Nan Nan & The Fellowship Of The Minds

I wrote a post called Narcissism, poking at a comment made about me on a blog called FellowshipOfTheMinds.  This was about a month ago when Nancy was going on about the First Lady, Michele Obama being a transvestite.  I followed her link to a post. And boy was I in for a mind blower that day. A whole blog of insanity!

I mean this place was just scary crazy, and they booted Nancy from it right away. I of course needed to leave a comment there:


I got a quick reply:


I should point out, I did not save these comments at first and only went back to get them today. Although this reply is similar to the original reply, Dr. Eowyn must have gone back and changed it. It was originally worded a little different and included the fact that I was in Nevada. Seems the Doc (yes another doctor, mikes and doctors… coincidence always mucking it up) wanted me to know he could see where I was commenting from. But I have a blog also… I know how it works… I kinda wish they hadn’t changed the comment though, it was better the other way, and I liked that they mentioned I was in Nevada, funny stuff. But they changed it. The gist of it remained the same, which was to call me a narcissist and a “useful idiot” which is what he calls people who support the left side of the politicians out there. Something they are totally wrong about, I don’t like or support any of the power hungary idiots on both sides of kool-aid line. But the MM7 girls loved to call me a narcissist, and I’m sure a few other readers out there think of me as at least a little bit of a narcissist, so I wrote back as much:

So I wrote the narcissist post and started this post, but lots has happened since then. I never made another comment on FOTM Blog, though I know linda tried to comment there, but they wanted know part of her, lol!

When I had started this post last month, I had planned on going at this blog hard and hopefully getting some reaction from anyone who posts or comments there, but now I just want to finish this post and move on.

I could go on about how wrong it is to call tragedies hoaxes due to the sensitive nature of people DYING! But that’s the way of the wackos… 9/11 was faked, the Boston bombing was faked, even that case I just mentioned in Santa Barbra where the directors son lost it and killed 6 people:

People still believe we never landed on the moon… Hollywood has been faking everything for a long time. Right?

Yea, I really wanted to get into all this last month… but damn if everything doesn’t now seem fake to me.

Maybe I’m like the real “Truman Show” and everyone is here to entertain me as they are all in return entertained by me being entertained by them… (shake it off zero).

Alright so going at these bozos is not needed. For all I know the FOTM blog is really ran by Democrats wanting to expose how stupid republicans can be. I mean the internet is like that. People pretend to be one thing to show how stupid others are. And any message gets lost along the way. The whole thing starts to hurt my head when I really think about it. I mean maybe some of those racist, homophobic Facebook pages are really made by those who are trying to show how hypocritical we all are.

Yes, the whole thing makes my head hurt. So let’s move on from this absurdly, cartoonishly, wrong blog of minds. Psychotic Minds! Sorry couldn’t resist.

But before we leave it we must look at the comment that got Nancy booted:


So let’s see, you can think Obama is really Bin Laden, but don’t insult one of their own. LMAO. Seems they have a commenter there with the name Mike. He never saw it coming, lol!

So that was that, Nancy got the boot. But it started me thinking. By letting Nancy continue to post here, am I only helping those like Dorothy who may be praying on her?

When I started this post I was gonna use the whole Michelle Obama thing to lead into a long and crazy post going over Nancy’s story line of morphing and changing murderers. But now instead I am gonna use it to actually lead into my last post about Nancy Evans Figat.





If you are keeping count, that’s 2 down!

Pulling Back The Curtain (For Just A Moment)

So I have been playing the Shtick pretty hard lately, just call me Benji Bronk!

Let’s pull that curtain back for a minute and take a breath.

I was pretty certain Nancy would not know how to get back to her Rip Off Post from over a month ago. So I thought I’d play a little with it. The threats of bad things coming, was sort of joke. see the bad things are coming for some of you whether or not Nancy removed the Rip Off Post, in fact those bad things are coming for you whether or not I blog or not. Karma, reaping, sowing… those of you at the core of all the BS and games… yea, it’s coming for you, and it’s all bad. Of course I do plan on helping in any way… you’ve all motivated me in that direction, so you know that already.

Dorothy, you nut you. Still posting stuff about me and this blog on the SG FB. “Zero’s attacking everyone.” LMAO! And I mean that, LAUGHING MY ASS OFF! And you keep sending Nancy here to post for you ’cause you are too scared to post here anymore (again, I want to point out, I have blocked no one from commenting on this blog). I mean she left so many posts over the last few days and I see you 2 chatting it up on her FB, you telling her how brave she is… whata bitch you are. I really want to say witch and keep the whole “Oz” theme going, but really, you are a bitch. The cuntiest of cunts… I know, harsh, and only helps them with their “zero hates women” rants, but I mean it Dorothy, you are a stupid cunt. (Damn am I asking to be reported or what?) I put stupid in bold, because you are just so damn stupid. I was just about to go off on you so-called enemy Jen. She had really irked me commenting and PMing me on Websleuths saying I can’t use anything she says there, here (which I don’t need to, I have plenty of correspondence with Jen that has nothing to do with Websleuths). Point is you and nancy could have shut up for a moment and let me expose Jen and her games, but you are so fixated on me, you can’t shut up about me. But don’t worry, I’m now looking into you and Jens relationship even closer… so there is bound to be more about both of you in posta to come.

Nancy… you can’t even find your way off a post… like some kind of blog tweaker… you get stuck! I waited and waited for you find a new post and continue, but I see you found your way to another blog instead… more about that in the next post. Nancy, I know Dorothy got you to put my brother’s name up on the internet, I’m sure you don’t have a clue to how fucked up that is, and I will hold Dorothy primarily responsible, but you can not get a pass just because you are touched in the head more that the average crazy here. You let Dorothy leed you around like a dog, which is why I posted that picture of Dorothy holding you as ToTo. You do her biding even though you claim she is in cahoots with your ex husband. Who you claim manipulated and used you quite a bit, so why you would (in your head at least, cause I’m still not convinced he has anything to do with this, but not the point here) continue to let him manipulate you and lead you around like a dog? You may think you are a good person, who has been hurt by those around you… but there’s nothing good about you, you trash your kids and their father all over the internet, you leach on to people’s blogs just to have some company and feel someone is still thinking about you. As sad as it is, I can have no sympathy for you.

Look, nobody is buying this whole, “Zero is attacking people who know the truth about LISK”. Joey, Cristin, Nancy, Jen, Dorothy… you have all worked together at some point, passing around misinformation to each other playing a really messed up game with other people’s tragedies. I said this, I’ve shown this, and if I need to, I can continue showing it. But no where, NO WHERE can you connect me to any of it, other than in your delusions that each of you fed into. Keep trying though… it’s all the motivation I need.

Oh, and don’t think I haven’t notice all the weird “Friend Requests” on my Facebook. Just because I accept you don’t mean I don’t know you are fake and probably belong to one of my haters here. And yes I keep an eye on all the suspicious “Facebook Friends”.

Damn… I ain’t even begun…  I will convert you haters into loving me!

Well not all of you, because some of you are gonna be exposed, and feel the need to hide your naked selves (some of you already have).

Anyone wanting to get a head start on my next post:

This is where Nancy is getting her Michelle Obama is a transvestite stuff. Check out the crazies in the comments…  and Nancy was still to nutty for them… you know I got some things to say about this new little looney toon blog.

In the words of that child endangering Murt (damn I’m a trouble maker)…

Stay Tooned….  (yea, I changed it to fit better)