I Spoke To Soon…


Just when I thought we had successfully started back up with out demons from our past returning to posses us once again.

Alright, as returning readers know, over the years I have heard from different people who have dealt with some of the people mentioned in the posts of this blog. From simple back n forths  to toxic troll tactics to slanderous destruction of friends and families. I am not exaggerating here.

Most of the time there isn’t much I can do to help other than explain things that are already all over this blog in black & white… and red. The best advice I could ever give is to ignore them, most feed off your attention like a flame feeds off of oxygen. I know that isn’t always easy. But trust me when it comes to dealing with these types of things it’s better to do as I say and not as I do.

I know, lame. But it is true. It is just not worth it. And to be honest, when I stopped blogging I stopped being their favorite punching bag.

I bring this up because shortly after posting the last post I was contacted by someone who says they were attacked online by some familiar screen names.

Not only that, but yours truly and the ZW Blog were somehow mentioned as some ploy to bring us into the games as well.

Are you fucking kidding me?!?

Don’t worry. I’m on it. I’m looking into the situation and I can tell you it looks like a big fucking mess! You will not believe how far this one seems to have gone.

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

I knew bringing the ZW Blog back up could open wounds and bring back the puppets.

I just didn’t know it would be so quick. Like it was just waiting there for my return.

Wow Bob Wow, is an understatement.

Welcome Back

Alright, the ZW Blog has been back for almost a month and so far so good.

I was so torn about coming back. As we know this place is organic, so it didn’t die just because I stopped posting. The question is, where has it grown to over this past year? I’m not sure. I’m not even sure yet which direction we will go. But for better or worse we are seat-belted in once again.

So far it has been nice though. Three nuggets for the noggin in a row. Nothing to heavy and yet still things in there to take away from.

Yes so far so good!

I would like to end this post with a song some one sent me a month or so ago. If you read this, thank you. I play it every day.

Let’s Do This… Again

As a few of you know, today is the day my new year really begins. It’s a little surreal to start this day off back here on the blog (and hey whatever happened to the “falling snow”? I have to say it was a little disappointing to bring this place back up and there is no snow falling. There I go again loosing everyone in the parentheses. I am really gonna try to stop that, still I bet a few of you noticed and miss it as well.  They had a calming effect leading to some fun, lighthearted posts. Alright enough about the missing snowflakes, I got to get us out of this rambling parentheses).

Repetition. Life is 97% repetition. I hope no one came here expecting to get away from it. I’ve tried, believe you me, I’ve tried.

SSDD, ya know what I mean.

I’m not back to stir up old shit though. We can sift through ashes and I’m sure we will from time to time. Yes, I’m sure we will. But I refuse to let it trap us.

Because that 3% is a beautiful thing!



RIP 2018

Oh man what a long fucked up year. I mean I hope you all had a great year, but as for me, 2018 was a slow-moving snail of a year full of endings and changes and… and… disruption. Not looking forward for 2019, just glad to see 2018 gone.

Wow, I don’t want to come back all down and out in Zero’s World but 2018 was a rough one. How I made it through with out this place is a mystery beyond even Lake City Quiet Pills. Speaking of, let’s just address the elephant in the room. Is ZW back?

It seems to be.

What that means exactly, I’m not sure. But it feeeeeels so good to be back!

I really do hope everyone out there had a better year than yours truly. I hope things are going well for all of you out there, so well that you will never know this blog is back up (personally aimed at those I truly hope have moved on though I know some have not, still I am sincere when I say I hope they have no need to read this).

Did you miss those drag on parenthesis?

This feels right. Until right now I didn’t truly know how much I missed this place.

I got the old laptop out, Em blasting, feeling the room with inspiration.

Yes it feels right.

I tried (not quite succeeding) to leave this place and everyone here in a better place, on a higher note. Here we are a year later and I don’t know about any of you but I’m as “malevolent as I’ve ever been”.

So much for that high note. Or was it high horse. Either way, I failed.

In my defense there was shit going on and the blog NEEDED to come down. But who was I kidding, riding off into the internet sunset like that. Whatever symbiote shit the internet has infected us with, we all got it. It seems to be a part of us now. RL…IL… what’s the difference any more?

And some of that shit that made me pull the plug on this place are piles of bricks waiting to rebuild it. They nagged at me with the rest of the disruptions of this past year.

There I go again, sorry.

It’s time to let 2018 go.

Raise a glass with me once again friends.

Good bye twenty eighteen! Here’s hope twenty nineteen has better things in store for all of us.

There’s always hope.

Graduation (The Last Post)

We finally made it. Graduation Day!

I think most here got tired of the rabbit hole and all the back n forth long ago… so we shall walk down the path to graduation together. For those of you still there, come on, reach up grab someones hand and step back out into the sunlight. Turn away from the urge to continue in endless circles.

I can’t say good-bye with out first saying thank you.

Last year especially was a hard year to get through.This place helped out a lot. Trust me when I say, I got more from this place than anyone!

Thank you to everyone, and I mean everyone! I’m not gonna mention everyone by name, but I can’t go without a few acknowledgements. Thank you Barnaby Jones, your help early on  kept me on the right track. Thank you Donna and Too Close, both of your continuous help and support, you will never know how much it meant. Thank you CA1 and Annie, you both are awesome! Linda, I’ll miss you most of all (LOL, one last Wizard Of Oz reference), seriously though, you know you are like a sister to me, who would have thought that reading early on? You flew to Vegas and we rocked out to Eminem in my car. I’ll never forget it.

Everyone who came and read, joined in the comments and spoke to me off blog, you helped make this blog what it was. I’m not sure what that is exactly, but I’m proud of it and glad to have met you all.

Even though this is the end, as I always said this place is organic. I plan to go back and read and add to many posts, some posts that didn’t make it may even find their way in. Plus there’s always the comments.

We shall end it as it began, with an Eminem song. I thought about which one it should be for quite a while…

The Experiments

I’ve called this blog an experiment, actually I have said it is a few different experiments. I think for the most part, any continuous reader picked up on what they were. But before we head off into the sunset I do have to explain a little further.

So the idea of doing a blog called Zero’s World first came about because so many that got involved in my LISK blog seemed very interested in personal stuff about who was behind the blog. I was happy to oblige, but didn’t think that was the place to do it. So the idea of a Zero’s World Blog came to be. And I guess the personal stuff was the FIRST EXPERIMENT.

I wondered if by making a more personal blog would some readers take it and run with it. Let’s call it “The Dorothy Experiment”. We all know how that experiment ended up. Right from the beginning of this blog my identity became a big issue and lawsuits were being thrown out there. My wife and family became targets. And Dorothy made me part of her never-ending LISK list. It sucks but this is how the internet works. Your life can be twisted by trolls and under-medicated busy bodies. I went into it knowing this would most likely be the outcome, so I can’t bitch or complain about it, but many have this happen to them unwillingly and it can be devastating to have lies and slander posted about you from strangers on the internet. And I feel for all of yous.

Another experiment was to see if I could figure out who was behind some of the screen names that were plaguing the different blogs and sites. Let’s call it “The NERD Experiment”. That experiment was a great success. From Mockingbird to LL6, it all came out. Does everyone remember all the hoopla about who the “Real” PS149 was? LOL, well, it came out here didn’t it? In fact that was who I wanted to know most of all, the 69 IP. Behind hundreds of comments from almost as many different screen names, the one I call NERD. This blog can end with its head held high just from figuring out Nerd was PS149 who was originally Seaslug44. The one that some thought was Hackett was Joe G. And who’s Joe G? I did write about this:



I mean without NERD, there would be no LISK Blog or ZW. MM7 thinking this guy was Hackett, a serial killer, and stalking her is why I really started blogging about it all. Plus Joe G’s continued screen name games was one of the main reasons ZW came about. Yes, most of all this was because no one knew who this person was. The person behind all these comments:

69 ip1

69 ip2.JPG

amd mm7 blog 1st

amd mm7 blog2.JPG

amd mm7 blog3.JPG

nerd as amd on UG

nerd as genius at mm7


nerd on fluke and TS

ss44 moving to florida

ss44 moved to florida.JPG

ss44 phone issues.JPG

ss44 ws local.JPG

ss44 ws local2.JPG

ss44 sites

ss44 sites2

cynthia on ccc

nerd just k

nerd pom

nerd as veronica on ps149

nerd an IP

early nerd comments

3 more early nerd.JPG

nerd 1997.JPG

amd on mm7.JPG

And on and on and on… so yea, figuring out who it was all coming from was big in my book and makes this blog a success! Right? Thank you to everyone who helped! Lots did. But it was Joe G. himself that really left the path to find him. And just to wrap it up with a nice little bow and prove to anyone who needs further proof who was stalking MM7s blog:

joe g 1st

joe g is amd

Joe g spam mm7

joe g ps149


joe g lance TS GQ.JPG

Make of it all as you want, because Nerd ran away and isn’t answering any questions. I will say this, out of all the who’s I figured out, none of the whys were ever answered enough for me to understand. The whys never are.

Out of all the experiments that went on here, “The Back N Forth” Experiment” was the one I really got into.

I was ready to go at it with any one who wanted to go. You all saw it play out in the comments and posts, but what you may not know is this was taking place all over the internet:

pizzagate bible1.JPG

pizzgate bible2

pizzagate bible3.JPG

pizzagate bible4.JPG

pizzagate bible5.JPG

pizzagate bible6.JPG

terry's bible 1.jpg

terry's bible 2.jpg

pizzagate bible7

pizzagate bible8

That’s one of my favorites. I never called anyone homophobic, just pointed out the word means exactly what it’s used for. And I stand by my comments on their bible, SCARY!

No mater what I would or wouldn’t blog about, it all came back to the “back n forth”. This was the line I would follow the whole way. And it’s the line the internet seems to follow as well. From beefs between Marvel and DC fans to the depths of it all in places like Pizzagate Exposed, the “back n forth” reigns supreme. And after giving into it for all these years I can understand why. I have to admit, it was fun at times to just give in and go at it tit for tat no matter how stupid and pointless it got. And of course there were times where it was gratifying to deliver much-needed medicine to those in need of it. But I never fooled myself into thinking the back n forth ever proved anything, what would prove something would be to walk away from all the back n forth. In the time I have been doing this blog, engaging in many back n forths, it has slipped from our social media and into the real world. I said it would happen and it has. Take a look around, Twitter conducts the White House!

Everything I said was coming has come. Crazy is the new black. And the internet will pat you on your back and support your delusions. When it’s not supporting you, it’s egging you on with the “back n forth”.

The back n forth is taking us backwards. I’m ready to move forward.

“The Time Has Come”, The Walrus Said (3 Final Posts)

It’s here, it’s finally here!

Graduation Day!

At the end of the day (heh, heh), we will be through here and the ZW blog

We have quite a bit to get to before the day is through, though.

So I’m gonna get to writing.

In the meantime I thought some of you might be interested in what were the most viewed posts over the years.



2013 stats

2013 only had a couple of views, after all it didn’t go up till December 27th, 2013. And there wasn’t a real post until New Years Eve. But over the next few years posts went up and a few more people came to read:

2014 stats a

2014 stats b

2014 stats c

2014 stats d

2014 stats e

2014 stats f


2014 stats g.JPG

2014 stats h.JPG

2014 stats i

2014 stats j

2014 stats k

2014 stats l

2014 stats m

2014 stats n

2014 stats o

2014 stats p

Interesting right? That first year was dominated by Nan Nan comments, so of course her posts are at the top, it wasn’t uncommon for her to go back n forth in the comments with many of us, bringing the comment total in the high hundreds, breaking a thousand in that top one, therefore boosting the views. In other words if a post got lots of back n forth in the comments, it also got high views as those comments grew. So it was interesting to me to see the posts that were high on the view list without the help of the comments back n forth.

Day 25 Of Christmas Songs only got 1 view (I wonder who it was), but it was one of the last posts of the year, so that makes sense.

Well, here’s how the other 3 years played out in views, including this year. You can see how it went up and down over the years, some posts bringing in lots of views, others only getting 1 (who is that 1?) Check ’em out if you want, but make sure to come back and check out the final 2 posts.


2015 stats a

2015 stats c

2015 stats d

2015 stats e

2015 stats f

2015 stats g

2015 stats h

2015 stats i

2015 stats j

2015 stats k

2015 stats l

2015 stats m

2015 stats n

2015 stats o

2015 stats p

2015 stats q

2015 stats r


2016 stats a

2016 stats b.JPG

2016 stats c

2016 stats d

2016 stats e

2016 stats f

2016 stats g

2016 stats h

2016 stats i

2016 stats j


2017 stats a

2017 stats b

2017 stats c

2017 stats d

2017 stats e

2017 stats f

2017 stats g




2017 stats h

2017 stats i

2017 stats j

2017 stats k

2017 stats l

2017 stats m

2017 stats n

2017 stats o

2017 stats p

2017 stats q

2017 stats r

2017 stats s

2017 stats t

2017 stats u

Complaint Department Part 3

Over the years there have been many complaints about this blog. As well as death threats and lawsuits threats. And quite a few people coming to me on the behalf of other people to let me know that said person is upset with some of the things I have written.

And as I have always said… I understand. This place has been called a “gossip blog”, I have been told I am no better than Fluke, Dorothy, and Mockingbird.  That part I don’t understand as much, but everyone is entitled to their opinions.

I have mentioned a few times that those complaining read more than those who actually like this blog. That has always tickled me a little. It kinda puts me in there with some of my favorite people… Howard Stern, Eminem, and Ozzy Osbourne  to name just 3. I’m not saying I’m as cool as any of them nor that my blogs compare to their accomplishments. But our haters do hang on our every word. The complainers couldn’t wait to see what I posted next. Put all up in black n white like that, I guess it tickles me more than a little… a lot more than a little. LOL.

I have always encouraged my haters to keep reading, and they have. Something that puzzled me somewhat. Always complaining about me and this blog, but always reading the next post. Puzzling, yes, but as I just said, also tickling. He hee!

Even now, as the posts stopped for a couple of months and the views dropped to just 40-50 a day… I noticed it was many of my biggest complainers still reading back over the posts. I’ll not only take it, but I’ll cherish that!

It’s been real… it’s been fun… and at times it was real fun! I hate to have to break it to haters though… any more complaints are moot. Any more shit said about, me, my blogs, and my readers, fans, and groupies is in vain. This is the end. I still hope you continue to read over the last three days (yep, only 3 DAYS LEFT!). I hope everyone rides it out to the end with me. There will be colsure. I know that seems imposible, but it’s a promise I made, and a promise I will keep.

For those of you who still have complaints, who still want to make up lies about me to cover up the truths about you, who still want to hate me even though you can’t help but love me… play the song below and sing along with Em in the chorus.



Bizarro World


I have been saying for a while now we are becoming Bizarro World. Well today it is official!

Welcome to Bizarro World everyone! Hope everyone is ready. We definitively have been getting ready for it here on the ZW blog. Keeping an eye on the epidemic of crazy spreading throughout the internet and into all our real lives. I think deep down we all knew there was no way around it. We all dream of a Superman to save us all from ourselves, but he ain’t coming. This was our destiny, It’s what we have been running towards at lightning speed, no more like WiFi speed. Twitter rules now apply.

On April 1st I put up a post:


Where the last thing I wrote was: “We figure we will never get the leader we need…so we might as well have the leader we deserve!”

I know most read that post as an April Fools post, and it was. But I also let a lot of people close to me know that I meant that last line, and that I was pretty sure it would come true.

Well it has.

I know there are some people out there who are happy and await this new world. I also know there are a lot of people scared for our future. But Trump or no Trump, we would have gotten here eventually. The writing’s been on the wall since before I was born.

And you know what I really don’t have anything more to say about it.

We deserve this.

Let me just say once again: