Sweet Pea

Mr. Harvard likes to call me sweet pea. All I can think of is this Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s song when ever I read it. He obviously thinks I’m Donna… I said it before and I’ll say it again… all these nuts I encounter on the internet must have the same hand book. I mean Harvard acts just like Nan Nan. Dorothy, Cristin… they yell at others who they should be listening to, because they seriously need help.

So I shared that link Annie had put up in the comments of a Jason Edwards:

annie je link


Of course we all got what it meant… which is why I had to put it up in Harvard’s rants and mislinks on the SMG FB Page. Wanna see his reaction? Of course you do:

je1 4-9-16

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I just knew Harvard’s first reaction to this would be “I’m not black”. Even told my wife it would be. LOL, I guess Harvard can do some investigative thinking after all. Though I do have to correct him on the seasons. It’s spring Harvard… summer is a few months off still. (I’m starting to think this guy did one too many hits of acid).

Harvard also points out he doesn’t live where that Jason lives. Um… Dr. Peter Hackett doesn’t live where Dr. Charles Hackett lives. I love how you miss the point and then try to act like I’m the dummy. Also, CPH has one leg! How much research is needed to know that? He’s not climbing the Himalayas. Yea, I’m the dummy.

Also “crying like little bitches”? That’s freakin’ funny coming from this guy. His whole life seems to be one long bitch fest. No one here is crying, we are just walking around playing violins behind you. LOL, I know you can’t see that… they never do.

What else did you have to say Harvard Boy:

je2 4-9-16

He seems a little upset, no? LMFAO!

You know what’s funny? Donna did just say in her first post that you posted the wrong information and guy, you in return called her an idiot. He thinks I’m Donna so he calls me sweet pea. I don’t know about Donna or anyone else reading here, but to me this guy sounds a lot like his buddy Trump (that’s a joke, Harvard hates Trump, but they do both seem to have a lot in common). Maybe I’m reading his comments wrong… but do they seem a little condescending towards women and a bit chauvinistic? Again, maybe I’m reading them wrong (And I’m probably the last one to judge on such things). After all he seems condescending towards everyone he bitches about. He just can’t shut up about Axl Rose.

Just know Mr. Harvard, I’m not Donna. And also not female (He sucks so bad at research). Also know, calling my blog posts threats while backhandedly threatening me about my blog has been done many… many times before… and the blog still remains.

So join the nut gallery Harvard Boy, next to some very interesting people you seem to have been very much cut from the same cloth as: Dorothy Price Hill, Cristin/MM7, Sebestien/SOM, and all the others who just don’t get it.

If you want to keep your link up go ahead, there is much worse on there by that other misleading nut Dorothy. I just pointed it out. It’s kind of what I do here.

Keep your link up on a memory page that falsely connects a Doctor in Colorado, from what I read a very good man, to a Doctor in Oak Beach who many people  think is a serial killer (though most of those people are in the nut gallery, another thing you have in common).

Keep it up on the page even though you know it is wrong and has no place on that page.

Keep it up on the page because your pride is much larger than your heart or brain or conscious. I think you just didn’t like being corrected by a woman, but again, maybe I read it wrong.

Keep it up on the page, I think everyone knows it’s crap, just like Dorothy’s posts there… again, great company you are with.

Keep it up on the page… wait, I just checked, and it’s not there any more. Damn, I’m good. I didn’t even post this yet.

Taken down and right after Harvard said, “Fuck you, my post is staying”. You gotta love that.

I know you have the link elsewhere on the page… I’m sure I could post some links there and it will disappear as well. But I really have to move on… at least for now.

So, Harvard… keep on complaining about everyone and everybody. It’s your thing, I get it. I’ll keep making posts about nuts like you. It’s my thing.

You do you… I’ll do me. It’s all we can do.

P.S. The trail follows us all, just ask some of your fellow nuts.


25 thoughts on “Sweet Pea

  1. ROFLMAO!!! He’s one funny angry guy. I really like how he says like I’m somebody. Why’s he getting so mad at somebody that he don’t think is somebody? I’m not even trying to figure out this whackadoodle. Hes not worth the time. I do find his complaints amusing though. Really, I don’t think there’s anything this guy could not find something to complain about. The guy has far too much time on his hands.

  2. he should research about the human head found “set” on top of a tin roof to a tire shop over in Port Jervis, NY back in 2006. Apparently the skull was at least 10 years old and someone took their time removing the teeth. they left one hoop earring with the head. 2 days later a woman’s skeletal remains missing a head and limbs was found in Niagara, NY. coincidence? Does the Niagara connection Sound familiar? maybe thats bc there have been women that are murdered and dismembered in the Niagara area all the way up to the summer of 2015. If the head that was placed is in any way connected to that body up in Niagara – we have a killer that is taunting by 2006 but was active as early as 1995. This would be consistent with the timeline of the legs found on Davis Park in Fire Island in 1996. I don’t normally try to connect all of these things, but the head being on the roof reminds me of a certain case in Atlantic City where shoes were left on a roof. Maybe he should do his fucking research before talking.

    • The Zodiac movie was on the other day which sent me a chasing the internet. I went to sites I haven’t been to in a while and sites I had never been to. Read new things and stuff I have read before. Looked at all the many suspects and strange people involved in the case. Re-read all the letters and ciphers. As you know Annie, due to our offline discussions, zodiac is something I have looked into for a long time. But I wasn’t looking at it this time as before… because of all the things I have looked into on the LISK case. I started to wonder if LISK would end up like zodiac. Most people who could help solve the zodiac case are dead now. And because police in different districts were in competition more than in cooperation, which is done in most cases like this, info wasn’t shared when it could of actually helped. I know, like me, most who read here do not want LISK to become a old mystery that seems impossible to solve while at the second time it seems many people have solved it, all differently though. What is needed is for LE to get their act together and read l lyrics try to solve the case, we need people to stop being so cryptic in the things they say they know, if you have something take it to proper places if you don’t stfu, we need Brewer to get off his act and come clean with what ever it is he knows that will help in knowing what happened to Shannan, we need people to care about these girls and never stop demanding answers, we need FBI to step it up. But most of all we need to stop going in circles on the whole thing. Constantly led back to nothing. Something I myself have not been able to do.

      • well something all those zodiac chasers constantly overlook and it pisses them off every time i tell them this : The Santa Barbara PD had connected a series of sniper attacks there and in San Diego to the zodiac killer. These crimes pre dated his well known murders. the gun used in those early attacks/murders was traced back to a man in San Bernardino who died back in the 70’s. The Santa Barbara PD on public record said that they were investigating this guy who was dead as the zodiac. They said many curious things were found in his house after he died that made them think he was the zodiac. He was a transient who pawned guns and built driftwood shacks he lived out of. He worked most of the time in the Orange Groves in Santa, Ana and Riverside areas. I have always wondered if the San Fran PD wrote him off b/c he wasn’t one of their suspects – as you mentioned that different departments hold different evidence and often times do not work in tandem. Of course the Riverside PD thought that Zodiac struck there while many in San Fran PD remained cautious to connect Riverside to the Zodiac. Then you have poor Santa Barbara stamping their foot about their suspect, but no one probably listened. I know that the Riverside PD had their suspects and did not want to cooperate or agree with investigating the suspects San Fran was looking at and visa versa. What a wonderful world it would be if everyone could just work together to get the correct info out. It is important we all fact check each other.

  3. Michelle Macnamara who’s site Truecrimediary that I sourced for much info on LISK, including the potential identities of the jane and john doe’s in the case, passed away in her sleep. For those of you who are fans of comedy she is also Patton Oswalt’s wife. She dedicated much of her life to True Crime and had a real honest empathy for the cases she discussed. She will be missed. We need more True Crime writers like her. She was brilliant. Heart broken.

    • I had never read her stuff or even knew about her. I spent all day yesterday reading her blog. Amazing! So sad she is gone. Expect a post on her blog soon. That place is such a great place. And she wrote very well. Thank you for sharing, Annie. I will be spending much time reading all her posts.

      • seriously I love her use of diction. Her voice as a writer was very organized, yet personal.

    • Hey annie, TY again for some quality info!! Gotta check her out! I remember the info you got from her sight, it was right on..RIP good woman..

  4. after re reading everything, one thing inevitably comes back into my mind: how @ 5:22 am Barbara Brenan called THE POLICE to help Shannan. Regardless as to whether or not Shannan’s 911 call was dispatched to local or NYC police, Brenan’s call was made and dispatched to local police. Why would she run when she was told police were coming to help (aka when Gus said he was going to call 911)? Either she was worried about being picked up for prostitution OR b/c she had a reason to believe the police might actually be in cahoots with Pak/Brewer. What officers responded that night (if any)? I wish I knew if they were Burke or his henchmen. Maybe they did to Shannan what was threatened to be done to Chris. Just a thought. I’m not committed on any suspect, but this angle keeps pulling at me.

      • not sure about any warrants. hm. Oh yes this is where the marine bureau came into play sorry I forgot. and they found nothing after responding to the 911 call and getting to the area right? Who all would have heard that dipatch call? only the marine bureau?

      • Hello friends..YEP. Im still alive, and (pretty well), just trying to catch up..Wow bob wow did i miss alot…Spoke to a ‘friend’ who says Burke is talking about more bodies…i miss and love u guys..sry im off topic…Tryin to get up to sped…Hey Fluke!!

      • Glad to see you on the comments again! Hope your info about Burke is right. Go missed a little with the Edwards guy but not much. I myself have been laidback on posts hoping something more is about to come soon. Just went to Websleuths ( went there on a link from a case I watching on Dr.phill, yes Donna I watched Dr phill. A missing person case that caught music interest, but anyways it brought me to Websleuths and while I was there I decided to look on the latest LISK case stuff) lots of names being discussed again. Yohay, the drifter, Bittrolff, amongst others.was glad to see when Scalia’s name was brought up he was quickly mentioned as being discredited. I’m rambling, sorry,long weekend. I see there are lots of comments. Gonna read them and hopefully get back to some posts long over due. Again,welcome back!

      • Federal warrants at that…Was she a supposed witness to federal crimes done by an ‘agency’ she once worked for?? Correct.. And i t
        still believe she was drugged (and not by a ‘drug of choice’, or saw something so messed up it scared the shit out of a seasoned working girl..

      • Oh lord, what a tragedy today!! So senseless, so speechless !! END RADICALISM!!

        Thanks guys! Stressful times for me, but I was reminded lately, (including reading) here how lucky and blessed am..Im off the pity potty, ty for not forgetting me ❤

        Feds have Burke for 4 yrs, PLEASE DO NOT expect a QUICK resolution!! But just know, like every pussy, weak worm, hes talking to save his ass and useless life….

  5. So relieved ‘John’ cleared up the fact hes not black!! I was totally thinking that was him!! Right??!!

    Hee hee hee


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