a joke. I’m sure most of you got that… but just in case some of you are worried to read here in fear of being hacked… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I’m sure (that line is needed here way too much), I ain’t a hacker, not part of Anonymous, not a criminal, not a stalker, and definitely not part of the Illuminati!

The reason I have all the stuff I put up is because EVERYONE SHARES EVERYTHING on the internet. It’s out there in comments and posts, emails and private messages, closed and secret groups…

I know it’s easy to blame me for this screwed up blog, and I will take that blame… but I very seldom get to the posts I plan… someone always seems to try to lead me somewhere… and I gladly go. Yes I write the posts, but the meat of it comes from all of you out there running in the circles we create for ourselves… SSDD.

We will get to all that later. For now I really just want to get across, that all the stuff I’ve posted and lots of stuff I haven’t is out there, being passed around… you should probably thank me for letting you know this stuff is being passed around… a little too much? That’s OK, I really don’t want any thank yous, the ones I do get make me feel weird… because I am part of the problem now… there’s no doubt about it. This blog is all wrapped up in the confusion and many don’t know what to make of it. But some of you do… so we march on… we will climb those last few hills.

Now it seems that my April Fools day post struck a few nerves… there was instant reaction… and a delayed one.

Instant reaction was a new screen name on Websleuths:

fake sassynzero

I do not need to explain that this is a cry for my attention. Long time readers get it.  So did this person want people to think it was me? I doubt it. If you read this persons posts, I think it’s very easy to see who it is:

snz pak

snz john ray

Yes, I’d know that comment under any screen name… but this cements it:

fake snz crowley

Yep you guessed it, the queen of screen names! I guess that April 1st post got to her enough to go straight to Websleuths and make an (another) account to, I guess kind of mock me? Is it a nod of some sort? Is it a warning? LOL. I know why they are mad, my April’s Fools Day post did show some more of the fucked up shit they are up to… still up to. But why keep blaming me for the stuff you are doing? Still doing! It’s really not my fault. Really. In fact after all the stuff you have been sending around about me lately… I really have restrained myself. Really I have.

As long as I’m posting these Websleuths comments, (I’m a rebel) let’s look at this one:

snz shannans boyfriend

Does anyone else find it funny that this person is always on the inside looking out? They always know more than everyone else. There have been quite a few of these, but this one has been going the longest and strongest. They ALWAYS know more than everyone else. In fact I would bet quite a bit that those emails I got a while back were from the same person as well:


Oh hell, let’s just say it… this fake Sassynzero wanting my attention (again) is TKAMB. Come on, someone tell me I’m wrong. But you better be very convincing.

You are really racking up those screen names, I may have to make a new list. I’d tell you to stop, but people have been telling you that for years… you won’t. I only bring it up to let you know I noticed. That’s all. Continue on. We have time still.

Now this is where this post would have ended… but you know how it works here…

I mentioned a delayed reaction to the AFD post. It came when I put it up on my new Facebook (I call it new, but I’ve had it for a little while now). I got a response from someone called Annuo Blissen. They didn’t like it and said I was lost in my own narcissism (I’m paraphrasing, but I think that’s what they were getting at). Now this is nothing new, we get this a lot here, don’t we? But this person was on my new(er) Facebook friends list:


And the circle they come from is a curious one. It leads back to that group of FB friends that came in with Jenny Salazar. Which includes that guy Ken Jones. Remember him? He joined in with Jerry and Dorothy with lies and sneaky tactics:

DPH leane man


Ken Jones is quite the interesting guy. But he didn’t like me looking into him. Who does? We all get it though, don’t we. Still this guy begs for it. He wants everyone to think he is a hit man or killed for money before… and to be honest, I don’t know that he hasn’t. He definitely wanted me to think I was in danger if I brought him up:



ken jones threat2

I probably shouldn’t bring him back up. But Annuo made me wonder about that group again. There was a few back then that friend requested me (Annuo being one of them) another being this guy:

seuhresto friends

This person befriended me, but so far has not responded to my messages asking who they are. This Seuhretso is also FB friends with Annuo, Ken, and Jenny… so of course he stands out to me. Plus as I said, both Annuo and Seuhretso friend requested me while I was having a private back n forth with Ken Jones, AKA the shark:



Now once you know who these people say they are (and I do) it only gets curiouser. But it’s a whole new rabbit hole… and I’m just not sure I want to go down it.

Confused? Sorry. But Annuo has me stuck in mid-thought.

I will say this though, if the AFD post created so much misplaced reaction… tomorrows Easter Egg Hunt should be interesting…

See ya tomorrow!





You Can’t Win

I think we need a little break. Everyone is so upset and I feel a little responsible. So how about a nice sing along… it’s been a while since we had a good one. This one is my favorite song from The Wiz, “The Crow Anthem”. So hit play on the Michael Jackson video, the lyrics are down below. Hear it, sing it, feel it! Because, “you can’t win, you can’t break even, and you can’t get out of the game…”

[Verse 1]
You can’t win, you can’t break even
And you can’t get out of the game
People keep saying things are going to change
But they look just like they’re staying the same
You can’t win, get over your head
And you only have yourself to blame

[Chorus: Michael Jackson (The Crows)]
You can’t win, chile (You can’t win chile)
You can’t break even
And you can’t get out of the game

[Verse 2: Michael Jackson (The Crows)]
You can’t win, the world keeps moving
And you’re standing far behind
People keep saying, things will get better
(Just to ease your state of mind)
(So you lean back)(And you smoke that smoke)
(And you drink your glass of wine)

Sayin’ you can’t win, chile
You can’t break even
And you can’t get out of the game

[Bridge: Michael Jackson (The Crows)]
You can’t win, you can’t win no way
If your story stays the same
(You ain’t winning) No, no
(But it’s nice to see you, I’m awfully glad you came)
(Better cool it, cause it ain’t about losin’)
Then the world has got no shame

You can’t win, chile
You can’t break even
And you can’t get out of the game

[Verse 3: Michael Jackson (The Crows)]
You can’t win, you can’t break even
Ain’t the way it’s supposed to be
(You’ll be spending) No, no, oh
(Your little bit of money)
While someone else rides for free
(Learn your lesson) Ooo
(Refuel your mind before some turkey blows out your flame)

[Outro: Michael Jackson (The Crows)]
You can’t win, chile
(No, you can’t win) [4x]

You can’t win, chile
You can’t break even
And you can’t get out of the game
You can’t get out of the game
You can’t get out, woo, of the game, no, no

Cherry Picking Comments


I notice he only posts comments from other people“. No fucking shit! It’s my blog, get your own blog if you want to post my comments. Yes I cherry pick the stuff that shows what I am trying to show. But they aren’t lies, they are things people really said. Still, if I have to show more to explain exactly how truthful this place can be, I can do that:


This comment left today by Maureen has got to be some of the most crap anyone has ever tried to shovel into one comment here. I didn’t cherry pick it. I waited for it to fit with some other comments I have cherry picked though. Yes, I had been waiting to address this subject ever since Patty and Maureen first brought it up in Kim’s group. But I was patient and Maureen wrote this masterpiece to frame it around. But not to twist it… oh no… we are gonna untwist this comment.

First though, here I am zero. There are so few rules here, but that is one, so please if you plan on any last replies… ixnay on the ichardra. NEWBIES!

OK, my so-called lies that Maureen called me out on. Maureen didn’t run to Dorothy and Jerry, just to that group… which is what I said, she ran to the group where Dorothy and Jerry were threatening and slandering me. I hope Maureen isn’t saying she didn’t join in with them… because we all saw that happen in real-time.

Let me inform you, because you haven’t Dick, you have been sending PM to Rich Keeys  and Patricia.”  Wow, that’s’ a weird sort of lie to make it sound like I lied about something. Let me explain:

I have all sorts of messages and emails I don’t discuss here. I have said this many times. I’m quite up front that I don’t put everyone’s correspondence up on blast. Some say I do, thank you for proving I’m honest about that. Still that sentence implies I’m sending people messages and saying I’m not, that’s a lie in a lie. I never said I didn’t write these people. And to be honest I only replied to Patsy’s message:


As you see, Patsy contacted me and I wrote her back. What was your point Maureen?

I did send Rich Keeys a message. We have never met and he is commenting about me like he knows me. So I just introduced myself:


I wrote him he didn’t reply. Again, not sure of your point here Maureen. Other than your new boyfriend is an internet bully/real life pussy.

So far I don’t know what lies she is talking about. Let’s continue.

The whole part where she want’s me to prove she knows Susie and then asks why “it’s even relevent?” That was all pretty transparent, right?

Now to the meat of Maureen’s complaint. She thinks I should show my sides of conversations. Well, to bad.

Just kidding. If you really want it I’ll give it to ya:




m messagesd.JPG


There does that help? Both sides there. Shows what I said about the conversation was pretty accurate, no?

It did go on an on a bit, but everything I wrote you has been said here on the blog (if they would just read). Still, we can go a little further to erase any future debates:

Scratch that, I changed my mind. I posted the above before it was finished because Maureen couldn’t shut up about me contacting  Patricia and Rich. Which as you can all see, Patsy contacted me and I answered her. I also did introduce myself to Richie (hee hee, I get to use it now) and he declined to write me back. So we covered all that. Happy now Maureen, I was gonna post more of our conversation because you thought it was so important:

maureen conversation.JPG

maureen whole conversation.JPG

maureen zw comments.JPG

And as soon as I start posting our whole conversation all of a sudden our conversation wasn’t that important after all:


Exactly what I’ve been saying all along.  A while ago Mari told me she didn’t trust you or Jen G. Then you showed up asking me about Jen G and Spoof phone calls. I didn’t feel comfortable at the time having that conversation in an open group. Though I have posted about it since then:




That right there was what really began our correspondence. We continued the conversation in private where you agreed with me that Dorothy, Hawkshaw, TKAMB, and Jen G were all crazy and have hurt the case. Then Jerry showed up and you ran right for the shit show.

It’s exactly how I have said it is. So what lies is Maureen talking about?

That’s how the back-n-forth works Maureen, after a while you forget how it all started.

That wore me out a little, just a little, lol.

Look, it doesn’t matter, if you want to call me a narcissist and say I stalked ya. Join the other nuts. It’s where ya belong.

I just don’t have the time to keep explaining something you are never gonna get. But it’s all there for those who want to take the time and READ!




Leeches And Lunatics

Maureen has found her way to the blog. I knew she would. She constantly said she wouldn’t ever come here, but I don’t think Maureen’s word means too much. The fact she tried for quite a while to convince everyone she was above the games I wrote about and then ran right to Jerry and Dorothy said all we needed to know about that. Besides I’m telling you, her and the Mocking Bird nut are close.

I don’t think there is much left to say about Maureen. It’s all there to be seen for itself. But I do have to talk about her Facebook messages. Like Dorothy, Maureen continues to send me messages on FB even though I do not reply to them. Also like Dorothy, there is some funny stuff in them:


maureen zw leeches.JPG


Clowns, Alice In Wonderland, a “drama” meme… all good stuff. She wants us to believe the ZW blog doesn’t matter, it’s just full of leeches and lunatics, and that she doesn’t have the time for it. Maybe she’s right about some of that. Maybe the ZW Blog doesn’t matter, I have certainly never said it did. And it does have it’s share of leeches and lunatics, I think it has something to do with the subject matter. But as it turned out, Maureen found time for The ZW blog after all. Over the past few days, she has filled the comments with gems like these:

maureen comment1.JPG


maureen comment3.JPG

Oh Maureen, trying so hard to make it seem like you don’t care… LMFAO!

Love how you threw my “radar” line back at me. I’m on Maureen’s radar. Cute.

I really like that Maureen uses pronouns like “we” and “our”, classic!

Maureen uses the troll logic that people don’t want her here, so she came here. Deep down though she knows I got her here. She fought it hard, even told me I couldn’t do it:

Maureen wont comment.JPG

This is not a LISK blog. I need to count how many times I have written that. Way too many for people still not to get it. I also don’t “out” people, most of the stuff I put up can be seen on the internet somewhere.

I did get you to comment on my narcissistic blog though, Maureen. Wasn’t very hard to do either, your word don’t mean much from what I can see. I said that right?

And now that you found your way here, it’s already time for you to leave. You could read here for ever and still not understand.

This place isn’t for you.

The Games People Play Part 2


Everyone wants to play. I get it, I get it. I stepped in, rattled the crazy hornets nest again. LMFAO! Well, we still have some time left. Let’s play!


So last week I got that email. This week I get this one:


WTF? I have no idea why these people wrote me these. I wrote each back asking who they were, and surprise, surprise, no response.  I mean that one actually asked for my phone number. Sounds like Susie! I know right now Susie is trying real hard to find dirt on me. We will talk about that in a moment. Is the information in the e-mails real? Probably not if it’s Susie. I got a third email also about John Ray. I’m not gonna discuss that here yet. Someone who wanted to let me know I have John Ray wrong (Do I? How exactly do I have him?). They also had lots of questions. I’m not sure what to do about this one yet. They have returned my reply so they aren’t “hit and runs” like those other 2 e-mailers. Still 3 emails about John Ray… what’s that all about? So fuck the trolls who wrote those first 2 e-mails, that’s what trolls get, blasted on the blog (why do they still not get that?). The other person with all the questions, if you are reading right now,  it’s not that I don’t want to answer those questions. I don’t know who you are or why you want with it all. And at the moment there are lots of nuts conspiring against me. I will think about it and get back to you. I do appreciate that you would want my opinion on some of those things. Very good questions… lots though, lol.

Speaking of questions (yes this blog is gonna be all over the place, so deal with it), Richard Lyon (Susie Sampierre) wrote me with questions a while back:


Oh Susie! I know you are now using this account and others to try to find out all you can about me. I told you to stop that. I’m done with you. I showed the world who you really are. I know that pissed you off. But I explained how it was your own fault. Reap and Sow right? Now stop asking about me.

Everyone is so concerned with me again. LOL. The ones that say “I dont’ matter anyway”. Is that from The Breakfast Club? And you all are ending up in one place aren’t ya? I see another troll made it into Kim’s page. Let’s talk about Larry!

I hear Larry is trying to make it sound like we are working together or that i gave him some information. Why don’t you all learn? Larry, like all the rest of you came to me with questions a little while back:


It probably is Susie. Whoever it is, you ain’t fooling no one. Nice last name! The rest of the conversation was short and sweet:


No reply after that. Go figure. But I hear Larry is saying plenty over on Kim’s group of rejects. It’s become a “closed group” so I can’t actually see what is being said at the moment. But people talk. Eventually, someone talks to me. I guess Larry (almost sounds like Jerry when you say it) has been saying I said H.A. made up the fake Facebook accounts for AC4 and GB4. As you can see, I did not tell Larry Wolff this. And yes I have discussed this subject many times in all my blogs. But I only said Police asked him if he did it. There are articles out there on this:




By the way it is also said that police know who made the fake accounts and say they are not the killer. So don’t try to pull a Jerry on me Larry. See, they sound alike, they act alike. LOL. Jerry tried to make it look like I was saying L.H. is LISK. (‘Member? Yea, we ‘member). Even though we know Jerry was the one pushing that narrative:


Sounds like everyone is trying to take me down with alternative facts. Nice try bitches!

Also I was the only one to notice H.A. was Facebook “Friends” with a few people in Kim’s group. I knew giving it to the wolf troll would tell me something. And it did… it went right to that group of dum dums. That says a lot!

I need to point out, while some of those new trolls brought in by Jerry and Jenny being Facebook “Friends” with H.A. may be a little telling, it should not seem unusual for people in a LISK group being Facebook “Friends” with him. That’s how these things work. I don’t need to elaborate right? Non nuts get it. I doubt H.A. has anything to do with that crazy bunch that snuck in to Kim’s group. That happened because Jerry liked Jenny so much:

Yea, Jenny brought them all in, but Jerry, bottom line, it happened because of you. That’s just truth. I better lay off Jerry, we are friends now, right?

I also don’t want to get too much into Jenny or her friends. But thank God Kim left the group open long enough for us to see all that. It was insanity. Poor Kim had to get rid of a lot of people. But to get rid of all the nuts that place would have to shut down. It’s run by a nut.

Oh yea, Kim don’t like me saying that:


LMFAO! Thanks for the link Kim! Now who would reply to a comment like this?


I could have bet Dorothy would be there. Oh look, Maureen! Maureen I set a place at the table for you a long time ago, so glad you finally sat down.

Who is this Margene person?


Don’t do it Margene… who ever you are, don’t get dragged into “Dorothy’s War”.


Oh, hell no! You crazy bitch! Dorothy used to write shit like that about my mom. That’s just not gonna be allowed. And Kim, before you get mad at me for calling Margene crazy, it’s been diagnosed:


Yep, a fucking skitzo! Look, I get some of you have mental issues. Then stay off the internet. At least stay out of open serial killer cases. No, actually the least you can do is leave me out of your delusions. I swear to God Margene, say something about my mom again and I will turn this blog into a shrine for you. Know that.

I’m getting carried away. Sorry about that. You know I love you guys, but come on, my mom was a saint, if some of you had a mom like her, maybe there wouldn’t be so many voices in your heads.

I bet you nuts are just gonna say I’m attacking women again. You all play the victim almost as well as you play the nut. But don’t forget, Joey! This all started with the first Rooster to gather a bunch of nutty hens. Joey… Jerry… yea they sound a like too. Who thinks Jerry is the new Rooster gathering nutty hens?  LOL, put down those hands, I know who can see it and who can’t. Don’t take that as a dig Jerry, we are friends now, right? I’m just trying to help ya out:




Take a look at what it will do for ya!

Alright, Flukes a little fish now. Caught in the net long ago. We need a big fish. Like a shark!

For the most part, most of Jenny’s “Friends” who came to Kim’s group because of Jerry were way out there. I was surprised it was allowed to go on for so long. No I wasn’t, it’s an asylum, and that’s how asylums are. The only reason they all got booted was because someone Kim feels needs to be there (we all know who that is) left. They were forced to boot them. There are lines that should be read between, I really hope most of you can do that. Me though,  I was I booted in minutes. I’m worse than anyone in these nuts eyes. Because I call out the lies, the slander, the crazy people. I’m the guy who is most evil! I’m the one they all love to hate.  Well fuck it. Let’s make some more enemies.

There was one screen name that came through with the Jenny crowd. Ken Jones. The Shark:


Nice nick name! The Shark! Scary. I think I jumped a shark once or twice.

So The Shark came in with the others, but decided to make it personal. Together with Jerry and Dorothy they trashed all over Leanne:




Good Samaritan? Yea, Ken seems like a real nice guy. I thought Jenny’s pals came to the group to screw with Kim and the nut gallery. This one decided to play along with queen nut herself. That right there is enough for me to want to know more about The Shark. Remember everyone, Dorothy and I are at war. Anyone working with her has to be taken out. It’s a war after all.

Welcome to the blog Ken!

Dorothy made an odd comment in the middle of the trashing:

dph ccc lie.JPG

A new spin on the CCC. And out of nowhere! Nice one Dorothy! Give me a little time, I think I can clear up everything on the CCC. And not that crap you wrote there. LMFAO!

Yes, games are being played everywhere by everyone.

But you all need to leave me out of them. Keep asking me to play and you know I will!